Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Two drunk Navy sailors hail cab, offer to drive, take cabbie on a reckless joyride, go on a beer run, watch the cabbie escape, then torch the cab.

Sailors Aaron Couch, 21, and Terry Gappa, 20, hailed a cab near Chicago's Union Station and told the driver to take them to the Great Lakes Naval Station. As the cabbie was approaching Great Lakes, the sailors told him to pull over and let them take over the cab, or they would kill him, Sheriff's Deputy Chief Kevin Parker said. They did not display a weapon.

The cabdriver, he pulled over on an unknown street sometime before 10 p.m. and Gappa began driving, with the cabbie in the passenger seat and Couch in the back. The men -- who police say already appeared inebriated -- stopped to buy beer.

They then began driving north, while they were driving the cabbie became concerned for his safety, because Gappa was driving erratically. As the cab began to slow near Thoroughbred Drive, the cabbie jumped out and ran to nearby home where police were called, Parker said. Read more.



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