Sunday, March 23, 2008

Photoworthy: close-up image of tick in human skin


Dude stabs someone over a 6-pack of beer

A man was in jail Friday morning accused of stabbing another man in the back three times over a pack of beer.

Deputies said the suspect asked for the victim's newly bought beer cans. When the victim refused, the suspect knocked him to the ground and started stabbing him in the back. The victim is in serious condition at Orlando Regional Medical Center. » Article here


Wow, someone has some free time on their hands.

Dude speeds on highway because of his Oreos

Police say a man's excuse for speeding through a small Connecticut town takes the cake — or, at least, the cookie. A state trooper who stopped the 1993 BMW last fall says its driver, 28-year-old Justin Vonkummer, blamed his driving problems on an errant Oreo. Vonkummer told the trooper that an Oreo had just slipped from his fingers as he dunked it in a cup of milk, and that he was trying to fish it out when he lost control of his car.

Prosecutors learned in court this week that Vonkummer had been charged with speeding and driving under a suspended license — not driving under the influence, as a clerk had mistakenly noted in the court records. » Article here


Windows Vista error message.

Dude hit by police taser: 'That's all you got?'

Syracuse police shot a man with a Taser early this morning after he challenged them to a fight, but the 250-pound suspect pulled the device's electric darts out of his abdomen, laughed and said, "That's all you got?"

Officers said they went to the home after a resident, Lakiya Hall, 29, reported that her fiance had punched her. Myers had been drinking lots of gin earlier in the evening and hit her in the face with a cell phone and then punched her in the face after she teased him about staring at another woman, police said. She ran out of the house and called police from her van, officers said. » Full article here


Hey yoooooou guys...

Here's the new Madonna song f/JT and Timbaland

Ex-homecoming queen accused of attacking sister with fake leg

A former homecoming queen accused of attacking her sister with a prosthetic leg and threatening to burn down a neighbor's trailer was ordered on Wednesday to go to rehab.

Police said Sturkie-Anthony's sister came to visit her at Lincoln Mobile Home Park on Route 30 in January, and the two started arguing about her alcohol abuse. Then, police said Sturkie-Anthony pulled off her sister's prosthetic leg and beat her with it.
» Full article here


The 'peep show' (Happy Easter from Across-the-Board)

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter today! Hope everyone enjoyed a good brunch or dinner, best wishes!