Thursday, September 29, 2005

OnStar sucks horse ka-ka...

If you have seen any of the recent OnStar commercials on TV, you’ll notice the entire point of the commercial (just like every media syndicate in the country) is to scare the American consumer and get them to believe that if you have OnStar- someone is “looking over your shoulder” to protect you. Such horse ka-ka if you ask me. Check out this parody of those OnStar commercials, it’s titled… “BlondeStar.”

(click image to watch video)

The worst college rule ever...

According to a new policy at Siena College, students are "no longer allowed to consume alcohol or any other beverage in any type of container outside of their townhouse or in any public area on campus."

College officials maintain the rule is meant to increase security after a spate of off-campus party crashers showed up early this semester, and police responded to noisy gatherings outside student apartments.
Because students weren't abiding by campus rules to register all outside guests, officials decided they had to crack down to reduce the gatherings.

What does this exactly mean? No drinking. Of anything.
Even water. Or iced tea. Or coffee, Red Bull or lemonade. Or vodka or beer, for that matter.

Officials don't plan on citing offenders for every little violation- but on nights and weekends, RAs may require students to empty their containers no matter what's in them. A cartoon in the student newspaper, shows a person engulfed in flames begging for water. "And get caught with an open container?" an observer says. "What're you, stupid?"

So in my opinion, there’s a proper way to implement precedent policy to make a point- but to me this is just being too controlling. I realize the college is trying to make a stand for their reputation- but you have to wonder...this has caused negative press for them. After all, with all this horrible PR they're getting…who wants to go to a college where your not able to consume any type of liquid beverages!?! Nuts and bolts for the students there (they're getting screwed), I’d transfer faster than you could take a shot of tequila. Click here to read the article.

An over-the-top iPod accessory...

Check out this Valentino Crystal-Trim iPod carrying case from Neiman Marcus. It boasts a shiny silver metal case with clear crystal accents, and a chain strap. Finally- an iPod case that meets my standards! Oh, and it totally fits my price range- $840.00.