Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hannibal's Anatomy?

Drunk women don't get drinks in bars

Drunk women are refused service in bars and pubs more often than drunk men, a new study carried out in Malmö claims to show.

The study, commissioned by the city’s alcohol licensing unit, sent young actors pretending to be drunk to bars in the city, where they asked for a drink, The ‘drunk’ women were refused service 29 times out of 31 attempts, or 91 percent of the time.

The men were refused 41 times out of 58 attempts, meaning that they were only turned down 71 percent of the time.

“I think it’s easier to understand their vulnerability as potential victims of violence,” she said.

But a very different explanation was put forward as the study was presented on Tuesday. Drunk men can appear more aggressive to bar staff, and intimidate them into serving a drink. The fact that female bar staff in the study served drunk men more often than male bar staff backs up this theory, it was claimed.
Similar tests using actors to test how bar staff handle drunk guests have been performed in some 40 towns in Sweden, but until now only using men. Malmö is the first place where women have also been involved.

The results as a whole were positive for Malmö, a city with a high concentration of bars, pubs and clubs, where some bars have a reputation for violence at weekends. In total 79 percent of the ‘drunk’ actors were refused service. In a similar study in Stockholm in 2002, 70 percent were turned down, and in 2003 in Gothenburg the figure was only 50 percent. Article here.

The world's most addictive snack food

Teacher fired after allegedly biting pupil

School officials on Tuesday fired a middle school teacher charged with biting a student who would not spit out a piece of candy.

Caroline Kolb has pleaded not guilty to an aggravated assault charge for allegedly biting 14-year-old Garrick Hudson on the back during a classroom scuffle Jan. 11.

School officials conducted a probe and fired Kolb for insubordination and conduct unbecoming a teacher, The Courier-Journal reported, citing a copy of her termination letter.

A call Tuesday to Kolb's attorney was not immediately returned.
The student's mother said Kolb told her son to stand in the hallway after he disobeyed her order to spit out the candy. When the boy tried to retrieve his books, they got into the scuffle.

According to court records, the boy was treated for a bite wound. Article here.

Sumo Tube is kick-ass to say the least

Yeah, uh- so- just look at this thing:
How freakin' sweet does this thing look!?!

"The Sumo Tube is a new, exciting, and challenging freestyle towable that is not connected to the boat. The rider slides into the Sumo suit and holds on to a grab handle on the end of a 60' rope. The rider can roll 360's from left to right, jump the wakes, steer left and right by moving their arms, or just glide across the water's surface."

Tight, I want one now... better yet, I wish I was at the lake right now with this thing. Retail: $119.95, click here to buy one.


The 15-pound cheeseburger, MMmm...

Matthew Williams, left, kitchen manager, and Dennis Liegey III, vice president of Denny's Beer Barrel Pub, hoist the 15-pound cheeseburger over their heads yesterday.

Dave "Coon Dog" O'Karma can eat 80 doughnuts in under six minutes, but even he couldn't manage a 15-pound cheeseburger.

Concocted by the chefs at Denny's Beer Barrel Pub, the burger might help the pub defend its Guinness Book of World Records status as the restaurant with the world's biggest hamburger.

Denny's big burger lineup includes a 2-pounder, a 3-pounder and a 6-pounder. If you can eat the 6-pounder in under three hours, you get the burger for free, along with a commemorative T-shirt and your names on a wall of fame. So far, the only winner has been a 100-pound female college student.

But owners thought a 15-pound burger would attract more customers and be a good option for families, parties and anyone who up for a challenge.

The challenge is simple. Just polish off the newest monster burger in under five hours and you win $350, a T-shirt and your name posted on the pub's wall of fame.

You also get the burger for free, which is not bad, considering it costs $39.95. Fries are extra.

Visitors have come from as far away as Australia and California just to see the 6-pounders and try to eat them. They sell about 30 a week.

The newest burger, dubbed the Beer Barrel Belly Buster, is as big around as the inside of a car tire and should be approached with relish.

