Monday, April 02, 2007

This is just pathetic.

Levester Johnson takes his dog, Armani, an Italian Cane Corso, out for a morning jog in Akron, Ohio. "I was lazy this morning," said Johnson. "I'm on the way to the gym myself. I wanted to make sure [Armani] got in a workout before I left." (source)

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A story SO crazy, it's almost too crazy to believe...

Police have been unable to locate a woman who entered the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house without permission on Thursday and began to masturbate on a couch.

While fraternity members were eating in the dining room, a woman entered the house's living room, took off her clothes and started masturbating, said LSA junior Dan Nye, the president of the Washtenaw Avenue fraternity.

No one saw the woman enter the house or knew how she got in. Nye said she could have entered through the front door, which was left propped open while it was being repaired. Fraternity members asked the woman to leave the house, but she refused and continued masturbating for about half an hour, Nye said.

When members asked the woman if she was all right, she casually replied that she was fine, he said. The woman was talking on her cell phone at one point, said LSA sophomore Adam Bayard, a member of the fraternity.

She walked out of the front door wearing only a thigh-length black coat after a fraternity member called the police, Nye said. When police arrived minutes later, the woman had already left.

According to a police report, the woman was between 20 and 30 years old, had short brown hair and appeared to be under the influence of drugs. "Obviously, she was very disturbed," Nye said. "It was not how a normal person would respond to people."

The woman told fraternity members that her name was Melissa and she was a student at Eastern Michigan University, according to the police report. Fraternity members said they will throw out two couches in the living room because of the incident, Nye said. Full article here.

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little kid tries to say the word 'dumptruck'


[american idol] that crazy guy named Sanjaya

If you're like me -- you're one of the many people who are baffled that this ‘Sanjaya’ dude is still in the American Idol competition. It seems with all the votes he gets from the younger demographic, combined with all of his ‘’ fans – that’s how he is still in the competition. Anyways, checkout some ‘Sanjaya swag’ I’ve come across below;


Another reason why college is better than real life.


This entire music video was filmed in reverse:

This video is all one shot, no edits, performed completely in reverse.
(thanks loudbeatz)


Dude shoots 2 people, so he can see his bro play football

A man killed a 60-year-old woman and shot a store clerk to get cars on his way to see his brother, who was playing football at the University of South Carolina, authorities said Saturday.

Demetrius M. Pepper, 24, was arrested outside of the stadium where the team was playing a scrimmage game, Newberry County deputies said. His brother, Nathan Pepper, is a rising junior defensive lineman for the Gamecocks. Deputies said the elder Pepper stole his first car after shooting its owner at a Greenville convenience store around 7:45 a.m. Saturday. The car broke down, so he went to the home of 60-year-old Ellie Halfarce looking for another vehicle, Sheriff Lee Foster said.

He rang the doorbell and forced his way in after Halfacre answered, fatally shooting her before taking another vehicle, Foster said.

“There were two cars in the yard that had keys in them. All he had to do was take the car. He didn’t have to go in and kill her over a car,” Foster said. Full article here.


Just married.


Dolphin hugs/humps a dude (you can't help but smile)

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Movie Review: Blades of Glory

So long as the shenanigans in Blades of Glory are taking place on the ice rink, the movie succeeds in evoking almost uninterrupted laughter, most critics agree. but, as Kevin Crust observes in his review in the Los Angeles Times, it "skates on thinner ice outside the rink." Wesley Morris in the Boston Globe writes similarly, "As long as it's near the ice, Blades of Glory ... sticks a lot of its landings." Like Meet the Robinsons, Blades of Glory also has garnered wildly opposite reviews. On the one hand, Joe Morgenstern in the Wall Street Journal calls it, "blissfully silly, triumphantly tasteless, and improbably hilarious."
Eleanor Ringel Gillespie in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution comments that it's "the sort of dumb-and-dumber comedy that keeps topping itself." Many suggest that the pairing of Will Ferrell with Jon Heder was nothing short of inspired. "Will Ferrell and Jon Heder execute their act wonderfully," writes Rafer Guzman in Newsday.On the other hand, Kyle Smith in the New York Post begins his review of the movie by writing: "You know those one-joke Saturday Night Live sketches that start to age after six minutes? Blades of Glory is one joke that lasts 93 minutes." (via IMDB)


Some advice on family planning? ;)


Brand new Maroon 5 song, 'Makes Me Wonder'

It Won't Be Soon Before Long is the title for Maroon 5's second studio album. It is expected to be released on May 22, 2007. The name was inspired by a phrase the band adopted to keep themselves motivated while on their tour.

The band have stated in interviews that the album will have a different feel to it. The songs will not all be based on one specific relationship, as in "Songs About Jane"; and will also have a different sound to their first album, being more electric and drawing inspiration from such artists as Talking Heads and Prince (via wiki).


3 people shot at Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, WTF?

Shots were fired at a party attended mostly by teenagers early Sunday following the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, wounding three people, and police said they suspected gang members were involved.

The party in the western part of the city was thrown by someone who had attended the awards, but it was not an official Nickelodeon function and had no celebrity guests.
The shooting occurred at about 12:30 a.m. at a drapery store rented for the party, which drew about 200 young people, Deranian said. At least one person opened fire with an automatic weapon on the crowd after a group of five was denied entry, he said.

The three victims were hit below the waist and did not face life threatening injuries, he said. They were taken to a hospital. Article here.


Photoworthy: the art gallery


That one chick from wedding crashers is pregnant

Isla Fisher is reportedly pregnant with fiancé Sacha Baron Cohen's baby. The Wedding Crashers actress reportedly announced the couple's happy news in Los Angeles' the Cat and Fiddle pub.
A source is quoted by the Daily Star as saying: "Isla called everyone to a toast and gushed, 'We have got good news. I am pregnant.'"

The Australian star sparked rumours she is expecting the Borat star's child when she wore a jacket and loose-fitting dress to the premiere of her new movie The Lookout, in what appeared to be an attempt to hide her baby bump. Article here.


I'm sure it seemed like a good idea at the time...


Eight graders serve laxative-laced donuts to other students

A few eighth graders on New York's Long Island wanted to get a laugh out of an early April Fool's joke. But they got in trouble instead.

Two 13-year-olds and three 14-year-olds have been charged with second-degree tampering of a consumer product after allegedly serving doughnuts laced with laxatives to classmates Friday. The teens have been released to their parents and ordered to appear in Family Court.
Authorities said 19 students and a teacher ate some of the doughnuts. The were no apparent injuries, but a school district spokeswoman in Holtsville, N.Y., said ambulances were dispatched to the middle school as a precaution. The school district said it will take "appropriate disciplinary action." Article here.