Sunday, August 07, 2005

Mike Tyson's Porn Video?

Mike Tyson is reportedly set to star in a porn film - with Jenna Jameson.

Apparently he is desperate to make money- and is willing to pretty much do anything. I think this is nuts (wink, wink). Sad thing is, the video would probably do pretty well just because of the crazy curiosity the public has with celebrities & sex now-a-days.

+ ?

Wreckless act of stupidity...

This video is absolutely crazy. I can’t tell if this is a fight- or some cheap spin-off of Jack Ass. Regardless, why this guy would ever want his face to be thrown into a florescent light bulb is beyond me- but then again
this guy’s probably a complete crazed idiot to begin with.

Bachelor Party Prank

These guys had a bachelor party the night before, and his friends decided to play one last joke on him when he fell asleep in the car- and captured it on video for the world to see. The fact that this is a genuine surprise reaction makes it entertaining. Wait till the video goes into slow'll realize why this video is hilarious.

The Wilmoth Wedding!?!

So it had to happen. After graduating college, the one thing that is on people’s minds is who is going to get married first. More importantly, all of us look forward to attending these weddings (and getting drunk). Who was the first one out of my pledge class in college? Mr. Brandon Wilmoth. The wedding was in Iola, Kansas. Where is that you may ask? It’s not even worth explaining. I DJ’d the reception- and it was a great time. The reception was held at the local country club. As you see in the pictures below, the majority of the guests where extremely intoxicated. Another thing that I found amusing about the bubbling metropolis of Iola, Kansas (population 6,000), everything was right off the same one road. It was great for directions to the church, hotel, bar, and reception, “just take that same road and its on the left/right." Paul Neslage (featured below- the guy with the aviators on) was a crowd favorite all night. Paul performed solo dance moves unparalleled to no one at the party, as well as a rendition that’s always cliché yet entertaining of the song “You Lost that Loving Feeling.” Well Brandon, congratulations big boy- I wish you the best.

Bride & Groom, Brandon & Jennifer

Jeff helping me pick out some songs to play

PDT's drunk & having a great time

Paul makes a complete fool of himself singing & dancing- entertaining the entire wedding party.