Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Joe Mikulik, baseball manager of the year!

Once the umpire called Roger Clemens' kid safe, a minor league manager threw a major league tantrum that would have made Lou Piniella, Earl Weaver and Tommy Lasorda proud.

Upset that umpire Andy Russell called Clemens safe at second base in the fifth inning of Asheville's 5-2 loss, Mikulik rushed onto the field. He made a headfirst dive into second base and later pulled up the bag -- taking a few tugs to get it done -- before throwing it into right field. His thoughts:

"I could get two mannequins at Sears and umpire better than what I saw this whole series," he told the Lexington Herald-Leader.

"I thought the strike was over," Mikulik said. "When will the real umpires show up? That's what I want to know."

"I already talked to John Henry, I've got that covered," he said. "This ain't my first rodeo. ... I didn't touch anybody. I never bumped anybody. ... I actually cleaned home plate for them, so they should give me a tip for that."

600 lbs woman thrown from sunroof of SUV

A woman is in stable condition after being ejected through the sunroof of her SUV during an accident.
Thirty-seven-year-old Ruth Matthews told paramedics that another vehicle cut her off in traffic, and she took evasive action to avoid a crash. Her Isuzu Amigo rolled over and she was thrown through the sunroof and onto the roadway. Investigators say she was not wearing her seatbelt.

Paramedics initially tried to fly Matthews to Tampa General Hospital, but her weight, estimated at 600 pounds, made it impossible. Emergency crews were able to transport her to St. Joseph’s Hospital, where she is listed in stable condition. Article here.

I bet this limo driver had a bad day

Man with 10-year erection awarded $400k

A former handyman has won more than $400,000 in a lawsuit over a penile implant that gave him a 10-year erection.

Charles "Chick" Lennon, 68, received the steel and plastic implant in 1996, about two years before Viagra went on the market. The Dura-II is designed to allow impotent men to position the penis upward for sex, then lower it.

But Lennon could not position his penis downward. He said he could no longer hug people, ride a bike, swim or wear bathing trunks because of the pain and embarrassment. He has become a recluse and is uncomfortable being around his grandchildren, his lawyer said.

The implant consists of a series of plastic plates strung together with steel surgical wire, almost like a roll of wrapped coins. Springs press against the plates, creating enough surface tension to simulate an erection, D'Alessandro said.

Lennon cannot get the implant removed because of health problems, including open-heart surgery, his lawyer said. Impotence drugs could not help Lennon even if he were able to have the device taken out, because tissue had be to removed for it to be implanted.

Dacomed was later acquired by a California company whose sales dropped when Viagra was introduced on the market. The company filed for bankruptcy the following year. Article here.

Read this entire story all the way to the end

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Yoda backpack = semi-sorta cool?

"With this Star Wars Backpack - Yoda Back Buddy, you can carry Yoda with you everywhere just like Luke Skywalker did on the planet Dagoba! The Yoda Back Buddy is a back pack and full-sized plush toy of the greatest Jedi Knight in the Star Wars Saga. Yoda measures 32 inches in length and has a zippered opening underneath his hood for books and supplies."

Cost? $30.00, click here to buy one.

Americans don't have a lot of best friends

Americans are more socially isolated than they were 20 years ago, separated by work, commuting and the single life, researchers reported on Friday.

Nearly a quarter of people surveyed said they had "zero" close friends with whom to discuss personal matters. More than 50 percent named two or fewer confidants, most often immediate family members, the researchers said.

"This is a big social change, and it indicates something that's not good for our society," said Duke University Professor Lynn Smith-Lovin, lead author on the study to be published in the American Sociological Review.

She said it indicated people had a surprising drop in the number of close friends since 1985. At that time, Americans most commonly said they had three close friends whom they had known for a long time, saw often, and with whom they shared a number of interests.

Ties to a close network of friends create a social safety net that is good for society, and for the individual. Research has linked social support and civic participation to a longer life, Smith-Lovin said.

People were not asked why they had fewer intimate ties, but Smith-Lovin said that part of the cause could be that Americans are working more, marrying later, having fewer children, and commuting longer distances. Read the full article here.

Find the man's head in this picture?

Teen burns house down over bad grades?

A Japanese boy burned down his home, killing his stepmother and two younger siblings, for fear his parents would find out he had lied about his score on an English test.

