Thursday, August 16, 2007

Overheard on the streets of New York:

Boy: Mommy, what will happen if the tram falls into the river?
Mother: We will all die, darling. But I told you not to be afraid of dying!
Boy: But Mommy, I'm only eight! I'm too young to die!
Mother: Well, darling, stuff happens!
-Roosevelt Island tram

Girl on cell, gazing into window of Nine West: Look, I'm with a client right now so I really can't talk, okay?
-50th & 6th

Queer: There are a lot of young kids out there learning how to spell 'glamorous,' and that makes me real happy.
-Canal Jeans Co

New school guy trying to impress girl: You have got to try it. It will change your life. It's like a more mature Smirnoff Ice.
-19th & 8th

Small Canadian mimicking fat kid: You run funny.
Fat kid: Shut up or I'll eat you. I eat Canadians for breakfast.
-Bronx Science

Dude #1: Man, let's get out of here. These girls are ready, and there's free condoms right over there.
Dude #2: No way, man. I wanna jump around to this music some more.
-Irving Plaza




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