Thursday, June 14, 2007

Overheard on the streets of New York:

Charmer on cell: Yeah, man. I mean, I kind of like her. I'm not that crazy about her kids, but I think I'm going to keep seeing her. Her apartment's in a really great location.
-Outside Central Bar, 9th & 3rd

Guy on cell: Um, I think I just saw Tony Danza ride past me on roller blades.
Tony Danza: Yeah, ya did!
-Central Park

Young child: Mommy, can you feel my forehead? I think I have AIDS.
-Prince St

Wannabe thug on cell to girlfriend: Look, I gotta be single. All I wanna do is get money, stay fresh, dress fly, and fuck bitches.
-Penn Station

Woman on phone: I gotta go -- I'm at Weight Watchers.
-Dunkin' Donuts, Bayside

Guy: You ever try Kopi Luwak?
Girl: No, who is he?
Guy: It's not a he, it's the world's most expensive coffee.
Girl: That's not the coffee that's made from cat shit, is it?
Guy: It's not made from cat shit.
Girl: They pick the beans out of the cat shit.
Guy: Sort of.
Girl: So that posers like you can drink it.
Guy: You don't understand the concept of gourmet.
Girl: Maybe not, but I understand the concept of eating shit.
-Starbucks, Court St, Brooklyn




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