Friday, August 26, 2005

Its depressing to see this much beer ruined...

Entertaining time-killer game...

Check out this little entertaining game. There isn't much point to this game- all you do is wait for the right time to click and send a penguin launching as far as you can into the air (and sliding on the ice). Click the image to launch the game.

Kanye West makes the cover of Time!

My boy Kanye West made Time magazine! I know this isn't really funny or that all interesting- but I’m so psyched about his album dropping next Tuesday, "Late Registration." The thing I enjoy most about Kanye is that he is innovative in both his lyrics and his sense of style. His life before rapping was producing hits for other stars. I think its only fitting he’s seeing the other side of music by being the front man now (and winning Grammys for it).

“I wanna act ballerific like its all terrific i got a couple past due bills wont get specific. Got a problem with spendin before i get it. We all self conscious im just the first to admit it.” – taken from the song Self Conscious

Be sure to pickup his album next Tuesday the 30th. Download off a song off the album now here,
Kanye West - "Touch The Sky (Feat. Lupe Fiasco)" (MP3).

Talk about a ride with a view...