Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Walking the dog...

Man uses a chain saw on his legs? WTF?

A man who claimed a chainsaw gang chopped off his legs did it himself, police said yesterday.

The unnamed van driver told them he was dragged from his vehicle by attackers who hacked at his legs with the saw before torching his Transit.

But police revealed they now believe he turned the saw on himself.

Retired policeman Jim Edgar, 61, found the man lying on the ground screaming at an isolated spot in Shilton, near Witney, Oxon, on Wednesday. He said: "Blood was gushing all over the place."

A police source said: "It looks as if he did it to himself. The pain must have been horrific. God knows what possessed him."

Officers would not comment on whether doctors had saved his legs. WTF? Article here.

Cheerleader falls 10-feet, keeps cheering

A Southern Illinois cheerleader was injured Sunday when she fell head-first from a 10-foot human pyramid during a timeout routine.
SIU cheerleader Kristi Yamaoka was videotaped climbing to the top of a pyramid during Sunday's basketball game against Bradley when she fell to the court at the Savvis Center.

Yamaoka was carried off the floor on a stretcher and was treated for a concussion and chipped vertebra, according to a report.

Local 6 News showed video of Yamaoka continuing to cheer with her arms as she was being taken from the building in the stretcher.
SIU won the game 59-46 over Bradley.

Shes got a lot of team spirit doesn't she? Click here to watch the video of the cheerleader.

Japanese 'capsule hotels' are just weird

Why 'Crash' beat 'Brokeback' for the Oscar

"Is Hollywood really not as liberal as the right-wingers make it out to be, but instead filled with aging Academy voters who just weren't ready to support a love story about two gay men?

…theorized that audiences initially were bowled over by "Brokeback Mountain," but any perceived lead that it took in the Oscar race was vulnerable. In a telephone interview Monday from his San Francisco home, Thomson said that while he calls his theory speculation -- only the 5,800-plus Academy voters know for sure -- the subject matter of "Brokeback" could have been too much for some voters.

“A lot of people who recognized an element of breakthrough, of venturing into dangerous or unusual territory, with 'Brokeback Mountain,' could not quite pull the string at the last minute and backed off," Thomson suggested. "They were the people who were saying they thought it was going to win, that it would be a tremendous step forward. In the end, in their secret soul, it was hard for them to vote for a gay film as best picture."

Thomson's theory mirrored the feelings of some in the gay community, who felt that "Crash" won because it was a safer choice."

This was taken from an article in the SFGate, click here to read the full article.

Oh come on, he just wants to play!

Woman hits man with bat at McDonald's

A north Texas man hurt in a brawl at a McDonald's drive-through faces a serious charge.

Police said a woman blocked in other drivers at a McDonald's in Forest Hill. Some drivers got angry, and witnesses said one of them was a man who attacked the woman with a baseball bat.
The woman managed to get the bat away from the man and hit him on the head. Police said the woman acted in self-defense and expect to charge the man with aggravated assault. Article here.

Britney Spears is pregnant... again.

Various reports from the wire, including Star Magazine and NY Daily News, are claiming Britney's been running around Hawaii, chomping on her gum, sucking on her Starbucks and yapping loudly about expecting another baby. Yep, thats right- she's pregnant, again.
Yes, my friends, apparently Federsperm has struck again and there will be yet another Federspawn coming soon. Of course this won't make things harder for Britney since the nanny does all the work.

One way to line up your putt...

Camilo Villegas shows off an unusual style for lining up his putts at the Ford Championship at Doral. (Luis M. Alvarez, AP).

Girl scout gets fake $100 for cookies?

A 10-year-old Girl Scout was excited when a woman asked to buy 10 boxes of cookies from her Sunday, and she was more excited to be paid with a $100 bill.

But her excitement turned to dismay when the Scout’s mother realized the bill was a fake, and a day of raising money for Scout trips ended with a valuable lesson.

“Sometimes you can’t trust just anybody,” the Scout said.

The suspect, who was described by Tenino police as a white woman in her late teens to early 20s, ordered 10 boxes — Shortbread, Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Patties and Caramel deLites — worth $40.

In addition to contacting Tenino police about the counterfeit bill, Lundquist alerted the Girl Scouts Pacific Peaks Council, the Scouts’ governing board, said Dorothy Nelson, communication and marketing director for the council.

Are you serious? You are ‘stooping’ pretty low if you can’t even pay legitimately for your girl scout cookies! Read the full article here.

The completely 'floating' computer:

Australian’s are obese poop and pee'ers

The organization in charge of Australia's design rules is likely to recommend toilet seats be strengthened because people are getting fatter.

Believing toilet seats are no longer able to handle our growing love handles, Standards Australia has begun a review and expects to make changes including "an increase in the strength of toilet seats to accommodate the increasing size of humans".

It's expected the new standard will cater for a 330 pound person – of which there are more and more every day.

The share of Australian men who are overweight or obese has jumped from 52% to 62% during the past decade and overweight or obese women from 37% to 45%, data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show.

A member of the Standards Australia review committee, Steve Cummings, head of research and development for toilet maker Caroma Dorf, said toilet seats currently only had to withstand 100 pounds.

"So we are bringing it into line with the weight of a heavy Australian," Mr Cummings said. "If you are going to sit on it you want it to withhold your weight." Article here.

Worth the price of ink cartridges? Hell yeah, it's a wall poster of Chuck Norris!

Mom attacks pregnant referee at game?

A Nevada mother is being charged with assaulting a pregnant woman who was refereeing a children's basketball game in Cedar City, Utah.

Police said 33-year-old Melissa Cheeney has been charged with misdemeanor assault and public intoxication.

Cedar City police said Cheeney, whose 10-year-old son fouled out of the game, was upset by some calls and confronted the referee, who is several months pregnant.

They said Cheeney grabbed her by the hair, pulled her to the ground and kicked her. But Cheeney told The Associated Press that she was pushed first by the referee. Cheeney said they then both fell down after she grabbed the official's hair.

The referee was taken to a hospital to be checked out and was released the same evening.

Nice, fighting with a pregnant lady. Real classy lady- real classy. Article here.

It's as true now as it was in 1992. Don't f*ck with AC Slater (Saved by the Bell).

(click image to watch movie)

29-inch sword falls on teen and kills him?

A teenager died after he was slashed by a sword that dislodged from the wall of his bedroom while he was playing ball with his siblings.

Joshua Hershberger, 15, was sitting on the floor of his bedroom Monday night, bouncing a ball with his 9-year-old sister and 14-year-old brother when the ball bounced up and knocked a 29-inch sword off the wall.

The high school sophomore was slashed in the shoulder and neck and was pronounced dead at a hospital in this Tampa suburb.
The death is being considered an accident and no charges are expected to be filed.

Who keeps a 29-inch 'real' sword in their kids bedroom? Seriously? Article here.