Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Monday from Across-the-Board.

Chick grabs cops groin during DUI pull-over.

An aspiring model convicted of grabbing a trooper’s genitals while being booked for driving while intoxicated is in jail without bail for violating probation a second time this year.

Taryn McCarthy, 22, is scheduled to be video-arraigned Monday on a charge of probation violation alleging she failed a Breathalyzer test in spite of a court order to abstain from alcohol. During the administration of two breath tests, McCarthy told Trooper Nicholas Cyr she would punch him in the face, then threw a punch striking another trooper. McCarthy also admitted to grabbing Cyr in the genital area while reading a police form and after being told not to touch him.

Slow-Motion Laughing Baby

This is the world's ugliest dog.

Gus the dog has three legs, one eye and no hair, except for a white tuft on the top of his head. He's a real winner. The pedigree Chinese crested won the World's Ugliest Dog contest on Saturday at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Northern California.
His owner, Jeanenne Teed, brought Gus all the way from St. Petersburg, Fla., to compete for the dubious distinction. Gus' owner won $500 and will be flown to New York to appear on "CBS This Morning." The event will be aired on the Animal Planet network in October.

Just your typical geek humor.

'Poop Freeze' -- dumb idea or genius?

Teacher has sex with eight teen boys.

Authorities say a former Clay-Chalkville Middle School teacher had sexual relationships with at least eight male high school students ages 15 to 19 between February and April.

Julie Pritchett, 34, is charged with two counts of second-degree sodomy and one count of second-degree sexual abuse in the cases of two boys under 16. The victims in the cases with which she is charged are under the age of consent. Pritchett was the sponsor for the high school's Diamond Dolls, the hostesses for the baseball team. It was through that position, Christian said, that she came into contact with some of her former students who were involved in the high school sports program.

Christian said Pritchett started a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old former student. That relationship led to sex acts with his friends, Christian said.

Look closely -- you'll realize when you see it.

Woman sues Victoria's Secret for 'thong injury'.

A woman who says she was hurt by her thong panties when a metal clip flew off and hit her in the eye has sued Victoria's Secret, saying in a TV interview on Thursday that the injury caused her "excruciating pain."

Macrida Patterson, a 52-year-old Los Angeles traffic officer, told NBC's "Today" show that she suffered cuts to her cornea from the small piece of metal that had been used to secure a rhinestone heart onto the blue thong.

"I was putting on my underwear from Victoria's Secret and the metal popped in my eye. It happened really quickly. I was in excruciating pain. I screamed. That's what happened," Patterson told NBC.

1,911 coke + mentos explosions at once.


H.S. students carry '87 Camaro up 3-flights of steps for prank

30 High School seniors carried a 1987 Chevrolet Camaro up three flights of concrete steps and deposited the car in the school's outdoor entryway, blocking the front doors.

"Apparently, some kids might have gotten rambunctious, end of school-type thing," Deputy Chief William Keehner said Thursday. "At this time of year, you do see some pranks."
The white muscle car lacked an engine, transmission and interior and was used in auto shop class. In the dark of night, the seniors rolled the chassis from the back of the school building to the main entrance. With the help of a few 2x4s, the teens managed to lift, push and pull 2,000-plus pounds at a 45-degree angle up the first flight of steps.

Then came the second level, and after a rallying speech from one senior demanding that they finish the job, they tackled the final, third flight. Police got a call about 12:40 a.m. Thursday about youngsters loitering around the high school. When officers arrived, no one could be found.