Tuesday, June 26, 2007

'Lay off me, I'm starving!'


Girl cries when she gets a new Lexus [super-sweet-16]

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Countdown to the iPhone release this Friday -- people are already waiting in line!?!

Lineups for the iPhone are already beginning, says a photographer who has already spotted a queue. At least two unnamed men have already formed the start of a line at Apple's Fifth Avenue store in New York City, complete with stanchions (metal crowd barriers) that suggest official awareness of the visitors' places in the line.

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The bumper sticker is awesome.


Metal rod goes through dudes head, he survives.

A man remained hospitalized after being found with a metal rod through his head.

Patrick James Melehan, 19, was arrested Monday on charges including aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and burglary. Carlos Parnell Lopez, 19, was listed in critical condition.

Authorities found Lopez slumped behind the wheel of his vehicle at about 8:30 p.m. Saturday. He had been impaled with a metal rod that pierced through his forehead and protruded from the back of his skull, police said.

"It went all the way in his head," said Jupiter police Officer Kelly Sanders. Melehan is accused of attacking Lopez with the rod during an altercation. » Article here


The penalty kick.

(I know, I know, it's an old video -- but who cares)

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Dudes moving boat, rope breaks = this happens

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The 'japanese dude' who eats hot dogs suffers severe jaw injury

A Japanese man who set a world record by wolfing down 53 hot dogs in 12 minutes has suffered a severe jaw injury due to his rigorous training, making his next title uncertain.

Takeru 'Tsunami' said he can only open his mouth to make a gap the size of a fingertip after being diagnosed with jaw arthritis. In an entry on his blog entitled Occupational Hazard, Kobayashi said: "My jaw refused to fight any more."
The injury occurred only a week after the slender 29-year-old started training to win his sixth straight title at the annual July 4 Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating contest on New York's Coney Island. "I was continuing my training and bearing with the pain but finally I destroyed my jaw."

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Kuwaiti player drop-kicks basketball at referee's face.

(I know this is old, but I felt like posting it again)

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Kids, go run and play inside the monkey crotch.

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Dude find his 'bride-to-be' on YouTube.

He posted his cell phone number on YouTube to connect with strangers, and now a man has found love thanks to the Web site.

Ryan Fitzgerald, 20, of Southbridge, Mass., posted his number on the popular Web site back in April in order to connect with lonely people who needed someone to talk to. He got thousands of calls from strangers around the world, but one call was very special.
Fitzgerald spoke with a young woman named Kara Lael Fraim, 18, from upstate New York as a result, and their first call lasted about nine hours. They met in person just days later and now, the couple is engaged.

Fitzgerald ended up with 16,000 other friends on MySpace and gets thousands of text messages from acquaintances around the world. He said that since his bride-to-be is only 18, she wants to wait until 2010 to get married -- when she is 21 years old. » Article here


Don’t try to understand it.


Dude gets knee'd to the face by goal keeper. Ouch.

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Barber stabs his client with scissors, again.

An Amsterdam barber has been arrested for stabbing a client with scissors, the second such incident involving the barber, Dutch police said on Saturday.

The client was stabbed and seriously wounded after a fight broke out earlier this week at the barber's shop, police said. The barber stabbed another client with scissors in 2000. The man later died of his wounds, although the barber was cleared of any charges after a court found he had acted in self-defense.

Police said they were holding the man, 42, and investigating whether attempted manslaughter charges should be brought against him. » Article here