The 16-year-old, whose name has not been released, is thought to have set fire to the house in Nara, western Japan, and left his stepmother to die along with his 7-year-old brother and 5-year-old sister, domestic media reports said on Saturday.

The boy's parents had been due to attend a meeting with teachers about his exam results that same day, reports said. The teen-ager told police his father, a doctor, had put him under extreme pressure over his academic performance, Kyodo news agency said. Article here.

The best slip-n-slide of all-time!

Penny jar stops bullet fired at NYC house

A tenant leader who has campaigned against drug dealers in her neighborhood says a "penny jar" prevented a bullet that hit her apartment from doing more damage.

Brenda Scott, 56, president of the Ebbets Field Houses Tenants Organization in Brooklyn, said she was in her bedroom Saturday night when she heard a loud noise "that sounded like thick glass crackling."

She found a bullet hole in her front door. "The heavy-duty penny jar in my front hallway stopped the bullet from going all the way through" the apartment, said Scott, a retired second-grade teacher.

Scott said she is sure the bullet wasn't a stray. "Out of 1,319 apartments in the complex, it hit my door," she said. "The message is, 'Watch out.'" "Sure, I'm scared," said Scott. "I don't want to die, but it's not going to stop me." Article here.

Carrot fight!

Harry Potter: he might die in last book

Author J.K. Rowling said two characters will die in the last installment of her boy wizard series, and she hinted Harry Potter might not survive either.

"I have never been tempted to kill him off before the final because I've always planned seven books, and I want to finish on seven books," Rowling said Monday on TV in London.
"I can completely understand, however, the mentality of an author who thinks, `Well, I'm gonna kill them off because that means there can be no non-author-written sequels. So it will end with me, and after I'm dead and gone they won't be able to bring back the character'." Read the full article here.

Clever and cool paint job

Cook drops chew in noodle soup? WTF?

Thirty Cambodians suffered food poisoning after eating homemade noodles contaminated with chewing tobacco that had dropped into the batter from the cook's mouth, police said Monday.

The victims, mostly children, began vomiting after eating noodle soup for breakfast Friday in a village in Banteay Meanchey province.

An investigation turned up traces of chewing tobacco in the noodles — and led police to 39-year-old wholesale noodle vendor Sieng Seng, who had supplied the shops where people got sick.

Sieng Sang, an avid tobacco chewer like many poor Cambodian women, said she had not realized a wad had dropped into the flour as she was talking. Police gave her a lesson in hygiene and told her to be more careful when opening her mouth while cooking, Yort Ray said. Article here.

Connie Chung farewell song on MSNBC?

What the hell was she thinking? Was she drunk when she did this? Also, what's the purpose of the guy at the piano if he wasn't going to play??

The Million Dollar Destiny project...

Taken from: http://www.remifrazier.com:

This is the Million Dollar Destiny project. It's about chasing the American Dream to see if there is still universal opportunity in our country.

My name is Remi Frazier. On June 16, I left Colorado with $100, a cell phone, and a one-way plane ticket to New York City. Thirty days later, I'll return to Colorado with a million dollars.

I've never been to New York before. When I arrived, I didn't have a place to stay, a network of people in the city, or any prospects. I started with nothing, and through drive, desire and goodwill, I've stayed afloat, started a business, and am steadily building a social and business network.

I've found a place to sleep almost every night, been given enough food to make it through each day, and even found a high-tech studio in Manhattan to work out of. I have been astonished by the day-to-day charity of New Yorkers, as well as the volunteership of people who have contacted me from across the country.

0. Do no evil.
1. Take the first flight on Friday, June 16, from Denver International Airport to New York City
2. Since this means leaving from the Clown Box Improv show as it ends, take only what would an performer would normally bring to a show.
3. Bring no more than $100.00 in cash.
4. Allowed a cell phone, plus equipment necessary to film the project.
5. May not contact anyone in New York City or pursue any efforts in that city until 12:01AM on Friday, June 16.
6. Activities shall continue for exactly thirty days after the moment of commencement.
7. The project shall be deemed a "technical success" if one million dollars in cash and assets is made by the project over the course of thirty days.
8. The project shall be deemed a "success" if Remi Frazier ends the project with one million dollars in cash and assets.
9. The project shall be deemed a "complete success" if Remi Frazier ends the project with one million dollars in cash, after all taxes are paid and accounts settled.
10. Do no evil.

Let's just say this guy is very ambitious... follow each day on his site here.