Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weed found in 2-year-old's lunch box.

Preschool staff could not believe their eyes when they found marijuana in the toddler's lunch box Tuesday. The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office is investigating the bizarre incident, where a teacher located a wrapper with suspected marijuana while retrieving the child's fruit snacks.

"We were very shocked," said Suzanne Hilton, director of Our Little World, on Thursday. "But we weren't sure what it was."

According to a Sheriff's Office report, the teacher was getting ready for lunch Tuesday, when she checked the toddler's box for the fruit snacks. While searching the lunch box, she noticed a plastic wrapper with a green leafy substance in the front zipper pouch. The substance later tested positive for marijuana.

Hilton told authorities the toddler's parents are divorced, but the dad's girlfriend had dropped the child off Tuesday, the report said. Because of the split, the toddler has two lunch boxes: a red and blue one. But Hilton said she wasn't sure which color box belonged to which parent, according to the report.


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