Friday, December 02, 2005

The longest line she's ever walked in her life

College student drunk drives in a golf cart?

A man who was allegedly driving drunk — and transporting an untapped keg — crashed a stolen golf cart into a public safety vehicle at Oregon State University.

The crash happened at 7:30 p.m., shortly after the football team’s loss to Stanford. Ted Wayne Cersovski, 28, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants, unlawful use of a motor vehicle and two counts of reckless endangering.

The golf cart belonged to the OSU golf team, and Cersovski said he paid $20 to “a college guy” for it.

OSU’s Department of Public Safety was dispatched to a report of a golf cart on lawns near 26th Street and Campus Way. An officer followed the vehicle, and turned on its lights to get it to pull over. After ordering the driver to stop four times and getting no compliance, the public safety officer positioned his vehicle in front of the golf cart and stopped about 20 feet in front of it. The golf cart hit the side of the car at about 5 mph, and the driver was taken into custody after a brief struggle.

He remained uncooperative with law enforcement, and refused field sobriety tests and later a breath test at jail, according to officers. The driver had a 26-year-old and 20-year-old male in the golf cart with him. They said he pulled up to them and invited them to go for a ride. The 20-year-old was cited for minor in possession of alcohol.

Ahhh… did you smell that? It’s the smell of the joys of college: doing random crap and hardly thinking of the consequences. Those were the days. Article here.

Hmm... something doesn't seem right?

I bet your wondering why this guy in the background has such a puzzled look on his face? Click on the image to reveal what exactly is going on.

2-Year-Old Starbucks drink for sale on eBay?

So this goes down in the books for stupid ass sh*t for sale on eBay (just to be blunt… I mean why sugar coat it?).

Quoted straight from the auction:

“This is a Starbucks Frappuccino that is well over a year old probably close to two. My buddy came over one day and was drinking it and left it in my garage. A couple months went buy befor we actually noticed it was still there. And when we did notice it, it was probably the most discussing thing I have ever seen. The contents inside were all moldy and chunky.”

So, not really sure if anyone normal would want to even buy this (it currently has 0 bids). But we’ll see if someone is a dumb ass and actually pays money to buy this. Mark my words, I wouldn’t be surprised. Click here to see the auction.

Chick getting sassy in the bathroom!

Four Good Reasons to Support the Team?

The Johnson County Community College (Kansas) newspaper posted this picture with the heading, "Goals Gone Wild - Four Good Reasons to Support the Team." The sports bras the girls are wearing in the picture read, “Big Johnson Soccer.”

According to the school's athletic director, the picture of two female soccer players lifting up their shirts to reveal sports bras should not have been printed and reflects badly on women's sports at the school adding, "I don't think it portrays the image of what our athletes are."

The college newspapers editor in chief, Joshua Seiden, says that "What we believe is appropriate or inappropriate is up to everybody's interpretation," and adds that the two smiling ladies in the picture saw it before it was printed and that neither of them have complained about it. Click here for article and video coverage.

I really don’t have much to add to this, other than this is just darn plain funny. I mean, its obvious the newspaper should of thought twice before publishing it.

This is what Madden looks like on Xbox 360

High school football coach caught cheating

An assistant high school football coach was suspended for at least a year after he was caught on videotape moving a field marker to help his team win.

A videotape shows the coach, Paul Bryan, improperly moving the marker to help San Pedro High School gain a first down on a critical play late in an Oct. 28 game. San Pedro scored on the drive and won the game against Gardena High School, 13-12.

"That was a pretty blatant act," San Pedro High Principal Diana Gelb said Tuesday. "In order to set an example and not be looking over our shoulders next season, it was important to send out a clear message that San Pedro is a place of academic excellence, sportsmanship and ethics."

Bryan, who has coached at the school for 23 years, declined to comment on the disciplinary action. He said last week that he expected a two-game suspension. San Pedro won the Marine League title and advanced to the quarterfinals of the L.A. City Section playoffs before losing to Sylmar High School last week.

I know that high school is where ‘dreams’ are made… and winning is everything. But, I mean come on! Seriously, the guy moved a field marker!?! I guess this story would have been quite a bit different if the team had actually gone on to win the state championship. All I know is that I’d be hard to come back and coach any returning kids the following year- because they would have no respect for this guy as a coach. Article here.

Paris Hilton got an Xbox 360? Bah, Humbug!

How To Survive In A Plummeting Elevator?

Say you're in an elevator in a high-rise office building, and the car begins to free-fall from the 65th floor. What do you do?

Flatten your body against the car floor.

This should distribute the force of impact, rather than concentrate it on one area of your body. (Standing would be difficult anyway.)

Jumping just before the elevator hits the bottom is not a viable alternative. The chances that you will time your jump exactly right are infinitely small. Besides, the elevator will not remain intact when it hits--it will likely collapse around you. Click here to find out how to survive various worst-case scenarios.