Thursday, April 10, 2008

Woman fakes injury to claim compensation by getting boyfriend to jump on her leg and break it. Fark: caught when police find the footage on his phone

A man who broke his girlfriend's leg at her own request, and had it filmed on a mobile phone, in a bid to sue Plymouth City Council has been jailed for three years.

Gordon Thomson, 32, jumped two footed onto Elizabeth Hingston's leg, which was propped up on house bricks as she lay on the floor, a court heard. A friend filmed the whole sickening incident on a mobile phone - a 20-second film which was watched in court.

David Gittins, prosecuting, said that the pair had claimed that the injury had been caused by her garden wall falling on Miss Hingston, 27, at his council home. » Full article here

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At 4/11/2008 4:22 AM, Blogger Amanda said...

Wow, that's crazy. Who could sit back and just watch their own leg being broken? Good post :)


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