Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Some people will do anything for attention...

Britney Spears faints at New Years Eve party?

Britney Spears has been rushed from a New Years Eve party after collapsing on the floor of a Las Vegas nightclub. Eye-witnesses reported seeing the pop star downing glasses of Dom Perignon champagne before she fainted.

On-lookers claimed a hoard of bouncers covered the star in a blanket before carrying her out of Pure nightclub, where she had been hosting a party to bring in 2007. A clubber who witnessed Spears' collapse said: "It was crazy. Britney had been on the roof watching fireworks bring in the New Year.
"She seemed to be having a really good time, laughing with her friends. "But then less than half an hour later, the security doors for VIPs at the back of the club flew open. Britney's body-guards were trying to stop any photographers taking pictures and shining torches in their eyes. But we saw Britney being carried out by about five bodyguards with one of their jackets over her head."

The club, in Caesar's Palace, had reportedly paid Spears $300,000 to appear at their party. Article here.

An interesting 'digital animation' movie short

Dude kills sister with ax, arguing over pair of shorts

Two siblings shared a tiny studio apartment that offered little privacy. One slept on a chair, the other on a couch in a room separated by a sheet. In these cramped quarters, police say, Kimberly Shine and her brother William A. Windsor argued frequently and with little provocation. Their final, fatal argument — which police said led to Windsor killing Shine with an ax — was over a pair of shorts.

Shine, 38, became enraged when Windsor told her he had to wear shorts to an appointment the pair had Wednesday morning for help paying a utility bill because he had no clean pants, according to court documents.

When Windsor began to cry during the argument, Shine continued to berate and belittle him, the documents state. That's when Windsor grabbed an ax from the closet and repeatedly struck his sister, police say. He said he attacked his sister, according to court documents, because "he had had enough mental abuse" and "he wanted to make it stop."

On Thursday, Windsor, 32, was arraigned in Kitsap County Superior Court. Prosecutors said they expect to file a first-degree domestic-violence murder charge against him today. He is being held on $1 million bail.

In the days leading up to the fatal argument, Windsor told police, he had not been sleeping well. He claimed his sister had been "blaming him and yelling at him for everything, including the cats in the home making noises and waking her up," court documents say.

As they argued Wednesday morning she began to throw things around the apartment, police said. When she went to her side of the room and sat down on the couch, Windsor went to the closet, retrieved his ax and pulled the curtain aside "to scare" his sister, according to police.

He told police he swung the ax at her several times until it became embedded in her skull. Windsor called 911 to report the slaying and was still on the phone when officers arrived, police said. Article here.

The Dating Chart... where do you fall?

Watching bowl games today, I noticed something...

thanks nate

Dude sells his dog to buy beer?

A thirsty German sold his 6-year-old step-daughter's pet beagle to the owner of a bar to pay for beer, the Bild newspaper reported Friday.

The unemployed man offered to take the dog for a walk and then stopped at a bar where he convinced the owner to buy the 3-year-old dog for 40 euros ($53).

The man spent the proceeds quenching his thirst for beer. The bar owner has now returned the dog to its owner. Article here.

Hey Verizon... cash this check!

Dude's broken car towed by Landrover, then crashes

Dude banned from Victoria's Secret for six years?

A 23-year-old man will have to avoid shopping at stores like Victoria's Secret for the next six years, under a unique probation arrangement.

Nicolas R. Leathers, 23, who was released from jail on Thursday after completing a sentence for burglary, is banned from using and possessing women's underwear as a condition of his probation.

"It's because of his offense history," said Deputy District Attorney Alan Kelley. "In another case, he entered a residence in Albion and took women's underwear." Court records show that, in 2004, Leathers was accused of taking a man's thong, and admitted taking tampons and other items from a neighbor's home in Albion.

At a Kennebec County Superior Court hearing Thursday before Justice Nancy Mills, Leathers was sentenced to a suspended five-year jail term and three years probation for burglarizing a camp in Albion in 2005, damaging some items and stealing others. Article here.