Monday, September 12, 2005


Pee Goals, making the bathroom a little more exciting...

A real talking dog?

Check out this dog on David Letterman that can talk. This is awesome!

High School Football Hazing...

So this story is so outrageous- its kind of interesting…

It's been one of the biggest HS hazing stories of 2005 (some call it the "
Weiner Whacker Hazing" incident). David Evans, the head football coach and AD at Donna High School was placed on administrative leave-with pay-after school administrators found out he may have been telling people involved in an alleged hazing to keep quiet. Three Donna High School football players have been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting freshman. According to reports, the upperclassman (including a star quarterback) slapped the genitals of several players. Former star quarterback Derick Anthony Castillo, 18, told one victim he was going to rape him and held the boy down while he tried to pull down his shorts and put his latex-gloved finger in the kid’s anus.

Just recently, the grand jury indicted four members of the team with felony sexual assault and indecency with a child (
Brownsville Herald, Bad Jocks).

Yeah, uh, er, do I need say more? This is crazy.

New Zealand version of Tenacious D...

Check out these guys- they use a CASIO DG 20 Digital Guitar. Apparently these guys (in the video) are the New Zealand version of Tenacious D.

(click image to watch video)

The only one of its kind in the world...

(click image to watch video)

2 Crazy Crocodile Stories...

A 2-foot pet alligator escaped from its backyard enclosure, but was captured by a girl who used what she learned on a nature TV program. Nicki Hilliard (a teenager) and several friends saw the animal swimming in the Allegheny River.

Hilliard said she learned how to catch the animals safely by watching the television show "Crocodile Hunter." The secret is to grab the animal's snout and hold its mouth closed.

The kids put the animal in a beverage cooler and took it to the police station, where it was locked inside a cell until owner Belinda Thomson arrived to claim it.

Watch this video of an alligator found during drug raid:

(click the image to view video)