Wednesday, December 21, 2005

1-on-1 with Jenn Sterger, the exclusive interview!

So who is this girl who inadvertently started a internet craze because of her striking appearance at one Florida State University football game? She single handedly became the most famous person on (a online community for college students, similar to Numerous stories, blog posts, rumors, and message boards discuss this captivating girl named Jenn Sterger.

What is the real truth about this woman at FSU? How’d this whole internet craze get so big from one football game and a couple of photos?

I had a chance to sit down with Jenn and do an exclusive interview with her 1-on-1. The truth about her may shock you. It may be exactly what you expected. It may make you cry. Regardless, Jenn Sterger is nothing but ‘brutally honest’ in this exclusive Across-the-Board interview. Don’t wait until the articles in Maxim or Playboy are released. Read on as this pre-law/bartender/college student sets the record straight. Find out precisely what Jenn's life is all about…and so much more.

*Your popularity seems to have stemmed from Internet picture posts. How did the whole Florida State Cowgirls thing start? What is it? What’s the entire REAL story? (you guys were on ABC TV or something like that?) Also, how many 'official' girls are there?

It all started at the Miami/FSU game this past September. Some drunken idiot spilled beer on my shirt while I was in the village (a place we all tailgate), and I was like… fu*k it! I just threw on my bathing suit top, and took one for the team ;) . I was not about to miss this game.

Some amazing cameramen and the sports commentator Brent Musburger from ABC turned what could've been a two second crowd shot into a "THREE REASONS TO COME TO FLORIDA STATE" recruitment video. He said something to the effect of, “15,000 young red-blooded American men just signed up to go to Florida State next semester.”

The pictures from the game spread through the message boards like crazy. Something I thought had lasted two seconds, was more like four quarters. I began posting on the main message board that had my pictures, and they dubbed me- ‘The Cowgirl.’

The FSU cowgirls weren't plural until the second game. There are 7 different cowgirls: Myself, Chrystal, Fabi, Danae, Jessica, Morgan, and Sakina. Each brings something different to the mix and I love them all for it. Danae, Fabi, and I made the actual debut, and subsequent girls followed (usually the ones that weren't hung over from the night before.)

Of course there are other people who have made all of this possible, and as much as I would like to thank them, I choose to keep their identity a secret ;) they know who they are.

*Do you find it annoying to receive all of the messages/attention via or

I don't mind the messages at all. Sometimes they get a little monotonous, and repetitive, I mean, how many times can u quote anchorman? “I am so happy your office smells of rich mahogany and that you have many leather bound books...” and that you want to ‘be on me’…but come on. ;) I'm a movie fanatic…so I expect a broader range of quotes. The messages that usually get a response are the ones that catch my eye, or revel something deeper about the person that wrote them. I like the ones that actually take time to read my profile…because every bit of it is true.

As for the hate mail… its not nearly as often as the rest, but you will get an occasional ‘go kill yourself’, or ‘you are ugly.’ To them, I say take your ball and go home. No one wants to play with you, and block them out. I don't have time to deal with haters, life is too short, why waste it on people that don't really matter?

*From reading your profile on you seem like a pretty laid back hometown girl. How would your best friends describe your personality?

My personality is pretty chill, although sometimes my pictures are deceiving. I have the same insecurities as any other girl. These past few months my personality has been a little more volatile- but only because I get sick of dealing with drama. I hate drama, but for some reason it follows me around like a lost puppy dog. I'm a true people pleaser. I like to make people happy. But sometimes, you just can't please everyone. You can try, but you will fail miserably. You just have to try to make yourself happy.

*What’s the typical weekday/weekend party schedule like? Do you bar hop? House parties? Which do you prefer?

Honestly, contrary to popular belief I am not a big party girl. I am a pizza, beer, and a good match-up on Monday Night Football girl. When I do party it is usually on the weekends, which start on Thursday and end on Sunday in Tally. Thursday nights I work a power hour @Elements, which is really just pre-drinking while getting paid. My boss likes to make sure his employees have a good time…while making the bar some money, nothing wrong with that. I usually end up at Yanni's or Potbelly's / Painted after that. And Fridays are usually greeted with a hangover.

Friday nights: I usually work, but when I am off will hit up an occasional house party. Saturdays are usually devoted entirely to college football and a victory/lick-my-wounds drinking round post game. Sundays again are devoted to football. I usually just find a local sports bar with good wings, and good beer, and roll up in my gym clothes and camp out for a few hours to watch the different games. Other than that though, I am strictly a homebody.

*In your profile it looks like you really enjoy sports. Is this too good to be true? I mean honestly- you wrote, “I watch SportsCenter atleast 5 times a day.” Do you really?

YEAH. Really.

