Monday, February 20, 2006

Amy was always considered 'not-to-smart'

Dude sticks a pencil in his penis for sex?

A Serbian man needed emergency surgery after sticking a pencil inside his penis to keep it stiff during sex.

Zeljko Tupic, told doctors he had experienced erectile difficulties in the past. So as he prepared for a night with his new lover, he decided to insert a thin pencil into his penis.

Tupic had to cut his sex session short when the pencil shifted and became lodged in his bladder, forcing him to call an ambulance, the Kurir newspaper reported.

Doctor Aleksandar Milosevic from Belgrade's Zvezdara hospital, who succesfully removed the pencil, said: "At first the patient did not tell us what really happened, but x-rays proved the truth.

"Tupic said he had no idea there were things like Viagra available but agreed that in future he will try pills before he takes any more chances with pencils."

WTF? Ouch, ouch, and ouch. I can’t even fathom the pain this guy went through while attempting this. What a freakin' dumb-ass. Article here.

Yeah, this looks safe:

This is one smart-ass dog really

So you think you have a well trained dog? Think again. You’ll be thinking different after you watch this video. This really is simply amazing! Click here to watch the video.
(click image to watch video)

Fraternity uses goat for sex hazing?

In Bowling Green, at Kentucky University, police officers found a live goat stuffed into a storage room of the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity house with no food or water, standing in its own urine and feces.

The authorities cited 19-year-old Trenton Dakota Jackson with a second-degree count of cruelty to animals. Officials aren't sure why the goat was in the storage room and don't know how long the goat had been held captive. Some of the students told police the goat was going to be used in a hazing ritual.

Brian Peyton, the president of Western's Alpha Gamma Rho chapter, said the goat was brought in as a prank, to make some pledges think they would have to have sex with it. But Peyton told the TV station that the incident wasn’t related to hazing. He said that nobody actually was going to have sex with the goat.

The goat was sent to the Warren County Humane Society so it could be examined by a veterinarian. The fraternity has been ordered to stop all activities during an investigation. Alpha Gamma Rho has been cited for hazing three times since 1996.

Yeah sure… the goats were just used for intimidation. Uh-huh. [wink-wink-nod-nod]. Article here.

Getting drunk and playing with pickles?

Girl dangling outside of train for .6 miles

A high school girl was left dangling on the outside of a train for one kilometer as it sped along the tracks, railway officials said.

The girl was not injured in the incident. The driver saw a high school girl and boy on the platform, and departed from the station after thinking that the girl had stepped inside. The girl, however, was still outside the carriage, and was left clutching onto a handrail on the outside of the door, using a 5-centimeter gap near the bottom of the door as a foothold, as the train traveled along the tracks.

About one minute later, the driver noticed the girl. He stopped the train and took her inside the carriage. The girl said a button to open the door of the train had failed.

"I pressed the 'open button,' but the doors didn't open and the train departed," the girl was quoted as saying. The high school boy on the platform had apparently been seeing her off.

Whoa, what a unforgetable way to send off your girlfriend. Article here.

The Dancing House in Prague is neat-o

The Dancing House is considered as one of the more real controversial buildings in Prague. When first looking at the building the left side seems to have been crushed thus recreating a allusion to the effects of the violence from the bombs. And yet at the same time it appears to be whimsical and dancing. The DH was actually designed by a great architect from California, which probably means he was high/drunk/tripping while designing it.

What is Baba ghanoush?

Baba ghanoush (Arabic) is the name of two popular Middle Eastern dishes made primarily of eggplant (aubergine).

Baba ganoush is a sort of salad made of grilled eggplant with finely diced onions, tomatoes and other vegetables blended in. It is normally served with a dressing of oil and pomegranate concentrate.

So why in the f*cking world do you need to know what Baba ganoush is?

In the 2005 movie Wedding Crashers, Owen Wilson's character uses Baba Ganoush as a nickname for his friend, played by Vince Vaughn.

Maria Sharapova takes it off...

Remember in in 2004, when Maria Sharapova became the third youngest Wimbledon women's champion?

Well she’s come a long way since then. The now tennis superstar recently did a photoshoot for this months issue of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition.
Click here to see the full line-up of all the models (with pictures) from Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition.

High school kids give 'the shocker' to teammate

At least six Sierra Vista High School basketball players face expulsion following charges of criminal sexual misconduct. The incident, which took place in the school's gymnasium, and involved members of Sierra Vista's boys varsity basketball team. Six or more players jumped a newcomer to the squad and took him to the floor. One or more of the attackers inserted fingers into the victim's rectum, sources said.

The victim was taken to University Medical Center, where he was treated and released.

The players involved in the incident were suspended. Sierra Vista forfeited a game to Bonanza High School on Saturday because the Lions didn't have enough players to take the court.

Ah! Shee’sh… talk about painful. Click here to read the full article.

Clean your nasal passages of mucus?

The practice of nasal irrigation, known as Neti, has been used by practitioners of Yoga and Ayurveda in India for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Neti is one of the six purification techniques undertaken prior to the practice of yoga to help prepare the body for the yoga practice. Some yogic teachers consider it valuable in cleansing the energy channels and balancing the right and left hemispheres to create radiant, energetic health and wellness, which is the foundation upon which true yogic practice can come to fruition.

Lukewarm water is used to gently open up the nasal passages:

Wow. I thought I’ve seen it all. But apparently not. Basically this thing is supposed to just clean all the mucus all up in your nose. You can start cleaning your nasal passages for only $15. Click here to see the entire store of nasal cleaning products and accessories. Good-gosh this is weird.

One crazy bike crash, caught on video

A sports bike rider Dawn Champion got tagged by an out-of-control car, and she captured the whole thing via her helmet camera.
There’s no blood or gore (Dawn turned out to be fine beyond some bruises and a concussion), and she was lucky to have some RN's right there on the scene. Looks like a pretty scary experience.

Investors 'tricked' to buy fake million-dollar-bill

Bad news for some Japanese investors. There's no such thing as a $1 million greenback.

According to a Japanese newspaper, eight people are out more than $1.25 million. They were duped into buying supposedly rare U.S. million-dollar bills from the 1920's. But the ‘million notes’ are fakes.

The largest denomination bill ever produced by the U.S. treasury was a 100-thousand-dollar note in the mid 1930's.

The news reports say three of the bilked investors have had to file for bankruptcy. The man who promised them huge returns has disappeared with their real money.

Are you serious? Wouldn’t you do your research about investing in something like this before you cut a check to some ‘shady’ dude. Article here.

Everyone likes a snow penis…

What will 2007 be like? (from 1987)

These are the results of an OMNI Opinion Poll, concerning predictions for the year 2007. The way survey participants responded are reflected in percentages. Pretty interesting to see what everyone was thinking was going to happen back in ‘87:

1. By 2007, every schoolchild will have his/her own computer, and that it will be as disposable as a pair of sneakers.

a. Computers will supplement human teachers in nearly every classroom, and software will replace textbooks as the primary source of teaching material. (41%)

b. Computers will eliminate the need for teachers, except in the role of guides and technicians. (8%)

c. Computer science will become a required course, like math or English. (40%)

d. Computers will occupy an optional role in public schools, predominantly being used on the secondary school level. (10%)

e. Computers will have no great bearing on the future of public education, except as specialized tools.

Click here to read the full survey results, taken back in 1987...