Friday, February 03, 2006

Jenny gets good grades because she's smart :)

Woman eats 26 grilled cheese sandwiches

A woman has been crowned the World Grilled Cheese Eating Champion after eating 26 sandwiches in 10 minutes.
Sonya Thomas won $8,000 dollars at the competition at Planet Hollywood in Times Square, but said she was disappointed in her performance.

According to she said: "I could have done better," adding that she was aiming for 30 sandwiches. She said she heavily soaked her sandwiches in water to make them easier to swallow.

She holds numerous world eating records, including 46 dozen oysters in 10 minutes, 5 kilograms of cheesecake in 9 minutes, 48 chicken tacos in 11 minutes, 37 hot dogs and buns in 12 minutes and 56 hamburgers in 8 minutes.

She trains for the competitions by drinking large amounts of water to expand her stomach capacity and practices relaxing her throat. On the eating contest circuit, Thomas is known as the "Black Widow", because she has defeated so many larger men.

Whoa, made props to this chick. It really is crazy to think people train themselves to eat this much food for one freakin’ competition. Article here.

Donald Trump's $125,000,000 house is for sale

Donald Trump's Maison de L'Amitie... residing on approximately 7.0 manicured acres with 475 feet of prime Palm Beach oceanfront, it is the most spectacular home in the United States.

This 43,524 square foot French Regency-style estate has the most glamorous eight-bedroom and nine-bathroom main residence, including a large Ballroom, Library, Media Room, Billiard-Wine room, a Conservatory renovated with Venetian plastering, two additional powder rooms and top-of-the-line kitchen.

The house boasts dramatic 20-foot ceilings with eight skylights and the southern wing has been reconfigured to create an awe inspiring oceanfront master suite. Providing unparalleled luxury, this home features lush gardens, a magnificent 4,000 square foot pool, and a spa situated between the main house and the 3,200 square foot pool house, which has two-bedrooms, two baths, a living room and a kitchen.

The guest house and tennis house provide an additional eight bedrooms. The garage area accommodates 36 vehicles in addition to a separate Christmas Wrapping room, multiple storage rooms, professional laundry facilities, and ancillary staff rooms for estate maintenance functions. This property is truly Palm Beach living at its finest.

Uh, yeah- this is one kick ass motha-f*ckin’ house. Click here to see the actual real estate listing.

One priceless wedding photo...

(check out the bride on the far right)

Overheard on the streets of New York

Girl: Jesus, bitch, why you gotta be with that Verizon? They got no text message plan, I ain't paying no ten dollars a month for no texting, you gotta go with Cingular, bitch, then you don't gotta pay nothing and you get, like, what the fuck, a much bigger phone selection too and none of that extra charges bullshit, and--god, bitch, why you gotta talk so loud? We all don't need to hear all about your life, so you still live with your ex-boyfriend, you think I care? Just no need for you to talk so loud, god!--So anyway, and Vonage, that shit is stupid, too. The hell kind of name is that anyway? Vahn-ahge...



Chick: I've already slept with 6 professors and it's only two weeksinto the semester.
Guy: Tell me about it. I slept with this one prof last night...he really taught me a thing or two.

4th & Mercer
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Cherleader kicked off for being Hooters Girl?

A former East Tennessee State University cheerleader contends that she was dismissed from the squad because of her job at a restaurant known for tight-fitting, scanty uniforms.

"I'm 18. I should be able to work where I choose," ETSU freshman Kimberly Sams said of her job at Johnson City's Hooters Restaurant. "Maybe if it was a strip club or something like that, it would be different. If the basketball team can come in here and eat, then I should be able to work (at Hooters)."

Sams, a Carter County resident who graduated with honors from Unaka High School last May, joined the ETSU squad at the start of the fall semester and started working at Hooters in November.

She cheered until about three weeks ago, when squad coach Tammy Bartow called her into the locker room after a basketball game and dismissed her. Sams said Bartow, wife of head men's basketball coach Murry Bartow, made it clear that her off-campus job was the reason - a "Hooters Girl" was not in keeping with the ETSU squad's image.

Citing federal laws regarding students' privacy, ETSU Athletic Director Dave Mullins declined to comment on the specifics of Sams' dismissal, including whether she was dismissed because of her job, other than to say she violated athletic department policies and agreements between coach and student.

"It's so much fun that it keeps my spirits up at school. I'm not stressed. I'm not working too hard. A Hooters Girl is like an all-American cheerleader." Sams acknowledged that her Hooters uniform - orange shorts and a white T-shirt containing the restaurant's logo - is revealing.

