Monday, June 19, 2006

Who’s hungry?

Restaurant staff burned by sunbed bulbs

Staff at a restaurant were treated for burns after the owner was mistakenly sold a sunbed bulb for an insect repellant light.

Five workers, the owner and his wife were left with streaming eyes, flaking skin and headaches because of the UV rays from the kitchen light. It took experts over two weeks to find the cause.

Mauro Mingotti, 63, who owns La Pergola in Carlisle, Cumbria, said: "Every time we went in front of it we were frying." Article here.

He's screwed

...driving with wife's severed head?

A man transporting his wife's severed head in a pickup truck crashed into an oncoming car, killing a woman and her 4-year-old daughter, police said. The impact sent the head flying onto the road.

A Boise police officer was driving behind Alofa Time's truck on a busy road when he noticed the man's erratic driving and then watched him slam into the car, police spokeswoman Lynn Hightower said.

Time, 51, who was not injured, told officers he was involved in his wife's death, investigators said. After searching Time's house in Nampa, police found the decapitated body of 47-year-old Theresa N. Time in a car inside the garage, authorities said. She likely had been dead for several hours, Nampa Police Lt. LeRoy Forsman said.

An autopsy was scheduled next week to determine Theresa Time's cause of death, Canyon County Coroner Vicki DeGeus-Morris said. Authorities on Friday issued a first-degree murder warrant for Time.

He also was being held on two counts of second-degree murder in the deaths of Samantha Nina Murphy, 36, of Boise, and her daughter Jae Lynne Grimes, and was to be arraigned Friday.

"It was one of the more horrific and complex crime scenes on memory," Hightower said. "A woman and her child killed in a crash, and a severed head from an earlier homicide: It's nothing short of bizarre and tragic."

Time faced domestic battery charges for an allegedly choking his wife in March, according to court records. A trial already was set for July 25. A judge issued a no-contact order, which barred Time from seeing his wife. Article here.

U.S. Army dudes tackle port-a-potty?

Top Ten Most Influential Celebrities...

Forbes is reporting that Tom Cruise has topped the annual Forbes magazine Celebrity top 100 list. Angelina Jolie is the cover girl for the big release today, but it's Cruise's movie successes and his romance with Katie Holmes that puts him to the top.

Cruise has an estimated $67 million fortune. A Forbes wealth expert says, "He is the only celebrity to ever make the number one spot twice. In a weak year for Hollywood, Tom Cruise is the only film star to make it to the top ten."

The top ten most influential celebrities are as follows:

1. Tom Cruise
2. The Rolling Stones
3. Oprah Winfrey
4. U2
5. Tiger Woods
6. Steven Spielberg
7. Howard Stern
8. 50 Cent
9. Cast Of The Sopranos
10. Dan Brown

Beer pong gets serious. Real serious.

Law student has a unique job pitch...

Matthew Toll is in his final year at the Tulane University School of Law and, like many fellow students approaching graduation, is seeking an associate's position paying at least $70,000 per year.

The 25-year-old, though, has taken a unique approach to that hunt. Last month, he sent 20-30 law firms his resume and a five-page interview request drafted to resemble a legal filing (click here to see/read the document).

Noting that, "I am VERY hungry right now," Toll promised prospective employers that, "If my mother's funeral was the day of a key deposition, I would do the eulogy via teleconference after the deposition." And if his wedding was on the date of a key trial, "the wedding would be postponed. If the wife to be did not like it, I would inform her that work comes before EVERYTHING ELSE and that if she does not like this, she is free to find a competing husband."

And, considering the tight job market, the kid is not afraid of getting his hands dirty: "If a piece of evidence was accidentally dropped into the garbage, I would have no problem going to the local dump and spending days covered knee-deep in the worst foul-smelling sludge imaginable to search for the evidence."

When TSG caught up with him, Toll said he was not embarrassed by the letter and had good relationships with his mother and girlfriend, though Mom ribbed him, "So, you're not gonna come to my funeral?" As word of his letter ricocheted through the legal community this week, Toll began receiving phone messages and e-mails offering criticism and job interviews. While Toll said the "vast majority" of the feedback has been negative, "I don't care if everybody hates me, I only have to get one job." Click here to read the actual document he wrote.

