Wednesday, January 24, 2007

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Brad Pitt says strippers 'changed his life'

The quote of the day comes from Brad Pitt who said, "Strippers changed my life."

Pitt told Newsweek that one of his first jobs was to drive strippers to bachelor parties. He said he would catch their clothes and collect the money.

One of the strippers was taking an acting class. Pitt said he went to the class to check it out and it set him on the path to where he is now. Article here.

Dad balances baby on one hand… real or fake?

Battleship drinking game? F*ckin' sweet!

Paris Hilton and Jenna might have sex with YOU

When you think of Paris Hilton and Jenna Jameson, the last thing you probably think is... virgins.
And yet, sources tell TMZ that famed on-camera sexhibitionists Hilton and Jameson have been contacted about "participating" in a reality show currently in production called "Virgin Territory," in which a group of the uninitiated will find their way to the promised land. Ironically, it's being brought to TV by the purveyor of Paris' sex tape, Kevin Blatt, who predicts that even more people will watch "Territory" than "One Night in Paris," Hilton's infamous night-visioned romp.

To help stock his TV larder, Blatt will be unveiling giant billboards in Times Square and Los Angeles; soliciting actual, live virgins in those cities. "Finding virgins in NYC or Los Angeles is no easy task," says Blatt.

From the website,

"On the final episode, a surprise celebrity is introduced to escort the winner to the Lose-it Lounge, a love-nest prepared for the occasion with champagne, caviar—and video cameras. It’s bye-bye virginity and Hello, Cleveland! when their consensual companionship is captured for nationwide web and telecast."

This dude has a 66 inch vertical! No freakin' way...

Adrian Wilson of the Arizona Cardinals is up and over a 66 inch hurdle with a three-step start. Unbelievable.

The worst films of the year...

The Golden Raspberry Award Foundation, which nominates the worst films of the year the day before the movie academy nominates the best. Source.

Worst Movies of the Year:
Basic Instinct 2
Lady in the Water
Little Man
The Wicker Man

Worst Actors of the Year:
Tim Allen
Nicolas Cage
Larry the Cable Guy (Dan Whitney)
Rob Schneider
Marlon Wayans
Shawn Wayans

Worst Actress of the Year:
Hilary Duff
Haylie Duff
Lindsay Lohan
Kristanna Loken
Jessica Simpson
Sharon Stone

Hmm… how exactly does this work?

[new trend] DWD: Driving while distracted

Ask drivers about their habits behind the wheel, and 80% will tell you they are "multitaskers," capable of adjusting the radio, eating snacks or chatting on cellphones while driving.

But 59% don't consider themselves distracted drivers, according to a new survey out today commissioned by Nationwide Mutual Insurance. The numbers signal that Americans may not truly understand the threat posed by DWD, or driving while distracted, says Bill Windsor, Nationwide's associate vice president of safety.

The best estimate is that driver distraction causes or contributes to 25% to 50% of auto accidents, says Peter Kissinger, president and CEO of AAA's Foundation for Traffic Safety.

Although the majority of survey respondents said they've adjusted the radio or CD player, made cellphone calls or eaten while driving, others reported performing activities that are more involved:

•19% sent text messages.
•12% put on or adjusted makeup.
•5% have read a magazine, book or newspaper.

"If you're going 65 miles per hour, and you're distracted even three seconds, that's equivalent to driving a whole football field," Windsor says.

A driver who looks away from the road for two or more seconds is almost twice as likely as an attentive driver to be involved in a crash or near-crash, says a study released last month by the Foundation for Traffic Safety and the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.

And as more technology is made available in cars, the prevalence of distracted driving probably will increase, Windsor says. Article here.

…so cute, it makes me wanna puke (part 2)

Dude and his friends destroy Jeep Cherokee off-roading

jump to 1:40 into the video

[disturbing] dad claims his daughter killed his wife

A man charged with killing his wife in a frenzied knife attack testified Monday that it was his 12-year-old daughter who committed the crime, but he said he tried to cover it up.

Brad Reay, 47, took the stand at his trial in the slaying of his wife, Tami, after prosecutors rested their case Monday morning. Their daughter, Haylee, testified last week, denying her father's claims that she killed her mother.

The nude body of Tami Reay, 41, was found near Lake Oahe outside Pierre two days after she disappeared last February. Authorities said some of the wounds in her chest showed a knife had been forced in all the way to its hilt.

Reay told jurors that he did not know before his wife was killed in the family home that she was having an affair, but he said they had discussed splitting up. He said his daughter was extremely upset after they told her about the possibility of divorce.

Reay said he awoke in the night to find his daughter standing over her mother in the woman's bedroom. His daughter had a knife in her hand, he said. Haylee was "catatonic or in shock" and did not respond when he asked her what she'd done, he said.

Reay said his daughter did not recover from that state until after he had cleaned blood off her and placed her in bed. Then, he said, "She just kind of looked at me like she didn't know what I was talking about."

Reay said he tried to make his wife's death look like she had been raped in order to divert attention from his daughter. "I plan to go to jail for her," he said. "I didn't want her to get in trouble."

Haylee, now 13, testified last week that she never would have hurt her mother, and said she was afraid of her father and had never been very close to him.
Jurors could find Reay guilty of either first-degree murder, punishable by a mandatory term of life in prison without chance of parole, or manslaughter, which carries a sentence of up to life in prison. Article here.

A sad moment in TV history, to say the least

thanks kevin and cara

Dude tries to run over guy w/car, then gets into a fight

'Girls Gone Wild' founder fined $500,000

The founder of "Girls Gone Wild" videos featuring young women who take off their tops was fined $500,000 on Monday for violating rules designed to prevent exploitation of minors.

Joe Francis, 33, also was ordered by a federal judge to perform 200 hours of community service and was placed on two years' probation as part of a plea agreement he reached with the Justice Department last September.

In pleading guilty to the two felony counts, Francis admitted he knowingly included footage of two females in his "Ultimate Spring Break" video series without having legible documentation of their ages, as required by law.

Prosecutors say the 2002 footage in question showed two under-age girls, both 17 years old, engaging in sexually explicit acts. Article here.