Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dammit, the kids are drunk again.


13-year-old gets 'extreme wedgie', sent to emergency room

A 13-year-old Georgia student riding a school bus received a “wedgie” during a school hazing incident so painful that his mother took him to the emergency room.

WJXT-TV reported that the boy, who wished to remain anonymous, is a member of the Charlton County High School junior varsity golf team. He was riding the bus along with varsity members, who held him upside down.

“It [The wedgie] was so extreme it ripped his boxer shorts in two," said the student's mother, Carol. According to WJXT-TV, two older students called the boy to the back of the bus and, in addition to the wedgie, punched the 13-year-old in the groin and stomach — all as a part of an initiation ritual.

"He was bent over and couldn't hardly walk. He cried for probably 30 minutes," Carol said. The two older teens were arrested and charged with simple battery. Carol said that she does not think the boys meant to hurt her son, but they did. Article here.


Quite possibly the funniest movie line... ever.


[via craigslist] 'To My Neighbor Who Left the Note'

via (washington,dc):

"Thanks for being polite, but I’m afraid that I’m going to keep fucking my girlfriend as hard as I can. You see, right now I’m the only person living in my building, so I have no neighbors in the immediate vicinity to disturb. Not only that, but my girlfriend normally only stays the night on weekends. Considering that we don’t have sex when she’s menstruating, that’s only three weekends a month that you may hear her screaming. It’s not like it’s every night. Not to mention the fact that she likes it when I fuck her hard and… to tell you the truth… I like it too. So, until one of the other apartments is rented out, we’re going to continue to enjoy ourselves unrestrained. But don’t worry… I heard from my landlord that they’ll be renting out the apartment above me soon. And when they do, I’ll have to tone it down. But until then..."


Clever airport baggage claim advertisement


Eddie Griifin wrecks a $1 million dollar Ferrari Enzo!

Eddie Griffin, comedian, destroyed a rare million-dollar Enzo Ferrari on Monday when he crashed it into a barricade while promoting a movie. He was unhurt in the low-speed incident, at Irwindale Speedway, about 20 miles east of Los Angeles.
"The brother's good at karate and all the rest of that, but the brother can't drive," Griffin told reporters. He was practicing for a celebrity charity racing event tied to his upcoming film, "Redline."

The car, one of just 400 manufactured, belonged to the film's producer, Daniel Sadek. Sadek estimated that the car was worth $1.2 million, and seemed philosophical about the loss, saying he was just happy that Griffin was unharmed. The real-estate investor has put up his own money for the $26 million picture, and allowed one of his two $200,000 Porsche Carreras to be destroyed for a scene in it. Article here.


Is this supposed to be sexy?


Dude films girl roommates in shower with shampoo camera

A man landed in hot water after police say he hid a tiny camera in a shampoo bottle to watch two of his female roommates as they took showers.

A male roommate, curious why the shampoo wasn't moved for some time, found wires protruding from the back of the bottle, then called police, authorities said. The camera recorded through a pinhole, and the images were sent to Steven Thibodeau's television, police said. Thibodeau, 25, had placed the camera to record the women showering and made video of one of them changing clothes, according to police.

Thibodeau was arraigned Wednesday on 15 counts of voyeurism and one count of evidence tampering, which alleges he tried to delete some images. He was being held in jail on $250,000 bail.

Police said Thibodeau made a compilation video of one of the women, but they have no evidence he transferred the files to the Internet. It wasn't yet known how long the shampoo had been wired. Article here.


[family guy clip] America's Next Top Model


This cat isn't too happy he was saved from a fire.


Thora Birch's dad is one creepy dude

The crew making "The Winter of Frozen Dreams" in upstate Schenectady was horrified when the father/manager of star lady Thora Birch insisted on watching the filming of her sex scenes with Dean Winters.

Even though it's industry practice to shoot sex scenes on a closed set, Jack Birch - who met Thora's mother, Carol Connors, as her co-star in "Deep Throat" - demanded to be present as his daughter and Winters simulated intercourse last week.
"It was so wrong," said one insider. "The director is saying, 'Harder! Faster!' and the father is giving Winters the thumbs up."

Jack Birch was on the set every day giving orders - even telling director Eric Mandelbaum where to place his camera so that Thora would look her best. Mandelbaum was about to shoot the first sex scene Monday when, "all of a sudden, the front door is being kicked in. Her father was threatening to kill the assistant directors. Then he threatens to pull her from the movie with three days of shooting left."

Making matters worse, a problem with the focus on the camera necessitated 14 takes. "It was the most bizarre, perverse scene," said our witness. "One girl on the crew broke down crying." Article here.


'Rocky' training


Soon it may be illegal to text message while driving

New Jersey drivers who insist on sending text messages on their cell phones or personal digital assistants may find themselves on the wrong side of the law if legislators approve a new bill.

The plan is in response to a recent Nationwide Insurance survey finding that one in five drivers are texting while driving, a figure that rises to about one in three among people aged 18 to 34, said Democratic Assemblyman Paul Moriarty.

"It's extremely dangerous," said Moriarty, one of three sponsors of the bill. "It requires you to completely take your eyes off the road. I see people driving down the street using both their thumbs to send a text message, and I can only imagine they are steering with their knees."

Drivers caught texting would be fined between $100 and $250. Similar measures are being considered by three other states, Moriarty said. The measure would allow police to pull over any driver found texting while driving, a tougher approach than currently allowed under the state's ban on drivers using a mobile phone on the highway. Under that law police are only allowed to stop drivers if they are also committing another offense.

The bill, introduced last week, has 20 co-sponsors -- both Democrats and Republicans. It is expected to be debated in a committee during May or June and then pass to the full Assembly and the Senate whose leaders have indicated they are in favor, the assemblyman said. Article here.


Talk about bad luck in randomly assigned license plate numbers


In case you missed it -- this was an amazing basketball game:


Dude caught videotaping women's feet? WTF?

A cameraman was caught with some creepy video footage. The man was surreptitiously videotaping female feet in the science library at University of California, Santa Cruz, campus police said. "Officers indicated he was embarrassed by his behavior," university spokesman Jim Burns said Monday. "He offered no resistance to the request that he leave immediately and indicated he would not be back."

It's not illegal to videotape feet so no charges were filed. The name of the man, who was in his 40s and had no affiliation with the university, wasn't disclosed. He was banned from the campus for two weeks.

Vince Nova, manager of the Science and Engineering Library, said the man was seen pointing a small video camera in the vicinity of three students' feet. One of the students confronted the cameraman and he fled. One of the female students spotted him again last Wednesday, and campus police were called. A campus officer searched the man's bag and inspected the camera.

"It's odd, but I don't think there's any need to jump to conclusions," Chu said. "Maybe he was doing research." Article here.