Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Look closely. Something’s semi-funny in this photo.


Dude steals $250,000 worth of Skittles?

A man caught removing tires from a truck has been charged with stealing the tractor-trailer containing $250,000 worth of Skittles, police said.

Seven pallets of the 28 in the truck are still missing, authorities said. Alan Chavez, 22, has been charged with first-degree felony theft.

Chavez said he had paid someone else $500 for the truck's rims and tires, police said. The truck has an estimated value of $85,000, and the trailer's value is $30,000. (CNN)
(thanks cara)
(You know one has to wonder, how do you value Skittles? By the pound? Were they still in the packaging? Hmm...)

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[OMG] break dancing is more violent than you think


Dude, you bought a girl car? (Top 5 Girl Cars)


5.) Mazda Miata

4.) Toyota RAV4

3.) Volkswagen (New) Beetle

2.) Mustang Convertible

1.) Volkswagen Rabbit/Golf Cabriolet


Kid gets round-house 'chuck norris' kick to the face

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11-year-old(s) hold up Dollar General at gunpoint?

There was no fear of two boy robbers — ages 11 and 14 — shooting an eye out as they allegedly held up the Dollar General at gunpoint.

No worry that is because once police stripped the black electrical tape off the firearm they uncovered a purple squirt gun. Nonetheless, the boys are in serious trouble.

The two are being held in a juvenile detention center, and police expect they will be charged with robbery, said Leavenworth Police Maj. Patrick Kitchens. The boys demanded cash and displayed the gun as they walked into the store. While the older boy struggled with the clerk, the younger one reached into the cash register and grabbed the cash.

They bolted from the store but couldn’t outrun police officers, who chased down the boys within minutes. The law makes no concession for the fact that the gun was designed to hold water instead of bullets, police said. Full article here.


Reason number #43 why college is awesome.

I have no idea what is going on in this picture. Nat-a, zip- zilch, none. I could attempt to guess, but the more you stare at this photo, you’ll come to the same rationalization I did. Every logical scenario doesn’t make sense. But then again, that’s the beauty of it.

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Did you know...?

“In the last 15 years, the number of paparazzi in L.A. has increased more than tenfold” and “On any given day, 300 to 400 paps roam the streets of L.A. on behalf of 20 or so agencies. Together they generate more than 120,000 images per week.” (via Radar Magazine)


OMG, the most extreme sport I've ever seen.

(this is so dumb, but actually kinda cool -- if that's possible. I'm shocked that someone thought of this)

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While trying to TP his high school, dude gets carjacked.

An 18-year-old teen was reportedly carjacked while attempting to toilet roll paper Bolton High School early this morning, Alexandria police report.

The victim told police he and another 18-year-old were going to roll Bolton High School when five male teens surrounded them, grabbed them by the neck and held them while a female got the keys and the victim's cell phone from his front pocket.

Two suspects got into the car and left and the rest of the suspects took off on foot, the report states. Article here (karma's a bitch, I guess he got what he deserved huh?)


How not to ship a plasma TV.

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Outtakes from the Will Ferrell movie 'The Landlord'


Miami and D.C. people top the 'rude drivers' list

For the second year in a row, rude drivers who chat on cell phones and speed through red lights have earned Miami the title as the U.S. city with the most road rage, a survey released Tuesday said.

Miami motorists said they saw other drivers slam on their brakes, run red lights, multitask while driving and talk on cell phones, according to the survey by AutoVantage, a Connecticut-based automobile membership club that offers travel services and roadside assistance. Other cities that topped the list for rude drivers were New York, Boston, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.

The most courteous drivers can be found in Portland, Ore., Pittsburgh, the Seattle-Tacoma area, St. Louis and Dallas-Fort Worth. Portland drivers were the least likely to see other motorists tailgating on the roadways and St. Louis motorists were the least likely to swear at another driver. Full article here.

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You know what's bullshit? (pennies)

(This guy sure likes to swear a lot. Whatever. Frankly I kinda agree with him on this pennies thing. While it's never 'good' to throw money away, the hassle and pain of pennies just seems to not make much sense. I'm all plastic anyways, I hate carrying cash in general.)


Cops recover stolen truck in less than 60 seconds. (I bet this will be an OnStar commercial pretty soon...)

Police recovered a stolen pickup truck less than a minute after it was reported missing thanks to an assist from the OnStar satellite tracking service.
The clock began ticking early Sunday when a man who had been gambling for seven hours at a casino in Biloxi, Miss., called Biloxi police and OnStar to report that his 2006 Chevrolet Silverado pickup had been stolen from the parking lot. An OnStar operator tracked the vehicle. As luck would have it, an officer was in the area and found the pickup parked outside a convenience store at 12:06:35 a.m., just 56 seconds after police learned it had been stolen, Foltz said.

The officer detained a passenger, but the driver apparently had run away as police arrived. From there things took a decidedly low-tech turn as a police dog tracked a suspect to a nearby used-car lot and latched its jaws onto his arm when he refused to surrender. Article here.


Wow, this guy's a pretty good impressionist.

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Brothers pay $6,800 for weekend with MTV's Margera

The boys, 10 and 16, were accompanied by their grandmother. She says: "When you see [Bam Margera and his family's] movies and TV shows, you think 'these people are crazy.' They are not. They are super nice. It was unreal they were so nice."

Landry Thatcher, 16 and Jacob Thatcher, 10 — got an invite into the insane, zany world of Bam and his family after winning a live auction on eBay and making the trip to West Chester, Pa.They were there April 24-26 along with their grandmother, Pat Bailey. Landry was the one who made the bids on eBay, offering the high bid of $6,800. Full Daily Times article here.

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Man avoids garbage death...


[semi-sorta funny short film] 'Switch'

(this only semi-sorta funny, the end of this video is awful, but the rest is OK)

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Woman arrested for beating husband with a broom

A 58-year-old Florida Lake County woman was accused of beating her own husband with a broom.

Cathy Talbot's husband, Cecil, told Groveland police that his wife has always beaten him and recently it has gotten worse. He said she gets mad when he can't complete tasks she asks him to do around the house. Cathy Talbot was charged with domestic battery of a person over 65. Article here.