Friday, June 23, 2006

Interesting way to paint your ceiling

Are you guilty of stealing office supplies?

If you've swiped supplies from the office or plant, you've got a lot of company. A recent Spherion Workplace Snapshot survey found that 18 percent of workers who were asked admit they've taken stuff from the job for personal use in the past year and 71 percent said it was wrong.

All those stolen office supplies add up to more than $50 billion a year, according to Reuters.

Broken down by age groups, 24 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds said they've had their hand in the supply cabinet, compared with 13 percent of those 50 and over.

In addition, 10 percent don't see anything wrong with it. The company surveyed 1,630 employed adults in the United States in April.

According to Reuters, past studies have shown the most commonly stolen items from the workplace are pens, self-adhesive note pads and paper clips. There’s another interesting trend among office thefts. The season does matter.

Paper and pens are taken from office supply shelves at the beginning of the school year and tape dispensers disappear when it comes time for winter holiday gift wrapping, Reuters reported.

Employees steal more than $1 billion worth of supplies from their employers each week, which ends up costing U.S. companies nearly $52 billion a year, according to Reuters. Article here.

I’d totally get stage fright

Peep hole reverser = creepy spy gadget

Taken from:

"Peep hole reverser" - Tactical Door-Viewer was developed with the help of the law enforcement industry to help them assess potential hazards behind dwelling doors. This peephole reverse viewer is simple to use and can be carried in your pocket for use anytime.
The officer places the reverse viewer over the peephole in the door and can look into the dwelling without alerting anyone inside. They can identify any potential threats or activity before proceeding with their tactical mission.

This peephole reverse viewer fits most common peepholes used in the United States for apartments, condominiums and houses. The peep hole reverser can be used in other countries where the peepholes are similar to those used here.

Price? $88.00. Buy one here.

Caption this?

Dudes head in the wall = art?

Artist Mark Jenkins makes sculptures out of packaging tape. This one is particularly interesting. He put clothes on it and propped it against a wall in Washington D.C.

More of Mark Jenkins sculptures here here, (via).

Top 100 Sweatiest Cities in America

If you ever need to fill a swimming pool with sweat, and you need to do it in a hurry, you might enlist the entire population of Phoenix, Ariz., home to the sweatiest people in the nation.

Phoenix adult residents sweat so much that the city's perspiration could fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool in less than three hours.

For the second year in a row, Phoenix has earned the dubious honor of topping the Top-100 Sweatiest Cities list, a ranking of the nation's heaviest sweaters during the summer months as determined by researchers at Procter and Gamble.

During a typical summer day in 2005, an average Phoenix adult secreted 26 ounces of sweat per hour while walking outdoors. Phoenix's average daily temperature during the summer months—June, July, and August—for 2005 was 93.3 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Top 10 Sweatiest Cities in America:
1. Phoenix
2. Las Vegas
3. Tucson, Ariz.
4. Dallas
5. Corpus Christi, Texas
6. San Antonio, Texas
7. Austin, Texas
8. Shreveport, La.
9. Houston
10. Waco, Texas

The results were based on the amount of sweat an adult of average height and weight would produce while walking for an hour in the average high temperatures, according to NOAA data. Source.

This is a clever 'peep hole' advertisement

Justin Timberlake dumped Cameron Diaz

Page Six has confirmed that Justin Timberlake has broken up with Cameron Diaz, so he can party and enjoy his youth.
An insider claims Timberlake broke up because: "he's poised to leave on a world tour and he wants to be free," She says Timberlake made his decision after he and his pals went on a stag weekend to Las Vegas and Cameron "went chasing after him. And shehe was just too clingy." Diaz, is currently devastated.

Worst drunk 'shaming' ever!

Taken from the site:

"I drank a bit too much last weekend and passed out at my desk. Some people decided to Shame me by covering me with everything in the fridge and some random items in the room. When all was said and done, I was stuck with a bill over $600 for a new computer tower and new carpet. Open towers and me getting up covered with approx. 30 food items don't mix."

