Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Vegas has everything, it really does.

Landlord rams Hummer into renter's house.

Police have arrested a Newark area landlord who allegedly rammed his Hummer into a renter's house, claiming the tenants were behind on their rent.

New Castle County Police spokesman Cpl. Trinidad Navarro said the 30-year-old landlord crashed the SUV into a home on Lute Court in Harmony Woods about 3 a.m. Thursday.

A 50-year-old woman and her 53-year-old husband sleeping inside and were jolted awake by a loud crash and the house shaking. Officers learned the man was the landlord and went to his home and saw the damaged Hummer with a pine branch stuck in the front bumper.

Invisible ramp.

Dude has sex with 400 cows.

A man with an insatiable animal fetish was arrested after allegedly having sex with 400 cows. The 53-year-old cleaner told police he did not fancy women and only cows and horses got him randy.

Getulino Ferreira Paraizo said he chose the more tranquil animals before engaging in sex acts with them.

But police say it is even more bizarre. They accuse him of torturing the animals, sometimes ripping out their eyes before having sex with them and then killing them.

Among the clues he left behind at every scene were empty packages of the same cookies. Police found another packet on him when they arrested him.

WTF? This is life?

Stop saying this word please.

Escalator accident -- uh, wow.

Dude calls 911 to report slot machine stole his money

47-year-old Carlos Gutierrez was at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino early Monday and called 911 to say the slot machine stole his money. The report says Gutierrez left the casino to place a second 911 call to say the same thing.

He was arrested and charged with making a false 911 call. He's being held with no bail set. On Sunday another man was arrested after calling 911 five times during an argument with his brother. He demanded that dispatchers send deputies to help sort things out.

And in northern Florida last week, a Jacksonville man called 911 to complain that a Subway left the sauce off a spicy Italian sandwich.