Wednesday, October 26, 2005

There's one in every crowd... right!?!

Unique home decor products...

So a while back I posted a product that was a see through aquarium that was also a bathroom sink. I received links to some other related items that I thought were kind of interesting... so I'd thought I'd share. God knows I'll never buy one of these products- but it's nice to dream!?!
An aqaurium toliet...
$$$ unknown

This is a stainless steel sink with a resin countertop and also is translucent (it has under-counter lighting). What's really unique about this sink is that it has a hidden drain - the regular round drain is simply not there... the water goes down into a slot cleverly disguised by the fold.

This sink is hand-blown and runs for around $24,000. Why is it so expensive you may ask? It comes complete with real diamonds, pearls and gold.

Clever little sink from Philip Watts Design.

This sink is by Kohler and runs for $2990. The curtains you see hanging from the sink are made of etched stainless steel tiles with a dark nickel finish and inset glass beads.
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Broken Computers Galore...

These photos were submitted by users to the gadget blog, Gizmodo. Anyone who submitted pictures had to show that they had totally wrecked, broken, melted or disgorged their laptops. The few below are only a sampling of the hundreds they received.

The editors of this blog will scan hundreds of entries and stories that go with the photos, and one lucky winner will win a brand new
Sharp M4000 WideNote laptop.

I wonder if anybody purposely destroyed their laptop thinking they could win contest? I mean, I know it sounds crazy- but some people are idiots.

Some really good insight on money...

I found this semi-interesting article on Yahoo Finance. It’s really not funny, random, or shocking- but it brings to light a common mistake people make with their money everyday. No matter who you are- rich or poor- money advice is always worth a listening too.

"A very average couple who despite their very average income became millionaires. By simply watching the small stuff and saving their money automatically, they were able to retire comfortably in their early 50s.

Well, did they have kids? It must be the lack of children that made it easier for them to be rich!

In fact, the McIntyres have two children. Both kids went to college and are now debt-free college graduates.

So what's the secret? How did the McIntyres become self-made millionaires on less than $40,000 a year? It starts with a simple truth.”

Click here to read the rest of the article.

I bet this made for an interesting landing

Download 70 Free Songs From iTunes!

Do you have an iPod? Do you use iTunes? If you answered yes to either of these questions- check out this link to download 70 free songs from various artists/faculty at Stanford University. Some of the songs are awesome. Some of the songs suck. You decide- but either way… they’re free! Click here to download 70 free songs from iTunes.

Facts You Don't Know About Bill Gates

1. Many books have be written about Bill Gates, Amazon brings up 137,632 results.

2. The first company he founded was Traf-O-Data.

3. Microsoft used to be written "Micro-Soft".

4. His great-grandfather was a lawmaker and mayor, his grandfather a national bank's vice president, and his father a successful lawyer.

5. In 1968 when the first computers were installed in the Lakeside Academy, his grades degraded because he would spend days and nights learning the new device.

6. Gates, Pual Allen and their friends caused the computers in Lakeside Academy to crash because of hacking activity.

7. When he was young he used to rock back and fourth. Today he still does it when he's deep in thought.

8. In Harvard he got bored and passed most of his time programming and playing poker.

9. Gates told his teachers in university he would be a millionaire by age 30

10. Gates turned into a billionaire at age 31.

11. One of his teachers said about him "Bill was an amazing programmer, but a disgusting person".

12. The reckless life in Harvard made him sick during summer 1974 and he quit his studies.

13. His first programming job was in high school making a program that organizes an efficient schedule. He used it to sign up to classes that had the hottest girls and have easy fridays.

14. Gates married his wife, Melinda, on January 1994 in an island in Hawaii which he rented for the wedding.

[taken from Computer Geek]