Don't these puppies look like Furbys?

Real World: Denver, filming begins...

After 14 years and 17 seasons, MTV's Real World starts filming in Lower Downtown, Denver in the coming months. And the arrival of "The Real World: Denver" - the 18th installation in the longest-running reality TV series, which attracted nearly 100 million viewers in its last incarnation - could spell a mammoth shift for Denver's image in the eyes of young people, who have made the show an enormous hit.

The space that will house The Real World Denvers seven strangers will have a hot tub, surprise surprise, and a basketball court. The space formerly was bar/night club B-52 Billiards. The building is 21,000-plus-square-foot, and includes a full kitchen, basketball court, hot tub and much, much more. Production has started and slated to air in the fall. Click here to read more from

Old truck-stop habits are hard to break

Screech Powers has huge money problems

Millions could remember him from his role as the geeky Screech on the early '90s sitcom "Saved by the Bell," and its perpetual syndication. Now he's back in the news because of the foreclosure of his house...

Close to 100,000 computers had logged onto his Web site at within a few hours of his Tuesday morning appearance on Howard Stern's satellite radio show. Diamond figured that selling 30,000 T-shirts to save his gray, two-story suburban home might be within reason. "If the public didn't care, I as an entertainer wouldn't have been a success," he said.

Diamond, 29, faces losing the home under a foreclosure order filed in Ozaukee County Circuit Court on May 4. It demands that he kick up the remaining $250,000 he owes under a land contract, which Diamond said was one of the few options available for him in 2003 because of a bad credit record, which includes a 2001 bankruptcy filing in California.

He claims he kept up on the $2,400 monthly payments. Diamond called the situation "an injustice that could happen to anyone" and his $15 T-shirt "a potential cult classic" for an audience he thinks will give him the kind of money his career hasn't. "I just don't get paid $250,000 in 30 days," said Diamond, who said his savings have been drained over the years. "It's not retirement money, OK? It's supersize-it money, if anything."

He works as a ribald stand-up comedian now - asked to tell a joke to a television reporter, he demurred, claiming he didn't have anything appropriate - and said he gets enough work from it to stay on the road virtually the whole year. "I'm doing great with my comedy, but this is definitely a low point," Diamond said. "Real life comes in and affects you."

There have been, he said, other issues, including a failed 2005 pregnancy by his girlfriend, Jennifer Misner, that left the couple with high medical bills. A pending small-claims suit in Ozaukee County alleges that Diamond and Misner owe $800 in landscaping bills, which Diamond claimed in a court filing came from a contract signed in 2004 without his knowledge by an ex-girlfriend. He wrote that they went through "a very ugly breakup" that November.

The ex-girlfriend, Beth Musolff, said news of the foreclosure didn't surprise her. "He doesn't handle money very well," Musolff said.

And then there's his career. Diamond's acting roles have been sporadic since "Saved by the Bell" went off - and will be even more sporadic if roles as Samuel "Screech" Powers in reunion specials and spinoffs are tossed out.

He is cagey about giving specific information about both his current income and the home, which he declined to allow reporters into. On the 2001 bankruptcy filing, he listed his employer as NBC and his take-home income, at the time, as about $5,300 a month.

The active run of "Saved by the Bell" happened before Diamond turned 18, and he said that problems with both his parents spending his money, and substantial tax miscalculations, left him in a hole as a young adult. Now, he says, he has reconciled with his father, owes money only for his home and car, and needs mainly to find a way out of foreclosure to move on with life. His best plan for it, he said, is the $15 T-shirt, on which a disheveled Diamond is pictured, as he described it, "in the Wisconsin woodlands in front of a shack," holding a "Save My House" sign.
The back reads "I paid $15.00 to save Screeech's house," with the third "e" added, he said, to offer at least a technical separation between the fund-raising shirt from the "Screech Powers" character on a copyrighted show.

