Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ouch dude! It's those motha f*ckin' snakes!

Cooters, sounds like a fun place to me

Britney Spears has her second baby, it's a boy

Britney Spears, has given birth to a second baby boy, US news media reported, just two days before her first child is to turn a year old.

Spears, 24, and her husband Kevin Federline, 28, together welcomed their new son into the world in Los Angeles in the pre-dawn hours of Tuesday, People magazine reported.
The child was delivered via a scheduled C-section, the magazine reported. The couple already has a son, Sean Preston, who will turn one year old on Thursday.

The baby is Federline's fourth child, as he has two small children by his ex-girlfriend, actress Shar Jackson - Kori, 4, and Kaleb, 2. Article here.

The ultimate soccer mom mini-van

Drunk driver police chase, stops at red lights?

A Nashua, N.H., man was arrested early Friday morning after police said he led them on a chase through three towns but stopped at every red light.

Joshua Grant, 24, was charged with drunken driving and other violations. "He noticed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed," Capt. Jason Lavoie said. "He then turned around, and as he was watching the vehicle, he observed it start to weave within its lane, crossing the double yellow line as well as some of the white lines."

The Hudson officer turned on his lights and ordered the car to pull over, but police said Grant refused to stop. Officers used a spike strip to flatten one of the tires, but they said the car continued going.
"It didn't stop the vehicle, and it continued into Nashua," Lavoie said. "However, the driver would stop as it came up to red lights as it came into Nashua. And they were able to subsequently box in the vehicle so it would no longer go when it came to another stop at one of the red lights."

Police said that although Grant was speeding, driving drunk and refusing to pull over, he did stop for three red lights. "It's very unusual, yes," Lavoie said. "But it was able to help us out to get the vehicle stopped." Article here.

Uh... this is awkward.

Dude tosses molotov cocktail into liquor store

Baltimore City police are searching for a man they said threw a Molotov cocktail inside a west Baltimore store.
Police said a man entered the J&H Liquor Store on Frederick Avenue and attempted to purchase alcohol. When the owner of the store asked for identification, police said the man became combative, began yelling obscenities, and spitting and hitting Plexiglas inside the store.

Moments later, police said the man left the store, but threw a Molotov cocktail back into the store. Article here.

Picture worth risking your life?


Mariah Carey's 24 karat gold tanning spray?

Mariah Carey is developing a new fake tan made with 24-karat gold dust.

The singer is insisting she is beautifully bronzed on every night on her current 'Emancipation of Mimi' tour and has hired a personal tanning assistant, Jenny Phillips, to spay her before going on stage.

Mariah and Jenny, of Beverly Hills' exclusive Portofino Sun Center and Spa, have now teamed up to create an extravagant new fake tan made with real gold.

Mariah's representative said: "She is on tour with Mariah and they are developing an exclusive line of bronzer containing real 24-karat gold dust." In the past, Mariah has paid for her Jack Russell dog - named Jack - to fly first class, refused to walk up or down stairs, requested a red carpet be rolled out for her arrival at a London hotel and reportedly demanded toffee. Article here.

Premium Unleaded

Puff Daddy, loses rights to "Diddy" in the UK

Rap star Sean Combs is no longer to be called "Diddy" in the UK after he agreed a settlement with a music producer already known by that name.

The rapper, also known as Puff Daddy and Puffy, agreed to pay more than £110,000 / $205,205 to settle out of court with Richard "Diddy" Dearlove.

Dearlove, best known for his dance remix of the Blondie hit Atomic, had used the name since 1992. "I'm really happy and relieved," Dearlove told the Guardian newspaper.

Combs changed his name from Puff Daddy to P Diddy in 2001, but he then dropped the "P" from his name when he appeared on Nasty Girl, a posthumous release by fellow rapper Notorious BIG which reached Number One in the UK in August last year.

However, he can no longer trade under the Diddy name in the UK, under the terms of the settlement agreement signed with Dearlove. Dearlove's only hit under the Diddy name was a Number 23 hit, Give Me Love, in 1997.

Had the case not been settled, it would have gone before the Royal Courts of Justice in London on 23 October. Article here.

Saleen S7 Twin Turbo, $585,000, looks cool

A true supercar, the Saleen S7 is capable of over 200 miles per hour. Zero-to-60 time is under three seconds. The S7 is designed to competewith the fastest, quickest, best handling, most luxurious grand touring cars in the world.

Tree has human face on it's trunk?

Kepala Batas, Malaysia: It sounds unbelievable. But it’s true. And thousands of people are making a beeline for the village of Kampung Paya here to see it for themselves. The trunk of a pinang (betel nut) tree has sprouted a human-like face.

The curves on the five-metre high tree clearly resemble human eyes, teeth and a nose. The unexplained phenomenon has resulted in the villagers there naming it the "ghost tree".

Villager Zainol Nayan, 54, who lives near the tree, said he spotted the curves emerging on the tree about a month ago, but the much clearer human-like face only became obvious last Friday.
"Since then, villagers have gathered around the tree to see for themselves and the news spread like wildfire, attracting outsiders."
Zainol said the pinang tree grew by itself more than 10 years ago, but there was nothing strange about it until recently.

Some of the villagers claimed that the human-like face changed every day. They claimed that the image photographed several days ago was different from the one photographed yesterday.

The more enterprising villagers are selling photographs of the "ghost-tree" for RM2 a copy. Yesterday, there was a large crowd, which included policemen, around the "ghost-tree". Article here.

These dogs got drunk off their ass

New movie, the Death of a President? WTF?

Although some analysts had predicted that Death of a President, which made its debut at the Toronto Film Festival this week, would never find a distributor -- others had predicted it would never see the light of day in the U.S. -- Newmarket Films announced Monday that it had purchased U.S. distribution rights from producer-director Gabriel Range.

It reportedly paid $1 million. Newmarket is the same company that picked up rights to Mel Gibson's equally controversial The Passion of the Christ. President, which is shot as if it were a television documentary, centers on the assassination of George W. Bush during a visit to Chicago in 2007. Using digital techniques, the filmmakers replaced the head of an actor pretending to be shot with the actual head of George Bush. The movie has been denounced by Bush supporters, including Rush Limbaugh and the Republican Party of Texas, who warn that it could encourage some unbalanced viewer to attempt a copycat crime.

But Range told the Toronto audience that "there have been plenty of fictional films about presidential assassinations." Meanwhile, Time magazine critic Richard Corliss predicted that "the film will be one of those curios that millions of people read about but few pay to see. It will be forgotten in a year -- except by the Secret Service." Article here.