Monday, February 05, 2007

Dude, the Super Bowl was damn boring this year.

I think most would agree, this year’s Super Bowl was one of the more duller, uninteresting championship games. In my opinion, almost everything about the entire event was boring. The football was sloppy (given the rainy conditions). The always ‘hyped’ and ‘exciting’ TV commercials were completely ‘sub-par’ and ‘not funny’ or ‘creative. Even the actual outcome of the game was unfulfilling. The Indianapolis Colts who were favored to win – left me with an empty feeling (as most would agree). I mean honestly, great, the Colts won the Super Bowl – well, they were supposed to win it (and every year before this ’07 too). Congratulations Indianapolis on winning the Super Bowl everyone thought you were going to win 2-3 years ago. It’s about time. Peyton Manning has had a ‘picture perfect’ life… why wouldn’t he win the Super Bowl?

In all fairness, I’m really not very upset or bitter the Colts won. I’m genuinely happy, because they have deserved to win the championship for a while.

Like I said, not much was interesting… aside from the kick-ass spinach dip one of my friend’s girlfriends made, and the Prince performance was semi-sorta enjoyable. It did spark a conversation between my friends, in which we speculated on what in the world Prince does in his free time? He’s such an eccentric (a.k.a. weird) dude, it’s hard to imagine him doing anything that normal people do. Seriously, if Prince ever aired a reality TV show, I’m sure it’d be pretty damn interesting.

Two ‘promotions’ during the Super Bowl were actually funny… it was the David Letterman and Oprah clip ‘Super Bowl of Love’ and the 'But He Has a Bud Light' commercial. See below.

Doggy snow balls :)

Woman gives birth to child on casio floor

An Atlantic City woman playing the penny slots Saturday morning left the Resorts Atlantic City casino with her own little jackpot — a new baby boy.

Eight-months pregnant Nyree Thompson, 32, went into labor on the casino floor about 9:30 a.m. Thompson told The Press of Atlantic City for Sunday editions that she mistook labor pains for gas at first, but after going to the restroom told a security guard that she might be giving birth.

Thompson said the guard thought she was joking. Then her water broke.
"A guard came over and said, 'Don't push,'" Thompson said. "I said, 'Forget you, this baby is coming right now.'"

Minutes later, a boy weighing less than 5 pounds was born. Thompson named him Qualeem. Four security guards helped Thompson deliver the baby, wrapping the child in a jacket until paramedics arrived at about 9:40 a.m., said Steve Callender, vice president of operations at Resorts.

Thompson and her son were taken to a nearby hospital to be checked out. She told The Press that despite being premature, Qualeem was doing fine.

Callender, who has worked at Resorts since it opened in 1978, said the birth was a first for the casino as far as he knew. "We've had people die here," he said, "but we've never had people born here." Article here.

Peyton Manning doing the 'tango' in middle school

Burglar gets stuck in air-conditioner, hanging out window

Police arrested a suspected burglar who got stuck in the casing of an air conditioner that had been removed, his head and arms dangling out of the grocery store wall with the rest of his body inside.

Police said the 39-year-old man was found stuck in the hole in the wall on Wednesday in the New York City borough of Queens with his with pockets full of cash.

He was charged with burglary and possession of stolen property. Article here.

I can't believe it's NOT butter...

Need hair gel? Try using bull semen...

An upmarket London beauty salon says it can give your hair the ultimate shine by treating it with a mixture that includes semen from thoroughbred bulls.

Hari's in ritzy Chelsea offers a 45-minute "Aberdeen Organic Hair" treatment that involves massaging a protein-rich mixture of bull semen and a plant root into the client's hair, a spokeswoman told Reuters on Friday.

Owner Hari Salem told media that he tried hundreds of products -- including wild avocados and truffle oil -- before hitting on bull semen as the elusive element in a formula for making hair look gorgeous.

"The semen is refrigerated before use and doesn't smell," Salem told the Metro newspaper. "It leaves your hair looking wonderfully soft and thick." He said the treatment will remain on offer providing the bulls can keep up the supply. Article here.

This folding chair is clever, kinda like a 'slinky chair'

Doctor gives stripper a real severed hand to keep

A doctor pleaded guilty on Thursday to stealing a severed hand, which he gave to a stripper who displayed it in her New Jersey apartment.

Ahmed Rashed faces five years probation for stealing the hand in 2002 from a cadaver at a New Jersey medical school, an assistant prosecutor for Middlesex County said on Thursday.

Rashed practices medicine at a hospital in Los Angeles and stole the hand while studying in New Jersey, the prosecutor said. The woman kept the hand in a jar of formaldehyde in her apartment where it was discovered by police during an unrelated investigation. Article here.

This photo is both cute and painful to look at

Dude freaks out at work, hits other dude w/keyboard

Coach fired for telling players to "check their manhood"

A high school coach who told his players at halftime to reach into their pants to "check their manhood" before returning to the basketball court was fired.

Mike Remillard was confronted after Leavitt Area High School Principal Patrick Hartnett learned that the coach told his players that the Jan. 23 game against Mount Ararat "was about who had the biggest (male genitalia) in town," Hartnett said in a statement.

"He then required his players to all stand up and put their hands down their pants and check their manhood," Hartnett said. All but one player followed the coach's instructions. Read full article here.

I’m confused, WTF is going on in this picture?

Britney Spears doesn't even know how to pump gas

Dude upset over lack of Black History classes, stabs 3

A 25-year-old student angry that his technical school wasn't teaching about black history walked into his business class Friday and stabbed three school officials with a screwdriver, police said.

Kevin Mair of Plantation walked into his classroom at Atlantic Technical Center using a cane and sound-blocking headphones similar to those used in a gun range, said Officer Anthony Avello of the Coconut Creek Police Department.

Mair became agitated and "expressed his displeasure about the lack of black history being taught at the school," Avello said. February is Black History Month. The teacher asked Mair to leave and called for staff assistance, he said.

Mair then attacked the three victims with a screwdriver he took to school, officials said. An assistant director of the school was stabbed in the back and two security specialists in the arms. The three were later released from the hospital.

Mair fled in his car, was involved in a car crash and tried to run from officers but was apprehended. He will be charged with multiple counts of aggravated battery, authorities said. Article here.