Monday, December 12, 2005

Caption this...

Jenn Sterger... is she real? What's her story?

Last week I posted a link to Jenn Sterger’s infamous photo gallery …and the emails poured in. I received some more information regarding this interesting college student/football fan at Florida State University.

Apparently the frenzy about this girl all started on a Monday night in September of 2005. An ABC camera man took a couple shots of the crowd featuring her and her friends. People ranted and raved about her appearance in the crowd. So, it seems Jenn Sterger has taken her 15 mintues of fame and decided to run with it.

She has been selected to represent FSU in the May 2006 edition of Playboy.

I’m really not sure the entire story behind her motives and who she really is. She seems to be ‘advertising herself’ as the perfect girl. In her profile she lists that she watches ESPN’s Sportscenter ‘atleast 5 times a day.’ Bullsh*t. I mean, if the unbelievably fake boobies weren’t enough…

Click here is here to see her MySpace Profile. Or click here to see the Unofficial Home of the FSU Cowgirls. Something isn't quite Kosher with who this girl is ‘presenting’ herself to be… hmmm.

Dude that's a sh*tload of shoes on that tree

Check out this tree that has TONS of shoes hung on it.

Most are tied together in pairs or clumps and flung high into the branches, with the lowest shoes at least 15 feet off the desert floor. Some hang from shoelaces, others are linked by bras or underwear. Nobody seems to know exactly how this shoe tree got started, but it seems to have originated sometime in the mid 80's.

This is so randomly awesome.

Women spend five years on the phone, atleast

Women spend nearly five years of their working lives on the phone, a survey showed yesterday. They make or receive a staggering 288,000 calls, compared with 277,000 for men.

That means the average woman spends 4.75 years on the phone - a year and a half longer than blokes.Communications firm Toucan surveyed 3000 people about phone usage and found females live up to their reputation for talking for hours.

The survey showed the average Brit makes or receives 283,126 calls in their working life Of those, 155,928 will be work-related and 127,199 will be personal.Men spend an average of 10 minutes on each personal call and 4.8 minutes on work-related matters.

[Via Attu]

Jam out to tunes while doing chores/housework

Need to find a gift for a housewife on your Christmas gift list? Check out this CD, its called, “Housework Songs”.

This two CD set (no this is not an info-mertial) has all the songs that will keep any housewife entertained while she’s doing stuff around the house. Songs include, “I Think We’re Alone Now” , “Build Me Up Buttercup” , and “I Will Survive”.

It’s pretty darn hilarious that this CD exists. Yet, it’s awesomely appropriate and a perfect gift. Click here to buy it off of for $30.

Talk about a one-of-a-kind Kodak moment

Here is what Oprah wants for Christmas

Oprah has posted a list on her website a list of items she lists as her 'favorite things.'

This can’t be Oprah’s personal wish list. It just can’t.

I mean, one has to wonder and infer that this list was probably fabricated in the sense that advertisers probably bid to have their product listed on this page (everyone knows Oprah has a huge influence on the American public).

And since Oprah is a billionaire, so she would have no problem buying anything on this list. Regardless, some interesting items on this list. I’m digging the Nike Free shoes.

*Philip Stein Teslar Diamond Watch
*Burberry Coat
*Burberry Purse
*UGG® Australia's Uptown Boot
*Garrett Popcorn Shops' CaramelCrisp® and CheeseCorn™ Tin
*The new Apple iPod
*"The Oprah Sweater" by Ralph Lauren
*Pure Color Cords
*Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker
*BlackBerry 7105T™ from T-Mobile
*Brownies from Moveable Feast Geneva
*Nike Free 5.0 iD®
*Kashwére® Shawl Collar Robe
*Croissants from Williams-Sonoma
*Hope in a Jar from Philosophy
*"Grace" Basket from Philosophy
*Oatmeal Cookie Dough from Fox & Obel Market
*The Oprah Winfrey Show 20th Anniversary Collection DVD
*Sony VAIO® FJ Notebook

A keyboard that is a plant, or uh-vice versa?

A real life living plant keyboard! Crazy I know. Cress seeds were placed into the gaps between the keys. ‘It’ was watered for an entire week during the morning and the evening each day.

…and wa-la! A plant/living keyboard. Not sure how functional this would be to actually use (you’d think this would be really annoying to use). For some reason I find this creepy to look at. Not sure why. Weird- I know. See more pictures and read the entire story about this project here.

Stuff inside a bottle... impossible!? Or is it?

How did these tennis balls and this knot get in one bottle? There is no trick- really- the glass was not blown around the objects. Everything inside the bottle was passed through the neck. Somehow.

This was done by a person named Harry Eng- he invented a special vice which could be taken apart, put inside a bottle, and then assembled INSIDE the bottle. This would allow objects to be bent and/or straightened. Once the job was done, the vice could be taken apart, and removed from the bottle.

Crazy ass sh*t if you ask me. See more pictures of Harry Eng puzzles here.

Enrique Iglesias admits he has a small penis

Enrique Iglesias's penis is in the news. Iglesias, was in Houston to promote a cologne, and jokingly told the Houston Press he planned to next introduce a line of extra-small condoms because he knows how tough it is to be unendowed.

He was joking, but the story resulted in headlines around the world, including one reading "Enrique Iglesias Admits He Has Very Small Penis."

And now comes another headline winner, from the Web site: "Iglesias Insists He Is of Regular Size."

Iglesias refutes the petite-peter claims: "It's not true and it's hurtful to me and my girlfriend."

Wah-Wah. If you make comments like that to the press, you are just setting yourself up to get rocked by the tabloids. I mean- it’s just too easy to make fun of Enrique in the first place. Him and that silly ass beanie he wears (even in the summer), his cheesy ass songs, and the fact that he walks around like he owns the entire world. The only time his music is even remotely bearable is if you are completely drunk and it’s past 2 AM. Enrique Iglesias = no talent ass clown. Article here.


How to propose via an iPod Nano = iProposal?

This is one truly ‘nerdy’ way to propose to that special someone.

“In true geek fashion I proposed to my girlfriend via the iPod. A brand new black 4gb Nano with the marriage proposal engraved on the back. I was more worried that I would have to return the Nano than the ring. Also I was very nervous that the right message was there since I didn't open it ahead of time. That way it was even more of a shock since it had all the wrapping direct from the factory. It would have been a shame if there was a mix up and she got the one that read "congrats crazy Jim on the big 5-0". She was very surprised and said "yes" by the way, hey she was getting a new Nano AND a diamond ring, what more could a geek wife to be want?”

[Via GeekMeUp]

Check out Bill Gates's House with Virtual Earth

(click image to enlarge)

Woman hit by her own car after it is stolen

A woman was run over by her own car Thursday night after she left it running as she shopped and a thief stole it.

"She comes out of the Village Market, she sees her car ... and somebody is trying to drive it away, she jumps in front of the car as it's exiting the driveway. She's saying, 'Stop, stop, stop.' "

Police said the driver hit her and kept going. The suspect, described only as a man, fled in the 1996 maroon Mitsubishi Gallant.

Police found the car Friday about five blocks away. Police said she was taken to an area hospital and is in critical condition.

"Blood covered all her face."

This is extremely tragic. Article here.