Monday, March 10, 2008

Someone is getting fired for this.

Pregnancy Tip #245


Look closely, someone isn't happy in this photo.


Women in jeans 'cannot be raped'.

Italy's highest court has ruled that a woman wearing jeans cannot be raped. The Supreme Court of Appeal in Rome on Wednesday overturned a rape conviction, saying that the supposed victim must have agreed to sex because her jeans could not have been removed without her consent. A court in the southern town of Potenza had convicted a driving instructor of raping his 18-year-old pupil.

The instructor, aged 45 and identified only as Carmine, had been sentenced to 34 months' jail. His defence had argued that the young woman - identified as Rosa - had consented to sex, a version of events which the woman strongly denied. The Supreme Court ruled that it was impossible to remove a pair of jeans "without the collaboration of the person wearing them", and that the young woman must therefore have consented to sex. » Article here


So cute, it'll make you puke.


This ski accident is just horrid to watch.

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Mom arrested for spraying daughter at car wash

Police arrested and charged the mother of a little girl, who was sprayed with a car wash hose, with child abuse Friday afternoon. The mother had turned herself into police Thursday for questioning after the incident received media attention.

Late Thursday afternoon, detectives interviewed the woman and doctors examined the 2-year-old girl. The sheriff's office said the woman was using the pressure washer for discipline. "She indicated to the detective that the child had a temper tantrum and she used the pressure washer to punish the child or, in her words, to calm the child down," explained Sgt. John Allen, Orange County Sheriff's Office.

The little girl apparently showed no signs of physical injury and seemed to be doing okay, but the Department of Children and Families is investigating. The mother told a detective she is five months pregnant with her second child. » Article here