Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Dude jumps in front of car, tries to fondle woman, then strips and flees

A 20-year-old man was booked into the Boulder County Jail after police said he jumped in front of a woman's car, reached into her window to try to grab her breast, tossed her cell phone across the pavement and then began strangling her.

According to Boulder police, a woman was driving near an intersection when she saw two men walking down the middle of the road. One of the men ran in front of her car, forcing her to stop, police said. She rolled down her window and asked him, "Did you want to get killed?" according to police.

That's when he reached in the window and tried to grab her chest, officers said. When she threatened to call authorities, police said he pitched the phone onto the pavement, leaned back into the window and began strangling the woman, whose name hasn't been released.

The woman began screaming for help, honking her horn and turning on her emergency flashers, police said. That prompted Disselhorst to let go of her throat, pull her out of her car and toss her onto the ground behind the vehicle, according to police. A driver in another car and several passers-by saw the incident as it was happening and stopped.

Disselhorst then stripped off all his clothes and ran away, along with the other man who was with him, police said.


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