Friday, April 06, 2007

...if Sanjaya wins (American Idol)

Simon says he'll quit the show.
Tell the world!
What will you do...
If Sanjaya Wins?

-Michael from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil:
If Sanjaya wins, I will pack up my children's bag and send them to Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch for Blanket's surprise b-day Slumber party.

-Jim from Florida:
If Sanjaya wins, I will will snort Keith Richards armpit hair.

-Mike from West Palm Beach, Florida:
If Sanjaya wins, I’ll braid my armpit hair and tie it to the ceiling fan blades, turn the speed to high and spin around my room like a giant piñata.

-Heather from Illinois:
If Sanjaya wins, the Cubs win a World Series.

-Courtney from Bridgton, Maine:
If Sanjaya wins, the Apocalypse will occur immediately after his "victory," God will appear, tell us all we've been punk'd, and all human existence will cease to be. So long long.

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