Friday, May 19, 2006

Britney Spears almost kills her baby, again

Britney almost killed baby Sean P. again ... again ... again ... today when she stumbled in her high heels and almost dropped him on the concrete, but her new 70's pornstar looking bodyguard was there to save the day and Sean Preston's life was spared via.

Passed out and drunk inside funeral coffin

A man was charged with burglary and criminal mischief Thursday after he allegedly broke into a funeral home and fell asleep in a coffin.

Joel Fish, 20, of Queensbury, was arrested after he was discovered at the O'Leary Funeral Home in Canton, 127 miles north of Syracuse.
Debra White, wife of the home's funeral director Joe White, said she noticed a broken window and open door to the casket display room when she awoke at 6:30 a.m. Inside, she saw a boot and pair of pants on the floor and a pair of knees sticking out of a stainless steel coffin.

Fish, who police said was intoxicated, was treated at Canton-Potsdam hospital for cuts. He was arraigned and released to return to court at a later date.

The funeral home estimates the damage from the burglary, mostly to the coffin, at $4,000. Article here.

Ocelot, really cool looking cat-like duders

Did you know... the Ocelot, mammal of the cat family found from Texas to Argentina. The ocelot, which somewhat resembles the domestic cat, attains a body length of about 55 to 100 cm (about 22 to 39 in) and a tail length of about 30 to 45 cm (about 12 to 18 in). The back of the animal is tinted light yellow to reddish to gray and is marked with black stripes and spots. The belly is usually white, marked with black. Ocelots are good climbers and hunt in forests at night for their food, which consists of birds, fish, snakes, lizards, and small mammals. One to four kittens are produced in a litter. The animals have been hunted nearly to extinction for their pelts, and conversion of forest to agricultural land has also contributed to the decreased numbers of this species. Source here.

Dude hangs his Lamborghini on a wall?

Some millionaires decorate their mansions with rare paintings. Richard Moriarty bolted a 1974 Lamborghini to the wall of his Newport Beach estate early Friday.

Because Home Depot doesn't sell kits to hang cars as artwork, Moriarty hired a 70-ton crane to lower the Italian sports car through a skylight in his living room.

Earlier, the car's engine was removed and transformed into a "200-mph coffee table" for guests who prefer their drinks "shaken not stirred," said Moriarty, an heir to the family that developed South Coast Plaza. Full Story.

93-year-old man's pants catch on fire?

A 93-year-old man’s pants caught on fire Thursday afternoon while he fought a brush fire in Walnut Hill, Escambia County emergency responders said.

Emergency dispatchers received the call at 2:34 p.m. about a small brush fire on the 3700 block of South Pineville Road. No structures were damaged, and the man was not seriously injured, according to initial reports.

Walnut Hill firefighter
s responded to the fire. No other information is available at this time.

Uh... did Pensacola News Journal really need to write an article about this? Seriously? Slow news day? Article here.

$75 million-dollar house for sale in O.C.

Frank Pritt, founder of software company Attachmate Corp, is selling his custom-built Corona Del Mar estate and if it hit its list price of $75 million, it would set a record as the most expensive residential home sold in the United States.
The 30,000-sq. foot home, interestingly named the "Portabello Estate," stretches to all the property lines on its 1/2 acre lot, adding the additional square footage (1/2 acre = 21,780-sq. feet) in additional floors. It boasts 8 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, multiple pools and a private grotto, though the beach that it sits on is not private. Most realtors don't think that the Orange County house is likely to make its asking price not only because it is far more expensive than any neighboring properties, but the house is right on a main road and offers virtually no privacy.

Regardless… this is a pretty kick-ass house. Article here or click here to see the website of the realtor, John McMonigle.

Britney Spears… no caption needed.

Arkansas mayor offers sex for water bills?

An Arkansas mayor was released on a signature bond Wednesday after being accused of soliciting two women for sex after they fell behind on their water bills.

Troy Anderson, 72, is accused of abusing the public trust and patronizing a prostitute. After hearing complaints about delinquent water bills, Anderson solicited sex from the women, authorities said.

In January, a woman who said she had refused Anderson's requests went to the mayor for help in getting her granddaughter out of state Department of Health and Human Services custody. The mayor told the woman he might be able to help, and that she should meet him at an apartment, the affidavit said.

The woman wore a recording device when she met Anderson at the apartment, and Anderson offered her $100 for sex, the affidavit said. She said the mayor grabbed her and exposed himself.

Another woman told investigators that she'd been having sex with Anderson for money for the past eight to 10 years. She said Anderson paid her $25 per encounter and that he allowed her to change the name on her overdue water bill, which kept her water turned on, the affidavit said.

The mayor also gave the woman $60 to pay a late water deposit in exchange for sex, the affidavit said. The woman's bill was $617 overdue, the affidavit said.

In February, the second woman wore a recording device when Anderson picked her up for a sexual encounter that netted her $20, authorities said. Anderson did not return calls seeking comment Tuesday and Wednesday.

The mayor was charged with two counts of abuse of public trust - a felony - and four counts of patronizing a prostitute, a misdemeanor.

Judge Donald Goodner on Wednesday said Anderson was not a flight risk and released him on signature bond, according to the Scott County Circuit Clerk's Office. Goodner set an arraignment for July 6. Article here.

Bummed out pug

Make your friends dream in their sleep?

Studies show that you can bring about a dream in another person. One way is by holding an open bottle of perfume under the sleeper's nose. Another is by whistling. A third way is by blowing air across the sleeper's face with a fan. Someone else can also affect the content of a sleeper’s dream. For example, turning on a light produces happier dreams. And darkening an already bright room can induce nightmares.

Read the full article here.


Wife rips off husband penis with bare hands

A Philadelphia man is recovering from an attack, allegedly at the hands of his wife. The assault on his private parts has become public knowledge. In an interview with Action News after his release from, the 52-year-old victim spoke of his terrifying ordeal.

The 52-year-old Tioga-Nicetown man, who we are identifying only by his first name of Howard, arrived home late Wednesday, hours after his wife allegedly tore off two parts of his genitalia with her bare hands. Surgeons at Einstein successfully managed to repair the damage.

Howard/Tioga-Nicetown: "Doctors did a beautiful job in E.R. and the paramedics did a wonderful job, they only took 4 minutes to get here."

Howard says his 40-year-old wife Monica, who he says is bi-polar, somehow conceived the notion that he was cheating on her. So while he was asleep last night, she attacked him.
Howard: "I mean she just grabbed me all down there and yanking and yanking and tearing me up with those fingernails."

Police and paramedics rushed to the man's row home in the 3800 block of Pulaski where they found him bleeding profusely. He was rushed to Einstein where doctors first labeled his condition critical. He was later upgraded to stable after having reattachment surgery and a few doses of morphine. Howard still cannot believe his wife of 11 years would allegedly do this him.

At one point, Howard's wife Monica was facing attempted murder charges but now, the D.A.'s office has asked that a psychiatric evaluation be performed before any charges are filed. Article here.

Wwwwwwwwww-ipe out!

You think you have a crappy job?

Chances are you were happy yesterday

Chances are you were happy yesterday? Why? Yesterday was the happiest day of the year (May 18th).

Experts found that people were more happy on May 18 because it is spring, the days are sunnier and longer and there is a Bank Holiday soon.
The most miserable day of the year is January 3 when thousands of people return to work after the Christmas break.

According to The Sun Skills minister Phil Hope said: "Spring is all about new beginnings. This time of year can give us all a renewed enthusiasm."