Friday, October 13, 2006

Here are some Halloween costume ideas…

Overheard on the streets of New York:

Teen boy: Do you know where I can find those Communion wafers? I want to eat them with salsa.
Friend: Um, you can't just eat those. It's the body of Christ.
-Rockefeller Center

Girl: Oh my God I just ran into Julianne Moore in the bathroom!
Guy: Whatever, I already saw her naked in like three movies.
-Chelsea Clearview Cinema, 23rd & 8th

Guy on cell: She's good looking, but not too smart -- like Jessica Simpson. Not as dumb as her, but not as hot either, so I guess it kind of evens out.
-Duane Reade, 27th & Madison

Dude: I only went out with her because she knows some hot lesbians.
-Hunter College

Tourist kid: Mom, am I fat?
Tourist mom: Yes. Now get in the airplane.
Tourist kid: Dad says I'm husky.
Tourist mom: That means fat.
-U.S.S. Intrepid

Girl #1: My friend Chandra thinks she's still a virgin because she's only had anal sex.
Girl #2: How do you know this girl?
Girl #1: She goes to my church.
-New York Public Library, 40th & 5th

Man on cell: I would fucking marry the girl, if it wasn't for every time I went down on her she tasted like hummus.
-3rd Ave. & 11th St.

Dude gets slapped in the face, in slow motion:

Most UK men find fake boobies a "turn off" ?

Men in the UK are finding fake breasts a turn off. According to a new survery, men in the UK prefer women not to go under the knife to improve their chest.

A poll for More magazine found that 85 percent of men aged 18 to 34 said that they hated plastic surgery and found it a "complete turn-off" in women.

The survey, which polled 1,600 men in the age-group across the UK, found that a further 15 percent claimed not to even notice women's cosmetic surgery.

A spokesperson for More magazine said: "Women would be better off spending their money on new dress and shoes rather than fake breasts."

"They look at false cleavages but it is clear that it is a big turn off both sexually and in terms of forming a relationship. It seems as though women may have misjudged a lot of men." Article here.

No room to park your Ferrari? No problem...

The Phantom Park will provide you with that extra space to park your pricey roadster. The Phantom Park is a heavy-duty scissors style garage lift designed to lift (2) 5,000 lb. vehicles in the footprint of one parking stall. The deck structure and lifting components are completely concealed below ground so there is no indication that a underground lift is present when lowered. The Phantom Park lowers the vehicle into the floor effectively making it disappear, so nobody can make out your underground grage at all. The lift can raise and lower a vehicle as fast as 65 seconds and it is fully secure, so you can park your prized million dollar sports car in it without worrying.

WTF?! Can some one explain this picture?

Dudes sprinkle pot on cops' Burger King meal

Three workers at a Burger King restaurant were arrested after two Ohio police officers discovered that the hamburgers they ordered were sprinkled with marijuana.

The Isleta Police Department officers ate about half of their burgers Sunday before discovering marijuana on the meat. The officers used a field test kit to confirm the substance was pot, then went to a hospital for a medical evaluation.
The three Burger King employees - Justin Armijo, 19; Robert Nuckols, 21; and manager Joseph Ledesma, 33 - were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and aggravated battery on an officer, a felony. Article here.

This 'Chinese Child Ball' looks cool, I want one


chocolate + beer = new Miller holiday drink?

Chocolate or beer? Miller Brewing is launching a new holiday beer that's sure to appeal to chocolate lovers. The company said Frederick Miller Classic Chocolate Lager is brewed with six different malts.

It goes on sale this month through December in a number of Midwestern markets including Wisconsin and the cities of Chicago, Minneapolis, Cleveland and Indianapolis.

The brewing company said the beer will be sold in four packs of 12-ounce bottles and will be marketed for holiday gift giving. It'll cost about $6 for the four-pack. Article here.

I really hate when people try to mix things with beer. Beer is beer. Who the heck want’s chocolate mixed in it? Sounds gross to me.