Monday, October 15, 2007

Today is Blog Action Day: Recycle Your Computers!

Today, in support of the Blog Action Day initiative, I've decided to discuss the importance of recycling computers.

Most people probably don't know that every single computer component - from the plastic housing to the glass monitors, wiring and circuitry boards - can be recycled. Rubber cable coverings can be used to make tennis shoes. Circuitry boards can be ground and smelted back into their base metals, like lead, silver and nickel. Ground glass can be used in place of silica sand in some mining activities. Every color monitor and television set has between six and eight pounds of lead, which can be a hazardous waste if allowed to leach into the soil.

Many business owners aren't aware of the laws and don't know what to do with their obsolete computer equipment. Often, they just end up storing it or throw it away.

So do you want to help? Contact your local recycler to find out your options.

» Find a recycler now here
» Read more about Blog Action Day here


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