A cup and a half, that is. It also comes with a cup and half each of mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup, a head of lettuce, two onions, three tomatoes and 25 slices of cheese, which go on 101/2 pounds of ground beef and a bun that is made by a local bakery.

The burger starts out, as burgers typically do, as a large slab of raw ground meat -- 280 ounces of extra lean beef shipped up from Pittsburgh. That's enough beef to make 70 McDonald's quarter pounders.

Kitchen manager Matthew Williams mixes in eggs and bread crumbs and other ingredients he won't disclose to hold the beef together, and then puts it into an auto sham -- basically a big broiler -- for 21/2 hours while the grease sizzles and jumps in the pan.

After it is good and cooked, he lifts the Jabba the Hut-like lump of meat with a pizza shovel to the grill to charbroil it. From there, the burger is lifted again to the condiments counter, where it receives its dressings, which weigh another 5 pounds.

"I'm a little sore," said Williams about the heavy lifting. "It's a workout." He made the first burger Friday night and has perfected the system to prevent the beef from crumbling.

Professional eaters tried to team up to eat the first burger on Saturday, but were stymied by its sheer size.

Coon Dog, the doughnut champion from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, brought a copy of "To Kill a Mockingbird" to the restaurant to distract him while he ate, but it was not enough.

"The only thing that got killed was my appetite," he said. He's eaten doughnuts, wings and hot dogs faster than you can say Coon Dog, but couldn't even finish the burger with a partner.

In the next few days, the Belly Buster will appear on national television morning shows, in newspapers and on the Internet. It's great publicity for a small restaurant in a tiny town in mid-Pennsylvania, but not so great for anyone who dares to consume it.

"What's the point of having a hamburger that's 15 pounds?" said Madelyn Fernstrom, associate professor and director of the UPMC Weight Management Center. "It's ridiculous. There's nothing that is redeeming about it."

The caloric value of a burger this size means that it should be consumed by about 30 to 40 people, she said. Healthy or not, if you grill it, they will come.

Retired schoolteachers Alice and John Kirn from Wappingers Falls, N.Y., stopped by the restaurant on their way to a family reunion in Minnesota to see the 6-pound burger. The couple have eaten ostrich, camel and crocodile in their journeys.

Just the sight of the burger, which they at first thought was plastic, made their drive worthwhile.

Gushed John Kirn, "It's one of the seven wonders of the new world." Article here.

This guy has a lot of computer monitors

Fire/Flames + nylon shorts = not good

Paul Kuschel would have been better off naked like many of the folks at Sunnier Palms Nudist Park. Instead, he was wearing a pair of nylon shorts Sunday when a generator he was working on backfired and sprayed him with starter fluid, setting him ablaze.

"I would have been better off wearing nothing on at all," Kuschel told Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers. The fire seared his shorts to his backside. "It's a good thing I wasn't wearing a shirt," he said.

Kuschel, 43, suffered second-degree and third-degree burns.
He was taken to a hospital with non life-threatening wounds and was treated and released.

Authorities said the fire erupted as Kuschel was trying to start the generator on a motorhome in the park, which was also damaged in the blaze.

Kuschel reported to his carpentry job Monday morning, even though he can't even swing a hammer because of his injuries.

"I'm just a tough old mule," Kuschel said. "And I don't want to lose this job." He said he and his wife, Carol, have lived in a tent since moving from Dayton, Ohio, in February and had planned to move into the motorhome, which he just bought Saturday.

"Guess we'll be back in the tent until I can get (the motorhome) fixed," he said. Article here.

When two big boats play 'chicken'...

Women fight and hold carjacker for cops

A man who tried to carjack a woman is waking up in the Orange County jail. Detectives said the victim fought back.

The attack Tuesday night happened at the River Park Apartments off Dean Road in east Orange County. When the woman whose car he tried to steal started screaming, another woman jumped in to help.

The two women held the unidentified man on the ground until deputies arrived. Joe Peterson also saw what happened and called 9-1-1.
"The girl took him down. She was putting it on him. He wasn't putting up a fight," Peterson said. Detectives are now looking into whether the suspect is linked to any other carjackings.

This is too awesome. Article here.