Woman kills husband with sword, accident?

A Chinese woman has been charged with accidentally killing her husband with a sword after he refused to make her dinner, the Shanghai Daily said on Tuesday.

Police said Tang Xiaowan, 25, who has been practicing swordsmanship since she was young, had often forced her husband of three years at swordpoint to carry out her demands.

On March 3, her husband, Li Weidong, refused to cook dinner because he was late for work. Police said Tang picked up her sword and put it on Li's chest and promptly slipped, stabbing Li by mistake.

Li died in hospital from loss of blood. Tang was arrested Monday and charged with manslaughter. Article here.

Kid Caught Singing Gnarls Barkley

This kid forgets that he doesn't have a doorknob and is caught on camera by his older brother singing and dancing to Gnarls Barkley's new song Crazy. This is pretty damn funny. What at how in the end he 'breaks it down'.

Mans penis fished out of his kitchen trash?

Police work means going beyond the training, performing tasks both heroic and extraordinary, Chief James Corwin told officers at an awards ceremony Tuesday.

Racing a motorcycle after a confused elderly motorist driving in the wrong direction. Bailing thousands of gallons of water out of the department’s detention unit. Fishing a suicidal man’s dismembered body part out of his kitchen trash.

That sort of thing.

Seven officers helped the suicidal man last summer. Officers Bryan Britten, Richard Burnette, Christopher Hayes, Donald Hubbard and Lloyd Mast searched a field for the bleeding man. Officers Robert Keith and Shane Roberts secured his home. After the officers found the man, Britten discovered the body part back at the house. Later, doctors successfully reattached the man’s penis. Article here.

Well, there goes your Jeep...

Man speeds at 142 MPH, two state chase

A child-welfare worker was clocked at 142 miles an hour on his motorcycle while leading police on a two-state chase, authorities said Thursday.

Sean Virgo's wild ride allegedly started in Orangeburg, where he was pursued by New York state police. When he arrived in neighboring New Jersey, Palisades Interstate Parkway police picked up the chase, They arrested Virgo as he tried to make a U-turn on a grassy median.

Virgo, 34, was charged this week with eluding police and first-degree reckless endangerment. He was being held on $20,000 bail in the Bergen County jail in New Jersey. Article here.

The Japanese version of Punk'd

Man calls police for no sex from prostitue?

A La Crosse, Wisconsin man was cited for soliciting a prostitute after he called police dispatch and demanded his money be refunded when the woman did not perform a sexual service.

Leslie Beach, 36, of was fined $159 for the solicitation, according to La Crosse police reports. Beach told responding officers that he had a learning disability and that a woman named Victoria had taken advantage of him. He told police that Victoria said she would have intercourse with him for $40, reports said.

Beach asked Victoria for his money back after the two did not have intercourse, reports said. She refused to refund the money but told him she would spend the night at his apartment. She later left, and Beach called police.

Beach did not know Victoria’s last name or contact information, but said he would call police if she returns, according to the report. Police Lt. Bob Berndt said he does not remember the last time police issued a ticket for prostitution solicitation in the city. Article here.

Hiding under the covers…

Dude gets 6 months for peeing in soda

A former convenience store clerk who urinated in a bottle of soda that was later drunk by a customer was sentenced Thursday to six months in jail.

Anthony Mesa, 22, has already served half his sentence since pleading no contest to tampering with a consumer product, and will remain on a form of house arrest for two years after release. He had faced up to 30 years in jail.

Mesa was working at a Pix store in Deltona in August when he and a co-worker decided to play practical jokes. They put eggs in beer cartons, and Mesa thought it would be funny to urinate into a drink, according to arrest reports.

He admitted urinating into a Mountain Dew and placing it back into the refrigerator, authorities said.

The victim, a foreman with a Daytona Beach construction company, became suspicious of the drink after he chugged it and vomited three or four times. He settled a civil complaint with the store for an undisclosed amount of money before a lawsuit was filed. Article here.