Thursday, June 02, 2005

Not another Real World...

I’m sure you all have been waiting. Another scripted reality TV series is coming (please help me, now). Real World is moving to Austin, Texas for its next series. I absolutely love and hate this show. I know most of it isn’t real, and if it is the cast members play up the littlest situations (like not closing a refrigerator door or something). Its one of those programs that I don’t ever intend to watch on purpose…in fact even when its on I tell myself I hate this show, but (like the discovery channel) I get hooked/captivated by something and end up watching it. I hate myself for having possessing this character flaw.

Here’s the link,
Real World 16: Austin, Texas.

Holy Full House?

No way! Believe it or not this is Ashely Olson! Jail time doesn't sound that bad...

RENT: The movie?

The film industry (after Chicago) is continuing its trend of turning popular musicals into adapted full blown motion pictures. With this, comes RENT. When I received word from a friend that this was being made into a movie I couldn’t help but cringe. Just like the golden rule of movies: the book is better, the same is true with stage performance vs. movie adaptation. The only relief I had after hearing about this being turned into a movie is that the majority of the original cast members are the stars (including Idina Menzel!)

Check out the movie’s trailer
here or here.

Also, check out the offical cast blog has journal like posts of day-to-day experiences with the filming of the movie.

Click, Rent Movie Blog.