Monday, June 30, 2008

Long story short, everyone now calls my friend Mike, 'Spikey Mikey.'

The sound alone 'hurts' to hear. Ouch dude.

Dude walks on highway in a thong, fake breasts and a wig.

A Manchester man has been arrested after he allegedly strolled along Interstate 291 wearing nothing but a thong, fake breasts and a wig. Police say they received several calls about the man, which prompted an hour-long search over the weekend. Police said they found the suspect Saturday fully clothed and collecting cans behind a business in Manchester. Police said they also found a wig and fake breasts in the man's car.

The man, 42, was charged with disorderly conduct and simple trespass. He's free after posting $2,500 bail.

If I saw this on the highway I would sh*t my pants. This is scary.

Fire? What fire? Have a snack!

Dude tries to legally change his name to the f-word.

An appeals court in New Mexico has ruled against a man who wanted to include the obscenity in his legal name. The ruling upholds a lower court decision that using the F-word as part of a name is offensive to common decency and good taste.

The man's current legal name is Variable. He argued that preventing him from changing his name to F... Censorship was itself an act of improper government censorship.

Cool Super Mario cake.

Nevada brothels offering free gas cards.

Nevada's legal brothels are having to offer gas cards and other promotions to lure customers.

Geoffrey Arnold, president of the Nevada Brothel Owners' Association, says truckers are about 75 percent of the patrons at the state's rural "houses." But truckers are getting hit hard by rising fuel prices, so they're not stopping as often for a little fun on their runs.

The Shady Lady Ranch plans to offer $50 gas cards to clients spending $300 and $100 gas cards to those who spend 500 bucks.

I'm sure they made this with good intentions in mind.

Pogo stick dude tries to do a flip = bad landing

Teen Girl charged after biting mom over cell phone

A woman told deputies her 16-year-old daughter bit her when she tried to take the girl's cell phone away.

A deputy found the woman with two sets of teeth marks on the top of her hand, both with dried blood. The mother says she tried to take the girl's phone as punishment for breaking curfew. Deputies say the girl bit her mother to force her to release the phone. The teen has been charged with misdemeanor domestic battery and violation of probation.

Two awesome signs at a Hockey game.

Son stumbles on videotapes of mom having sex with dogs

A woman who was charged with committing felony crimes against nature was arrested this morning after police were notified of more than 150 homemade movies of the Tulsa County woman engaging in various sex acts with dogs.

Authorities were notified of the tapes after Whalen’s son accidentally stumbled onto one of the movies and then alerted the sheriff's department. The tapes, along with three dogs -- a Labrador, a blue heeler and a mixed breed -- were also taken into custody. Bowman said his office is recommending that they be taken away from the suspects and be put down.

Did you know...

HD sunglasses? You'd have to be stupid to...

Dude uses taser gun to coerce girlfriend into sex

A man was behind bars Wednesday on suspicion of attempting to coerce his girlfriend into having sex by threatening to zap her with a stun gun.

Christopher Morgen Taylor, 30, turned on a Taser three times early Tuesday morning after his girlfriend refused to have sex with him, according to an arrest affidavit for Taylor. Taylor’s girlfriend told police that Taylor turned the Taser on and said to her, “I don’t normally do this to anybody, but ...”

His girlfriend said she told Taylor to turn off the Taser because it was “freaking her out,” and she uttered a profanity and left the room, the affidavit said. She told police she was scared her boyfriend was going to use the device on her.

Wow -- this dude gets rocked in the head hard.

You don't see this at graduations very often.

Couple auctions off spot as bridesmaid in wedding.

Kelly Gray isn't losing a bridesmaid -- but she's gaining a sponsor for her wedding. The Virginia hairdresser offered eBay bidders a chance to buy a spot in her wedding party as a bridesmaid.

The winning bid was from Dr Pepper Snapple, which is contributing $10,000 to the wedding April 19, 2009, and will supply the drinks. Gray may even get a bridesmaid out of the deal, too. She said the company plans to launch a Web site to find her a bridesmaid or provide a surprise guest. Gray and fiance Karl Gau came up with the auction idea because they're worried about paying for the wedding.

...controversial JCPenny commercial.