Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Ashlee Simpson to lip-sync again on SNL

Ashlee Simpson is in negotiations to make a return appearance on Saturday Night Live, where she was last seen running from the stage in disgrace after her lip-synching was exposed. Let's hope she doesn't screw it up again. Little side note; Ashlee looks better as a blonde. Best career move she's made yet. Check the pictures below or read the article.

Dude, I know this guy on Survivor!

So I got a phone call when the new Survivor cast was released from one of my friends a while ago. Why’d I get a phone call? One of the participants is my friend’s brother! He was my first roommate in college- and also was in my pledge class of my fraternity. His brother always flew into town for miscellaneous reasons- and drinks every once an a while. So it’s kind of crazy seeing his brother in all these previews/pictures for Survivor. I hope he wins. Anyways, check out the resemblance. Definitely brothers.

Below is his brother, Matt (he is going to kill me if he ever sees this picture)

Holy weight loss! It's Jack Osbourne!?!

Since Jack Osbourne's significant weight loss, he's been in some rigorous strength training regimen including running.

Jack Osbourne even has a girlfriend. And she’s hot! He’s dating 19-year-old Lydia Worth, one of the dancers who appeared in the famous video for Eric Prydz's No 1 hit 'Call On Me'. Good for him. He's come along way since the TV show The Osbournes.

P.S. If you haven't seen the 'Call On Me' music video- your missing out on the most talked about video of the year. Download the video here (its worth all 7.0 MB, trust me).

Hilary Duff has black hair- weird.

My wish list of junk to buy if I had extra money.

Here are some random things I would like to purchase- if I had money to spare right now.





Lets eat at McDonalds- I’m on a diet.

Merab Morgan who is a construction worker and mother of two ate only at McDonald’s for 90 days -- and dropped 37 pounds. This is incredible- considering than what happened in the documentary to filmmaker Morgan Spurlock in “Super-Size-Me”, who put on 30 pounds and saw his health deteriorate after 5,000 calories a day of nothing but McDonald’s food. Merab Morgan decided to take a different approach. Morgan used nutritional information downloaded from McDonald’s Web site to create meal plans of no more than 1,400 calories a day. She only ate french fries twice, usually choosing burgers and salads.

At the end of the 90 days, she had dropped from 227 to 190 pounds. I believe- if you workout regularly, eat meals in proportion- eating fast-food only every so often isn’t a bad thing. However, regardless if this girl lost weight-
McDonald’s is NOT healthy. Check out the nutritional facts of their menu here.

Google Maps = Real Estate + Chicago Crime(s)

So remember when Map Quest came out? Everyone thought it was the coolest way to get directions. However- if you haven’t been using Google Maps- you’re missing out. Google Maps is so much more detailed and flexible to use compared to any other mapping website (even view satellite photos of your house!). What’s great about it is Google Maps allows other companies use it to their business advantage. Check out this real estate site that maps the entire country, complete with pictures & pricing for apartments & houses available. http://www.housingmaps.com/ Then when you’ve checked that out- check out Chicago Crime.org. This site is a freely browsable database of crimes reported in Chicago. Whats crazy is it maps EVERY crime imaginable. Arson, Homicide, Assault, Gambling, and even Prostitution: Cab operation. Check out this cool- yet kind of weird & eerie website, http://www.chicagocrime.org/.

Check out the kid's reaction in this picture...

(pictured, Jessica Simpson)

Dave Matthews makes out with Julie Roberts!

Dreamgirl”, the latest single from the Dave Matthews Band's album "Stand Up." Filmed over two days in the summer around Brooklyn and Harlem, Julie Roberts, is now 37 & is a longtime fan and friend of the band. She is rumored to have done the video for free. Surprising in this day-and-age of nothing in life is for free society. Apparently she jumped at the chance just to collaborate with the band. The video will premiere on VH1 on Wednesday, Aug. 17.