Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Woman drives car with cinder block as a seat -- no brakes.

A woman learned the hard way that a car with a cinder block for a seat should not be trusted. The 51-year-old woman got in the stripped-down Nissan sedan and backed out of the driveway of her Oleander Street home, according to a Beaufort County sheriff's report.

When she applied the brakes, she realized there were none -- the car didn't even have a brake pedal. So the woman jumped out, ran around back and tried to stop the car by pushing against it, the report stated.

The car continued to roll, pinning her against a palmetto tree. A sheriff's deputy happened to drive by within a couple of minutes and noticed the woman waving him down as she lay near the car on a bike path.

She was taken to the emergency room. Her son pushed the car back up the driveway. The deputy described the vehicle as completely empty inside, except for the cinder block seat.



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