Sunday, October 30, 2005

Rally car slides off mud track, hits people?

So today I was reading a copy of the November issue of Maxim magazine… and I came across this picture:

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My initial reaction after looking at this was… holy sh*t! This picture is of an accident that happened at an off-road car rally race in the hills of Romania. So after seeing this unbelievably crazy picture I decided to Google around for a while… in search of more pictures. Well, apparently this was all caught on film. Check out and watch the video of the whole accident here. Crazy ass sh*t. By the way, two people were injured and one person died.

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Hanging mistaken for Halloween Prank!?!

A 42-year-old woman climbed up a tree with a length of rope and hanged herself from a branch around 9 PM. The body, suspended from a branch about 15 feet above the ground, was easily visible from passing vehicles before the scene was blocked off about 11 a.m. Wednesday.

Authorities were not alerted earlier because passers-by thought it was a Halloween display. Delaware State Police are saying the death is being investigated as a suicide. The victim reportedly lived about a quarter-mile from where her body was found.

Residents who live nearby noticed the body about 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, but dismissed it as a Halloween prank. Authorities were called to the scene about 10:55 a.m. They thought it was a Halloween decoration.

“Really, it looked like something somebody would have rigged up."

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What to do with that old keyboard...

Things Men Need to Know About Women

Never trust a girl who has no friends. She doesn’t get along with other women because she’s either bat-shit crazy or just plain mean.

Girls who say, “I love sports!” are lying. Girls who ask you what time the game is on, without specifying which game they’re talking about, are not.

If you get a girls number on a Friday, Tuesday and Wednesday are your best bets to score a date. Monday is too desperate, Thursday is too late.

Never trust the woman who gives you the best blow job you’ve ever had.

Women who are obsessed with their dogs also like to keep their men on a short leash.

Over the course of her life, a women will use 10 men for every one she loves. If you lent her your car or helped her move and didn’t get laid, you’re one of the 10.

The average woman owns eight bras and wears each one five times before washing.

On a first date, women never order what they really want to eat.

At least one of her friends wants to sleep with you.

She likes one of your friends.

Rub a sheet of medium-grade sandpaper across your face. That’s your five o’clock shadow when you kiss her. Now rub that sandpaper on your inner thigh. J

The one breakup line she’ll never be able to argue you out of: “I’m sorry, but I no longer have feelings for you.”

You’ll probably never know how many guys she’s slept with. The standard lie is five. Which really means about twelve.

[taken from Maxium]

Some of the best panoramic photos ever

So maybe the title of this post is a little over exaggerated, but this site features 25 of the best panoramic photos (Quicktime VR) of different national parks across the country. Some of these are unbelievable… kind of makes me want to go camping. Click here to see these stunning panoramic photos.

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100,000 rubber balls fall down a street

A while back I posted an amateur video of person watching Sony drop 100,000 rubber super bouncy balls down a street in San Francisco. They filmed this for a commercial in August, and now Sony has finally released the commercial.

This sequence involved a 23-man camera crew and only one chance to get it right. An entire block was closed off and special compressed-air cannons shot the balls into the air, while earth moving equipment poured thousands down the street. Not that you'd know it from the finished product, but these balls can do some damage, so all the cars were props and crew members went so far as to having protective shields and crash helmets.

Pretty amazing stuff. I can only image what it’s like watching this on a Plasma/LCD/DLP. Click here to watch the commercial.

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$80,000 dropped from a bridge = chaos

An armored courier truck in Green Bay was traveling over a bridge about 7:25 a.m. when its rear doors popped open, allowing a bag of $20 bills to drop out.

As loose bills fluttered, motorists stopped in the middle of traffic to retrieve them by the fistful and then fled as squad cars arrived. The money was supposed to be delivered to businesses in the area.

About $8,000 remains unaccounted for. Someone claiming to be a college student reportedly phoned into a local radio talk show Wednesday morning to claim he recovered about $700 and wasn’t going to give it back, Urban said.

Police blocked off both lanes of the bridge for about a half-hour to halt the resulting traffic hazard and to help recover the loot.

The wind was officially about 7 mph at the National Weather Service, but possibly as high as 20 mph at the height of the bridge.

Many people voluntarily turned over the windfall, and police and courier workers recovered plenty, Urban said. All told, police and the company recovered about $72,000, he said.

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A gigantic beanbag & a kick ass table

I’m a huge fan of modern/euro/Scandinavian designed furniture. This company called Animi Causa, that is based out of Israel, makes some pretty unique products. Check it out:

This bed/chair is made of 120 elastic wrapped fabric balls. You can rotate and move to form different shapes and functional furniture. Neato.

This table has over 1640 ft. (500 meters) of string wrapped around the base – allowing for you to place objects throughout its structure. Magazines, CDs, wine, etc. Neato.

Not your ordinary rollar coaster...

Where Is Springfield on "The Simpsons?"

So, I’m sure you’ve watched or at least heard of the cartoon The Simpsons. If you don’t, FYI, it’s the longest-running cartoon on American prime-time network television (1989).

Anyways, one of the most disputed questions about
The Simpsons is: What state does the show take place in? The cartoon clearly indicates it’s in the city of Springfield. However, there are 53 Springfields in 34 states.

Which real Springfield is the model for the Springfield on "
The Simpsons?" Here are some clues:

Many fans say "Behind the Laughter" definitvely noted that Springfield was in Kentucky, per the narrator. But in repeats of that episode, the narrator said Springfield was in Missouri.

* Notice that Homer's driver's license reads Springfield, NT 49007

*Remember that Springfield has its own international airport.

*Homer's social security number is 568-47-0008. Social security numbers that begin with 568 are typically issued in California.

*In "Mr. Lisa Goes To Washington," Springfield's congressman, Bob Arnold, is approached by two different shady corporate types and offered bribes, firstly to cut down Springfield's National Forest, and secondly, later in the episode, to drill for oil on Mount Rushmore. This places Springfield firmly in South Dakota.

*Springfield has its own docks and beach.

What do these clues all mean? There are so many geographical contradictions between episodes that it is impossible for Springfield to actually exist somewhere real. Even the creator himself (Matt Groening) has said he chose the name "Springfield" simply because it is one of the most common city names in the United States.