Monday, May 26, 2008

You reach a toll plaza and realize you don't have any money. Do you c) Turn around the other way and drive 5 miles into oncoming traffic?

A retired teacher drove the wrong way down a Brazilian highway for 5 miles (8km), scattering holiday traffic and skirting a police roadblock, after turning around because she had no money for the toll.

Lidia Vitielo, 58, was approaching a toll booth when she found she was short of the fee. The road was packed because of a national holiday but, undaunted, she headed back against the flow of traffic. Highway police tailed Vitielo and warned other motorists to steer clear. She drove 5 miles in the wrong direction, passing about 350 vehicles and ignoring a police roadblock, before she stopped, police said.

Vitielo told police in a statement she turned back as she had no toll money. Police said a blood test showed she had been drinking.



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