Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Change the Flag Freshman!

I took this with my camera phone a while back, just came across it just recently. It is a Fiji freshman climbing...yes a person climbing their flagpole to change their flag. I talked to the guy while he was up their, and he claims to climb flag poles all the time. Call me crazy, but I think its a little strange (and scary).

I’m flattered…or ashamed

The ladies of Chi-Omega kindly gave me the #9 spot/reasoning for their serenade. Sadly, I think this may be just a hint that I take Rock Chalk WAY to seriously.

Keyboard Car

This is ridiculous, unnecessary, and absolutely uncalled for. Someone actually spent the time to cover an entire car with keys from a keyboard.

Something you normally don't see. It was photographed in Hollywood with a cell phone camera.

Just what everyone needs...

I'm not sure who the brains is behind this wonderful gadget, but apparently there is a market for marshmallow weapons.

The Marshmallow Shooter is an excellent addition to the office arsenal, shooting calamitous confections over 30 feet. It is easy to fire and reload, making it perfect for quick attacks (or rapid defense). The Shooter holds up to 20 marshmallows for extended campaigns, and is capable of rapid fire for laying down cover for your friends.