Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Welcome to the internet.

This goalie has got to feel stupid.

Dude is selling his entire life on eBay.

A British man has put his entire life up for sale online. Ian usher has been living in Australia for the past 6 years. His life, job, house, personal belongings, even his friends are now up for auction.

Usher says he's doing it to start a new life after his marriage broke up. He says the bidding on e-bay has been pretty amazing so far, even bringing a few surprises. "I've had, I think, two marriage proposals via email from people I have never met or heard of, and a couple of people asking if I'm going to auction myself off for a date," said Usher.

Once the lucky bidder has won the auction, Usher plans to catch the next available flight out of Australia and start a new life.

Caption this.

Something tell me this is one creepy dude.

Bus driver runs over cars in parking lot.

Fun with an escalator.

If you meet a stranger with two prostitutes and 20 mins later give them the keys to your new car so they can buy crack, don't expect them to come back

Myrtle Beach police are searching for a man who borrowed a vehicle to buy crack cocaine then stole the car, according to a police report.

A woman told police she met the suspect in the parking lot of the Admiral Inn last week. After a 20-minute conversation, the victim allowed the suspect to take her 2008 Kia Spectra to buy crack cocaine, the report states.

The suspect told the victim he would give her some cocaine in exchange for letting him borrow the vehicle, the report states. The suspect told the victims he would return the car the following night but didn't. The victim told police that the suspect was from North Carolina and was accompanied by two prostitutes when he took the vehicle.