The guys from Maxim Magazine tried me on my sports knowledge a little bit in our interview- it was pretty funny. I definitely showed him what was up, but Eric (Maxim dude) had a great personality about it, even though he got schooled in football by a girl. I like all sports, I am just really partial to football. Florida State has had a rough season this year. We are hoping to redeem ourselves in Miami on the 3rd. So wish us luck. If all else fails, I just remind myself that as of the end of the first week in January, we are all undefeated again.

*Where do you see yourself in five years?

I will probably be in law school, although, I have had some interesting business propositions. I am really interested in being a sports agent. A female ‘Jerry McGuire’ if you will. But we will see where I end up. The entertainment industry had been knocking at my door a lot lately you just have to be careful in your decisions you make as they can very well impact your future.

*OK, the tough question that you probably hate to hear… but everyone wants to know. Are they fake?

No. They are real. Real expensive.

Seriously. I get asked this a lot. I don't really understand the fascination. I mean, I love boobs as much as the next person, but to be obsessed. Never. I just chalk up all the questions to having an amazing surgeon. I'm sure he is enjoying all the free press he is getting, as almost any message from a girl on my is always about, I WANT YOUR DOCTORS NUMBER! It’s kinda flattering. But you will get your occasional haters. If the only way you can insult me is by pulling the "fake boob card," by all means …get some new material buddy. How original. Hey, it was MY money, a great investment, and damn it, ‘I am gonna shake what the doctor gave me.’ It doesn't make me shallow that I have them. I had just spent so much money on the guys I was dating, that I never did anything for myself. So finally, I was just like- what the hell- go for it. Best decision ever. Period.

*Even though your profile doesn’t say it, people are still curious… do you have a boyfriend?

There is no significant other. I had a serious boyfriend for my first year at Florida State, but things ended badly, and have kinda scarred me as far as how I look at relationships. I tend to be a little stand offish, so forgive me if I am gun-shy. I just don't feel like being THAT girl. I don't want to look like a tool. There are plenty of amazing guys that I have dated and had feelings for but they usually just couldn't handle all the stress that comes from dating one of the cowgirls. We have since all become single, because guys really couldn't handle being with us. The haters, the guys approaching us or them with stupid drunk comments. I can see where that might get old. Plus, since everyone is getting to know about us- you are constantly having to defend yourself against THOSE rumors like: "Oh the cowgirl hooked up with so-and-so," it's really kinda pathetic. I am sorry, but a guy who has to lie about the ass he pulls is an absolute tool. But hey, whatever helps you feel good about yourself man, go for it. My real friends know the kind of person I am.

I tend to put up a front sometimes with guys I date. One guy called it, my "BAD @$$" persona. But honestly, it is my defense against getting hurt. I've had my heart broken plenty of times, but it still doesn't stop me from taking a risk on a special guy every now and then. He just has to prove he's worth my time… after all- the juice has got to be worth the squeeze.

*There are some rumors floating around you might be May edition of Playboy. Is this true? If so, are you being featured in the girls of the ACC or is it just you by yourself?

It’s actually a spot in the 'Top Ten Party Schools' of the nation, and it’s with a girlfriend of mine, Fabi. It's due out in the May edition.

Also the two of us, and Chrystal, recently shot a multi-page spread for Maxim Magazine. That will definitely be worth the read (due out in the March edition, released sometime in mid February). There is still plenty of stuff in the works, so we will see what the future holds.

Overall, the most valuable thing this experience has taught me. Is to know who my true friends are. This one guy wrote me a message he called the 10-10-80 rule, and it has since become my personal motto.

There are gonna be those 10% of people in your life that will love you know matter what you do, they will think the sun shines out of your ass even when you are running around butt ass naked doing the war chant. They will just smile... and shake their heads, and say to themselves- poor Jenn, she is having a bad day.

Then there's the other 10% that will hate your guts, and want to smack you, just for saying hi. These people, should not really matter to you, but for some reason are the people we seem to focus most of our energy on.

And then, there's the 80%. These are the people you should truly care about, because this is where your true friends lie. Your actions are what make these people either hate you or love you. But usually they just remain indifferent, because they know the real you. And to them, who you are does not matter, it’s what you do that ultimately defines you.

For all the people who have taken the time to say hi, and thank us for what we do, thank you for making me smile. Your thanks aren't really needed; we would do it regardless, because football is what we love. For the rest of you still sipping on the haterade... relax. If you don't have something nice to say... then don't say anything at all. It’s just wasting your energy.

As the season comes to a close, thanks for all the true Florida State fans that stuck in there, and rode this season out with the rest of us. Win or Lose, we are still Seminoles. I still believe in my team. They will not only survive- but they will persevere. And if all else fails- there is always basketball and baseball season. ;) Good Luck on the 3rd Noles. ;) The Cowgirls have got your back.

