Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm glad the cold weather is nearly over...

The weather here in Kansas City is finally starting to warm-up. Today it was around 45°, which was awesome compared to how it has been lately. The long sustained cold weather was starting to make me go crazy -- cause all anyone wants to do when it’s frigid outside is just want to stay indoors all day dressed in sweatpants and listen to Coldplay. Whaa-waaa. No fun if you ask me.

I managed to be lucky enough to attend the Kansas vs. Texas basketball game this weekend… here is a video I took of the last few seconds of the game (below), as I’ve mentioned before – Allen Fieldhouse remains one of the best sport venues in the country. KU basketball is an experience, not just a sporting event. Period.
For those of you who are loyal blog readers, FYI my ACI knee surgery recover has been going great! In about 3 weeks or so the doctor said I should be finished. But, I’ll probably hold off on going straight back to my super-competitive-recreational-co-ed soccer league until a couple months.

Last weekend, a buddy of mine was showing me his new ‘water proof-camera’… and I asked him to put it to the test. We were at a bar, so we had to improvise. It’s amazing how easily entertained we are with technology… see below.

-- Ramsey

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Ouch, like seriously? This has to hurt.


Wow -- this dude really broke his leg (kinda graphic)

thanks, jared


Moderate drinking in older men improves fitness

Older men who drink moderate amounts of alcohol may function better physically than either those who abstain completely or those who abuse alcohol, a new study suggests.

Moderate drinkers tend to be healthier in general than teetotalers or problem drinkers, Dr Peggy Cawthon of California Pacific Medical Centre in San Francisco and colleagues said.

There is also evidence that moderate drinking may reduce inflammation. Dr Cawthon and colleagues compared functional limitations, physical performance and drinking history for 5962 men aged 65 or older who were classified into five categories.

Moderate drinkers scored about 3-5 per cent better on tests of physical function than the abstainers, the researchers found, while scores for heavy drinkers were about the same as those for the abstainers.

The abstainers were the most likely to report physical limitations to activities of daily living such as walking, climbing stairs, and doing heavy housework. The heavy alcohol users were only slightly less likely than abstainers to have these limitations.

Low-moderate users, meaning men who drank between seven and 14 drinks a week, were the least likely to have functional limitations, and were at 38 per cent lower risk of having these problems than abstainers. Article here.


Hillary gives the secret signal.


RE: What happens when you pour coke on raw pork?

maybe it's just really late at night... but for some reason I found this video hilarious. it helps if you watch it more than once (for the full effect of how stupid funny it is). Make sure you watch the first video here.


Dude dies using his laptop while driving, crashes into Hummer

A man who authorities say appeared to be driving while using his laptop computer died Monday when his vehicle crossed into oncoming traffic and collided with a Hummer.

After the crash, California Highway Patrol officers found the victim's computer still running and plugged into the cigarette lighter of his 1991 Honda Accord. The 28-year-old victim was a computer tutor in Chico. The Sutter County Coroner's Office was withholding his identity until his family could be notified.

"The screen itself shattered from the impact, so we can't be sure if he was working on it or not, but we think from the way it was found that he might have been working," CHP spokesman Sgt. John Pettigrew said. "It's a straight road right there, and it doesn't look like he fell asleep or anything else."

The couple inside the Hummer escaped the collision with bumps and bruises, Pettigrew said. Article here.


Pretty funny 'deleted scene' from the new Borat DVD

FYI, this is semi-NSFW, or class <-- I guess it depends on who you ask and where you work.


Brushing your teeth can cause epileptic seizures

Brushing your teeth can trigger epileptic seizures in people with damage to a small, specific spot in the brain, Australian researchers have discovered.

The breakthrough in this rare trigger will help neurologists understand how the most common triggers - sleep and stress - can spark fits. "The tooth-brushing trigger is very, very unusual but now we understand what's behind it, the implications are great," said Dr Wendyl D'Souza, leader of research published in the US journal Neurology today.

The team from St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne investigated three middle-aged people who had jerking or twitching-type seizures when brushing certain areas of their mouth.

Using head scans, the researchers discovered that all three patients had a lesion in the somato-sensory part of the brain, which is close to the hand and speech motor areas.

"The rhythmic act of brushing teeth may excite an already overly excitable area of the brain," Dr D'Souza said. "It sends an electrical signal to a part of the brain which has this lesion and causes these jerking sorts of seizures."

He said this type of epilepsy was extremely rare, with less than a dozen reports worldwide, but it had many similarities to the more common photosensitive type, which is triggered by strobe lights and moving patterns. Article here.


circa 1991: Homegirls Potato Chips <-- wow, really?

I especially like how they decided to name the ‘characters’ on the front of the bag


Man goes to the hospital after a mouse he tried to kill came back when he was sleeping and tried to kill him

A resident of China, has to take vaccine after a mouse he had failed to kill in his home a week ago avenged itself by biting him while he slept on Wednesday night.

The resident, surnamed Wang, found a mouse in his kitchen while he was cooking. He failed to beat it to death but did cut off its tail.

Then several days later while Wang was asleep, a mouse bit his ear, and he was astonished to see that the mouse had no tail. Wang went to hospital for treatment, and the doctor prescribed a vaccine. Article here.


Goalie comes out to score winning goal 25 yards out


Again, not photoshopped - just a cool balance trick.

Parents beat up principal because of bad grades

An irate Italian family beat up a principal because they were unhappy with the grades a young relative had received and a ban on cell phones at school.

Three male relatives, including the father and grandfather of the student, punched and pushed principal Ugo Castorina at the Lombardi middle school in Bari on Saturday, police said.

They were angered by grades on the latest report card and by a recent ban by Castorina on cell phones at the school he has run for the past 22 years. Castorina was taken to hospital and treated for mild contusions. Police escorted him back to the school. Article here.


An bad example of a 'make-it-yourself' costume


Wow, could this interview get anymore awkward!?

Dina Sansing from US Weekly was stunned into silence when Glenn Beck hinted that he'd like to take some "nude photos" of her during the discussion about tawdry pictures of American Idol's Antonella Barba.


2-year-old and 5-year-old caught smoking weed?

A 17-year-old man was arrested after police searching his home on a burglary warrant found a videotape that appeared to show someone helping his 2- and 5-year-old nephews smoke marijuana, officials said.

Demetris McCoy remained in the Tarrant County Jail on Friday evening on suspicion of injury to a child, a third-degree felony. Bail was set at $150,000, county court records show.

"The video contains disturbing images of the young children being badgered into smoking a marijuana cigar, commonly referred to as a 'blunt,'" the release states. The two children were taken from their home and placed in the care of Child Protective Services last week, spokeswoman Marissa Gonzales said. Article here.


Damn, that's a lot of cameras.


Steven Spielberg found with stolen $700k painting

The FBI said a Norman Rockwell work stolen from suburban St. Louis more than three decades ago has been found in Steven Spielberg's art collection.
The painting, Rockwell's "Russian Schoolroom," was snatched during a late-night burglary at a gallery in June 1973. The FBI said the Oscar-winning filmmaker purchased the painting in 1989 from a legitimate dealer and didn't know it was stolen until last week.

The bureau said Spielberg is cooperating with the FBI and will retain possession of the Russian Schoolroom until its "disposition can be determined."

The oil-on-canvas painting shows children in a classroom with a bust of communist leader Vladimir Lenin. Early FBI estimates put the painting's value at $700,000. Article here.