"But so is my cheerleading skirt. I feel more embarrassed to wear my skirt sometimes at the games than I do walking around in my uniform," she said. "We wear pantyhose (at Hooters). We don't underneath my cheerleading skirt." Article here.

A pretty gruesome children’s toy

L.L.Bean sends fishers to phone porn sex line

A misprinted phone number in a catalog that L.L. Bean sends to fishing enthusiasts may have misdirected some callers to a phone sex line.

L.L. Bean said the error appeared at the bottom of the first page of the Fishing 2006 catalog and involved a swap of letters in the 1-800-FISH-LLB number that the outdoors outfitter in Freeport has used for years.

The number is listed correctly without the use of letters in other parts of the catalog, spokesman Rich Donaldson said. L.L. Bean was aware that the phone sex operator had a similar number and sought at one point to buy the line, but its offer was refused, Donaldson said.

Bean is sending postcards and e-mails to customers who received the catalogs, apologizing "for any embarrassment or discomfort," he said.

Honestly? Do these printing companies double check their work? When you are sending thousands of catalogs/mail out to customers, you would think to have multiple checkpoints in place to catch this sh*t. Article here.

Not your typical cop car...

Drunken Bicycling, Horseback Ridding now legal!

State lawmakers decided Wednesday that it's better to have drunks on horses and bicycles instead of behind the wheel of a car.

The state Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill 6-1 that will exempt horses and bikes from drunken driving laws, meaning intoxicated people who either pedal or saddle up to get home cannot be arrested for drunken driving.

"If I have to choose ... a problem drunk with 1,500 pound or 2,000 pounds of metal coming at 50 miles an hour or a two-wheel Schwinn, I'm going to win and my family is going to win," he said. "I'd much rather have a drunk on the bike."

Prosecutors opposed the bill. Chuck Schroyer, lobbyist for the State's Attorneys Association, said there have been arrests in several counties for riding horses while intoxicated.

In one instance, a drunken rider passed out and his horse was struck by a car, injuring several people, Schroyer said. "There are people that are injured that are in control of these instruments," he said. "This does happen in the real world."

Legislators, however, said prosecutors still can charge drunken riders on horses and bicycles. Rather than drunken driving, they can be charged with disorderly conduct, it was suggested.

Uh are you kidding? I had no idea that people actually could get arrested for being drunk on a bicycle or a horse. I will admit- it kinda sounds like it would be fun. Article here.

No ropes... no protection... no problem...

Mom breast feeds in a Victoria's Secret store?

In a Victoria's Secret store, surrounded by frilly bras and blown-up images of barely covered models, Lori Rueger says she was told to find somewhere else to breast feed.

Rueger's story -- told during a hearing in support of a state bill to ensure breast feeding is allowed in public places -- so angered a state lawmaker that he's urging women to form a national Mothers Against Victoria's Secret movement.

The 29-year-old Charleston mother testified that she was in a Victoria's Secret store in suburban Mount Pleasant and was told by an employee that she could not breast feed her baby in a dressing room and was encouraged to use a restroom in a nearby store instead.

A Victoria's Secret spokesman described what happened with Rueger as a misunderstanding and said it has actually had a positive effect by reopening a dialogue on the issue.

The breast-feeding bill may face a tough time in the House Judiciary Committee next week from Rep. John Graham Altman, R-Charleston, who says he supports the concept, but not the mandate on businesses.

I’m really not sure where I stand on this issue. For most people- seeing anyone breastfeeding in public is just awkward. But you have to admit, it is a natural part of life. In this particular case, it’s interesting that the employee was insistent on going out of her way to make a scene out of this incident. Maybe this will be a hot topic in the next presidential campaign? …probably not, but imagine what that would be like!?! Article here.

Fan comes up with clever sign...

Drunk'n birds kill themselves against windows?

Experts who conducted tests on 40 songbirds found dead in Vienna say they didn't die of bird flu as initially feared, but slammed into windows after becoming intoxicated from eating fermented berries.

The birds whose remains were carefully examined to ensure they were not victims of avian influenza had livers so diseased "they looked like they were chronic alcoholics," Sonja Wehsely, a spokeswoman for Vienna's veterinary authority, told Austrian television Thursday.

All died of broken necks after slamming into windowpanes, apparently after gorging themselves on berries that had begun to rot, turning the juice inside to alcohol, Wehsely said. She said the juice probably continued to ferment as the birds digested the berries, causing them to become disoriented and fly into the panes.

Their discovery last month in a residential neighborhood of Vienna had triggered concerns that bird flu had reached the Austrian capital.

This is just awful. What a horrible way to go out. Article here.