Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I wonder what happens next?


Dude finds dead mouse in his bag of chips.

A resident said he would never buy barbecue potato chips again after finding a deep fried mouse in a bag of Lays K.C. Masterpiece chips.

Jack Hines, 66, discovered the deep fried mouse when he reached into a bag of Lays. "I just about put it in my mouth," said Hines. "I was sitting there watching TV in the dark and I grabbed for three fingers of potato chips and I grabbed a mouse. It shook me up a bit and I threw it over my head."

After finding the rodent he contacted Gary and Leo's IGA in Havre, where he purchased the chips, to see what he should do about it. "They told me to call the 800 number on the back of the bag," Hines said. "The lady that I talked to (from the 800 number) said they wanted the mouse and the bag of remaining chips that were left."

He said a Frito Lay representative is scheduled to come to Havre to pick up the mouse and bag of chips. » Article here


At least she left a note?


[semi-sorta funny] Banned for TV Dodge Commercial

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These super-models make WAY to much money.

5.) Alessandra Ambrosio: $6 million
4.) Adriana Lima: $6 million
3.) Heidi Klum: $8 million
2.) Kate Moss: $9 million
1.) Gisele Bundchen: $33 million


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This guy really likes dancing to Madonna.

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Dude spends $210,000 at the bar, in one night.

A Middle Eastern businessman spent over $210,000 in a five-hour, champagne- and vodka-fuelled spending spree in a London nightclub at the weekend.

Fraser Donaldson, a representative of Crystal, a club favored by Prince Harry, said in 20 years working in the industry it was the biggest bill he'd seen from one customer. The unnamed big spender entered Crystal at midnight on Saturday with friends -- nine women and eight men -- and ordered a $50 bottle of white wine, a spokesman for the club said. But before long he was ordering magnums of Dom Perignon at $1,400 each and then called for a Methuselah -- eight bottles in one -- of Cristal Champagne at $60,000 and the party spread.

The festivities ended with a "night cap" consisting of a Methuselah of Belvedere vodka, which cost $2,800. "He basically just said, 'keep the drinks flowing,'" the club spokesman said. When the party left at 5 a.m., the bill was 81,471.50 pounds, which with tax and service added amounted to 105,805.28 pounds -- $218,000. It included the cost of six Coca-Colas. » Article here


Cat wrestling.

Kid tries eating a habanero pepper.


Lindsay Lohan arrested for DUI, AGAIN. Friggin' moron.

Lindsay Lohan was arrested for drunk driving in Santa Monica early this morning -- her second bust in less than three months.

21-year-old Lohan was nailed around 2:15 AM near Pico Boulevard and Main Street early Tuesday morning. Just last week, Lohan was quietly booked by Beverly Hills PD for an alleged Memorial Day weekend DUI crash. She was due back in court on August 24 to face charges of driving with a blood alcohol level greater than .08 and misdemeanor hit and run.
Lindsay just turned 21 -- legal drinking age -- earlier this month. She's been voluntarily wearing a SCRAM alcohol monitoring bracelet for the past couple of weeks, even flaunting the device during a recent beach outing in Malibu. » Article here


Oh gosh, I feel bad.

Dude gets knocked out, 9-seconds after the match starts.

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Girl calls sex assault hotline, gets sex hotline instead.

A young Florida girl who thought she was calling a sexual assault helpline got the complete opposite on the other end of the phone.

The 8-year-old girl was upset about the inappropriate behavior of another child. So, her mother told her to call the number for the North Central Florida Assault Center listed in the phone book and on the Attorney's General's office website.

The girl had actually called a sex hotline. "I convinced my daughter this phone call was going to help her, but it made things immensely worse," said the girl's mother, Karen Carter.

It turns out the sexual assault helpline was bought by the company that runs the sex hotline. The number has since been taken off the Attorney's General's Website. » Article here


Bummer dude.


What happens when you shoot a propane tank?

(a couple guys paddle out on a lake and shoot at a flaming propane tank)

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Dude gets mad at his girlfriend, hits her with a 3-iron golf club

After a night of drinking, a man who "hates everything" hit his girlfriend in the head with a 3-iron three times this weekend, and now is jailed on a domestic battery charge.

According to the arrest report, Phillip Spears, 55, got angry while his girlfriend, Rachel Smyth, was making him spaghetti at the stove.

"Why did you hit me?" she asked. "I hate everyrthing," he replied. When Smyth tried to leave the kitchen, Spears hit her in the head again.

He hit her a third time after he ordered her to sit at his feet in the living room while he smoked a cigarette. Smyth obeyed, because she was frightened, the report said. Bleeding, Smyth walked to a fire station for medical help and was transported to the hospital. There she told deputies what had happened. » Article here


1,500 inmates dance to Thriller.


Britney Spears has some 'not so nice words' to say.

(watch starting at 0:32)

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Drew Carey picked to as the new 'Price is Right' host.

Genial comic Drew Carey was tapped Monday to replace silver-haired legend Bob Barker on the CBS daytime game show "The Price is Right." The deal was set Monday afternoon shortly before a taping of CBS' "Late Show" with David Letterman, where he confirmed it.

The selection attracted more attention than usual for a daytime show because of the prospect of replacing Barker, 83. Barker retired after 35 years in the job last month following taping of his 6,586th episode. » Read the full article here


Look at the mirror. Is this stripper pole in her kids room?

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Women throws hammer at roommates face during argument.

A woman is accused of attacking her roommates with a hammer and a turkey.

Police said Jackie Baird was arguing with her two roommates early Monday morning when she threw the package of turkey, hitting one of the roommates in the face. She then reportedly chased the two with a hammer.

No one was injured. Baird was later arrested. She's charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor battery. She is being held without bail at Orient Road Jail. » Article here


Look closely, double meaning. Ha!


What a dumb interview question. Seriously?

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Dude finds out his wife, not his daughter was having an affair.

An Israeli man who hired a detective to find out whether his daughter was cheating on her husband was told by the investigator his wife was in fact the one being unfaithful, an Israeli newspaper reported on Sunday.

The man had his daughter followed at the request of his son-in-law, who had been suspicious of his wife's behavior. The daughter was found innocent but the private investigator managed to snap photographs of the mother and another man caught in the act, the Maariv daily said.

"I saved my daughter's marriage and at the same time, saved myself from a woman who had it all in life but chose another man," the man, who has since sought to end the marriage, was quoted as telling his lawyer. » Article here


Earitating and earational and yet earily earisitable.

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Interesting wall post on Facebook. Makes you want to know more doesn't it?

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[tragic] Dude trying to stop girlfriend from driving drunk run over and killed.

Drunk but intent on driving, Jesenia Vega fought off her boyfriend as she left a block party and got into her car, Suffolk police said.

"You're going to get arrested," Louis Wiederer, 26, of Westbury, warned his girlfriend, a witness heard them arguing. "You can't drive like that!" With that, Vega, 27, put her key in the ignition and drove off -- as Wiederer hung onto an open window. She continued north, dragging him on the pavement, then underneath her car, before coming to a stop three blocks later, police and witnesses said.

Jay Steiner, 60, a retired nurse, who lives near the scene, rushed to the man's aid. "Oh, my God," Steiner recalled Vega telling him. "Don't tell me I just killed my fiance." Wiederer was pronounced dead at the scene. Vega was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated. She was arraigned yesterday at First District Court in Central Islip, where she was remanded to the county jail without bail. » Article here