"I think there's a lot of people who think it's funny," Diamond said. "It's not a hoax. I wouldn't draw this kind of attention to myself for nothing." Article here. Get a t-shirt here.

Bat Boy slams fan on field during game

A Boston Red Sox bat boy was applauded by fans and players after he ran down, body slammed and pinned a fan to the turf when the man eluded security and ran on to the field during a game.

Authorities said during the eighth inning of the Red Sox-Minnesota Twins baseball game Wednesday, a fan jumped on to the playing field, ran around the bases and then slid into home plate.

A 25-year-old bat boy jumped up and was videotaped slamming the fan to the ground. The bat boy then kept the man pinned to the ground until security could arrive. The bat boy, identified as Nate Reese by The Associated Press, received praise from players and applause from fans at the stadium. See video below:

This professor is a dick-face...

(click to enlarge)

Animal House high school graduation party

A group of high school students decided the best way to celebrate graduation would be in togas- with a party at Libby Montana restaurant in Mequon. It seems the party planners chose Libby Montana because the actor who played Neidermeyer in the movie "Animal House" - Mark Metcalf - owns the place.

The results were pretty much what you would expect when teenagers wrap themselves in bedsheets and consume alcohol.

By the time police restored order inside the restaurant's Volley Dome, they had given about 75 alcohol breath tests and written 18 tickets for underage drinking.

According to a police report, one officer found what "appeared to be a pair of male feet and a pair of what appeared to be female feet" inside a stall in the women's restroom. The male feet were those of an 18-year-old Whitefish Bay man who was sitting on the toilet wearing only "tennis shoes and a bathrobe." He had vomited on himself and did so two or three more times before his parents arrived to pick him up.
The bathrobe apparently was this man's version of a toga.

No one got hauled off to jail, but "For almost all of them, it was the first time they were that close to a uniform and a weapon that wasn't pointed at a deer," Metcalf said. Metcalf was quick to point out that the party-goers brought their own alcohol and were not served by restaurant staff.

The party was hosted by the parents of a student at the University School of Milwaukee. More specifically, the parents rented the Volley Dome, a metal building with three sand volleyball courts just behind the white-tablecloths restaurant.

Several times during the party, police reports say, kids were causing a disturbance in the parking lot. The restaurant staff tried to get the kids back in the Volley Dome and appealed to the handful of parent chaperons for help, but finally called police.

That's when things began to look a little like "Animal House," the 1978 movie that made the late John Belushi a star. Officers rounded up about 75 kids and lined them up on the west wall of the Volley Dome for breath tests, according to the police report.

Underage drinking citations were issued to 18 male and female partygoers between ages 16 and 18. Another was given a ticket for resisting an officer.

Metcalf said that when he was called to the scene and saw a half-dozen squad cars, he initially thought police had overreacted. "In a state that celebrates its drinking habits as much as this state does, how can you have a graduation party and not expect kids to drink?" he asked.

On the other hand, Metcalf praised the officers for their professionalism and for their efforts to protect the public. He also said he hopes the partygoers who received citations and their parents don't fret too much. "The guys who got cited," Metcalf said, "will probably be running for senator someday." In "Animal House," Belushi's character did one better. According to an epilogue that preceded the film's closing credits, he ran for U.S. senator and got elected. Article here.

One-legged Dance Dance Revolution

Ambulance shields man, rolling pickup

A rescue crew used their ambulance as a shield to prevent a man from being run over by an unoccupied pickup truck, authorities said.

Pasco County Fire Rescue paramedic William Bomboy and emergency medical technician Christopher Linchy saw a truck and a van collided late Tuesday.

The driver of the truck, 44-year-old Randy Rogers, was thrown into the road in front of his still rolling pickup truck. Linchy saw the scene unfolding in his rearview mirror. He whipped around in a quick U-turn and steered the ambulance between the truck and injured man. The idling pickup rolled into the ambulance's driver's side door, grinding against it until police arrived and shut it off.

"This was just a split-second decision," Linchy told the St. Petersburg Times. Rogers is recovering from his injuries in an area hospital. Article here.