Monday, October 31, 2005

An interesting “accident...”

Amazing soccer juggling dude in Amsterdam

Here is a video of a guy juggling a soccer ball on the ground, and doing some pretty damn amazing stuff (filmed in Amsterdam). I’m still trying to understand- why no one else in this video is watching this guy on the street pull off these amazing soccer/break-dancing like moves. Awesome, just awesome. Click here to watch the video.

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Easy Expression, a hands free pump bra?

You will absolutely not believe what this product is used for. No really. You won’t. The words holy sh*t, or unbelievable I guarantee will come out of your mouth when you read and see the pictures of this product below.

This is called the “Easy Expression Halter.” It is “for those times when you need to pump breast milk but also need to accomplish the task at hand--writing, phoning, using the computer or reading.”

Yes, you read right- it's a way to pump breast milk and keep your hands free. Finally… I mean, haven’t we all been looking for a product like this?!? I’m really not sure how much this thing costs- but there are something’s you can’t put a price on. Click here to find out more about the product.

Jessica Simpson without makeup, eww!

These pictures of Jessica Simpson without any makeup on are disturbing for more reasons than one. First of all, the whole no makeup thing is kind of weird… and then the clothes are kind of wacky… and she’s also got a hickey on her neck (2nd picture). It’s amazing what makeup does for some people…

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A cool ariel photo of Stonehenge

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Watch a guy smash an iPod to pieces

The website is dedicated to raising money just so some guys can go buy an iPod and smash it to pieces. When you watch this video, you’ll obviously notice and can guess the guy who runs this site is a huge dork. Regardless, there is something horribly wrong yet fulfilling to watch them smash an iPod with their feet and with a hammer. Apparently there are other sites like, and Click here to watch these guys smash an iPod.

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Another great time killer game...

Check out this tetris like game that is extremely addicting. The point is to arrange the available pieces to make a perfect square. Simple to learn, hard to master. Click here to play the game.

(click image to launch game)

Carved pumpkin turned into a computer?

I know Halloween was yesterday- but this was too cool to not show everyone. It’s a pumpkin that has been made into a fully functional computer. Made by the University of Arkansas computer store staff.

Check the weather by your zip code

Check out this cool Google Maps website… it allows you to check the weather in a specific zip code. Pretty neat stuff. Click here to check the weather, all the way down to being zipcode specific.

(click to check the weather by zip code)

A fan runs on to field during NFL game?

For those of you who don’t watch ESPN SportsCenter on a daily basis… you may have missed this story.

An unidentified man ran on to the field at the Cincinnati Bengal’s football stadium with 28 with 23 seconds left on the clock. He took the football right from quarterback Brett Favre and ran about 50 yards before being tackled by security guards and removed from the field.
Favre said he didn't see the fan until the man had taken the ball from him. The veteran quarterback said he didn't think the fan helped the Packers chance of winning the game, "but I'm definitely not going to sit here and make excuses."

Cincinnati coach Marvin Lewis and linebacker Brian Simmons said the fan's actions allowed the Bengals valuable time to collect their thoughts at a critical stage of the game.

"There needs to be security felt by the players," Henderson said. "For a man to take the ball out of our (quarterback's) hands shows there was a gap in security somewhere.

Click here to read the full article.

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (remix)

This video is hilarious! Take the famous rock band U2, insert an old children’s song classic… “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and what do you get? Pretty funny ass sh*t. It's kind of a parody of how elaborately stupid U2 videos are… and it also features appearances by: The Pope, George Bush, Oprah Winfrey, and more! Look for lots of “inside jokes” when watching. Click here to watch the video.

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Random Rant of the day...

I hate when it rains. There is nothing exciting or great about when it rains. It makes everyone depressed, slows traffic down, causes accidents, people’s clothes get dirty and wet, makes you track mud and dirt into your house/buildings, girls complain about it messing up their hair, you can’t go outside and be “active”, it can causes floods, your car gets dirty, and so on and so forth. The only time rain is anywhere remotely cool- is when you are sleeping. I will admit sleeping to rain is awesome. However, other than the fact Mother Earth ecologically needs rain to sustain life and its existence, in my opinion, rain fu*kin sucks.


Happy Halloween Everyone!