Friday, March 13, 2009

fail owned pwned pictures
see more pwn and owned pictures

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At 3/14/2009 1:09 PM, Anonymous LOL Boo Hoo said...

hahaha, this blog has kinda become a FAIL blog!

j/k. It seems if we post that you really suck, you take time out to post something kinda funny. So, if I say you suck every day, will you post everyday?

this 'team' couldn't win a game of dodgeball against a squad of blind people.

At 3/22/2009 9:11 PM, Blogger celestejohnson said...

Hi BooHoo. I think the reason why all of us on the team have stopped posting is because of all the negative flack everyone gave us at first. I think we became too afraid to post anything. Then we got our of habit and then we seemed to peter out to blogs every blue moon... I am willing to start posting more if people would just give us a chance...

At 3/31/2009 7:03 PM, Anonymous coastie-girl said...

I used to look at this page every day...if not two or three times a day. It has become so boring now it feels like a waste of time to come check it out. I do not mean any dis-respect at all and am not trying to be mean but I think if you started posting more stuff like Ramsey did in the beginning you would get alot more visitors.

Just a suggestion.


At 4/07/2009 9:21 AM, Anonymous LOL Boo Hoo said...

A chance? All you have to do is post. There's no consistency whatsoever. There's 4 posts in a row, then nothing for 3 weeks. Ramsey has a great sense of humor. I think that's what drew people here. An additional 4 or 5 people create a much different voice. The sense of wit and humor is divided and doesn't flow as well.

Just look at what you guys have posted, and look at what Ramsey has posted in the past. Look at April 7, 2006. Here's the link:

Look at anything you guys have posted. Ramsey's sense of new and witty are 6 miles above yours. Maybe it's just because you're busy. I get it. It's OK. If I were Ramsey, I would have had a farewell post that simply said 'For almost 5 years, I found great pieces of our culture and put them here. Since they are mostly timeless, I encourage you to explore the archives and comment on anything you really enjoy'.

I assume Ramsey had to bring a few more on board because his posts were lengthy, and seemed to take a lot of time to put together. It seems to me that Ramsey asked a few people to participate, and they didn't look at what he's done before and what kind of content fits here. He doesn't just post pics and videos. He posts it with his commentary as well, which added to the value of ATB. Nor did they consider whether new stuff fits the readership. Ramsey's stuff was original or hard to find. Taking something like a pic from Fail Blog isn't really original or cutting edge. I suspect most of the ATB readers have heard of FAIL Blog stuff before.

If you're 'afraid' to blog, then perhaps you're not cut out for ATB. It's not like the criticism is unwarranted. Nobody expected a bunch of people to match Ramsey, but they also didn't expect them to completely drop the ball.

Look for interesting, unique, engaging stuff. Add your own commentary, and people will return without being snarky. Or, ask Ramsey to officially retire this place.

Much Love.

LOL Boo Hoo.

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