Love Always,
Jenn the FSU cowgirl.

(And Joe Pa? Shmoe Pa! W
E LOVE BOBBY. Florida State, Florida State, Florida State, WOOOOOOOOOO! PLEASE BRING BACK THE NIGHT FOOTBALL GAMES! The nooners weren't so much fun.)

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The cocktail table doubles as a weapon/shield

The cherry and steel 'Safe Bedside Table' has a removable leg that acts as a club and a top that doubles as a shield for self-defence.

I’m wondering if you’ll really have time to pull some James Bond shenanigans move to get this thing disassembled and ready for use before your ‘attacker’ has already hit you. Whatever. It's still kind of cool to think you might use this someday even though you probably won't.

16-foot Snowman attracts sightseers!

With the help of his kids and neighbors, Billy Ray Powers built more than just a snowman -- they've dubbed his 16-plus-foot-tall creation "Snowzilla."


After using up all the snow in the family's yard, they turned to neighbors' yards and carried buckets on sleds. They hand-packed the snowman like an ice-cream cone.

"It's solid ice," he said. "I put the arms in with my power drill."

It took a month to complete the project. It was too big to use buttons for its eyes, so Snowzilla gazes over the neighborhood from beer bottles.

Powers says the project took on a life of its own as it got bigger and bigger. Now Snowzilla is attracting plenty of sightseers.

"People stop by, and they're just flabbergasted," said neighbor Darrell Estes. "They walk up and knock on it to make sure it's real snow, not Styrofoam."

Fu*kin awesome is what it is... this is exactly what the American Christmas spirit is all about.
Article here.

Put this pill in your car = improved gas mileage?

Now you can put a pill into the gas tank of your car, to improve the fuel mileage it gets from gasoline, as well as reduce emissions.

Called "Bio-Performance", it's manufacturer claims it alters the molecular structure of gasoline, and liberating its energy. They say this is achieved through "Brownian motion", the molecular movement of the components of the polymeric chains contained in hydrocarbons. It's a long-winded explanation, read the full details.

Overall, they say your car get an extra 18-22% more miles from the same gallon of gas, and possibly up to 35% more under favorable driving conditions, as well as a 50% reduction in emissions. They even say it has similar effects on diesel.A bottle of 50 pills costs $75.00.

[via Strange Products]

Sculptures made out of nothin but canned goods

Canstruction is a national charity of design and construction created to combine the competitive spirit of a design/build competition with a unique way to help feed hungry people. Competing teams, lead by architects and engineers, showcase their talents by designing giant sculptures made entirely out of canned foods. At the close of the exhibitions all of the food used in the structures is donated to local food banks for distribution to pantries, shelters, soup kitchens, elderly and day care centers.

The stuff the people make are pretty darn crazy. Check out pics of two entries below. Click here to see a full gallery of other entries.

Combining parachute and bungee jumping?

This is a video of a guy bungee jumping off his buddy’s parachute. Freakin' nuts. Awesome to watch. Click here to watch the video.

(click image to watch video)

You think Shaq has big shoes? Check this out!

Using ladders, cranes and special rigging, company employees and retirees have built a supersized "638-D'' replica of the company's classic workboot No. 877. The boot stands 16 feet tall and is 20 feet long. The Guinness Book of Records recognized the boot as the world's largest shoe.

[via wftv]

PARK(ing), A temporary urban park in San Fran

Check out this mini project where these dudes took a parallel parking space in an area of downtown San Francisco. The sought out a space that was ‘an ideal, sunny location between the hours of noon and 2 p.m.’ There they installed a small, temporary public park that provided nature, seating, and shade.

The overall goal was to transform a parking spot into a PARK(ing) space, thereby temporarily expanding the public realm and improving the quality of urban human habitat, at least until the meter ran out.

Pretty clever idea. I hope these guys don't quit their day job for stuff like this. Nevertheless, these bohemians are on to something. Check out the photos from the two hour project. I think they should make these permanent ‘fixtures’ in more cities around the countries. More photos here.

Uh, hmm...I think this is somewhat of a problem

4th grader tried to pass counterfeit bills? WTF?

The cafeteria worker thought it was odd that a fourth grader would pay for his lunch with a 20-dollar bill.

And there was something odd about the bill too. The cashier at Marquette Elementary School in Gary noticed that the texture of the paper wasn't right.

The cashier alerted the school police officer, who talked to the ten-year-old boy. The boy then pulled more phony cash out of his pockets.

Police confiscated a total of 179-dollars in counterfeit money from three fourth graders -- two boys and a girl. All three face charges of forgery and theft.
One of them eventually told police that he had printed the money on his home computer.

Secret Service agents are assisting in the investigation.

Damn kids are getting smarter and smarter at a younger age. This kid will probably grow up to be a heist professional. Article here.