Tuesday, April 24, 2007

You can call Paris Hilton and email Lindsey Lohan

Late last week there was a story that Lindsay Lohans myspace and blackberry accounts had been hacked, in recent news, Shanna Moakler responded to personal attacks and posted this on her myspace:
and since there are 2 little girls with to much time on their hands and no one to love them....id like to share my "hacked" info as well. ive tried to disassociate myself from both these parties for some time now and like a fungus they wont go away.

Paris Hilton: princessph@mycingular.blackberry.net

Lindsey Lohan: labellavita7@tmo.blackberry.net

And if your wondering, before you call (because I know you will call the number), her mailbox is full. Of course, what would you think? No word yet if this is real...

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